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Wrong and right

First, where I was wrong. I was wrong about Ontario.  Ontario complicates everything…   “Should I get on the wave?  I don’t know.  How warm is the water?  Oooh feels cold.” Yes, yes the NDP came alive in Ontario too, but … Continue reading

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Après le smear, le surge

The first full après smear polls are out and the verdict?  It backfired. The margin remains about 6 points with the Cons at 37 and the NDP at 31.  But most significantly Layton has a 17 point bounce in his … Continue reading

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Ian Reid’s guide to strategic voting

Don’t vote Liberal.  Really don’t vote Green. That’s it, but there are one or two caveats: If you live in Ontario, what are you thinking?  Get on board.  If you live in one of the handful of absolutely safe Liberal … Continue reading

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The Canadian values election

These charts tells us why the NDP is surging. It’s this simple and complex. They tell us who’s getting the benefits of growth and who isn’t.  The chart shows the really significant trend, which is the accumulation of income and … Continue reading

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