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ALR: Talking points or a plan?

And I thought the sale of BC Rail was fixed from the start. A month ago Vaughn Palmer wrote a now prescient column on the ALR.  The column seemed to come out of nowhere:  A group of Agricultural Land Reserve … Continue reading

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Vodka isn’t enough

  I’m confused.  In a little less than 6 months, Russia will host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Leading up to those games, Russia has criminalized homosexuality and legalized state and informal terrorism against LGBT citizens. And all we can … Continue reading

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Popping the bubble

A couple of days ago I had a somewhat snarky twitter exchange with Tom Fletcher of the Black group. In my defence I was high as a kite and in bad humour, having just come out of sedation from an … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: the worst kind of fool, a dangerous one.

It’s one thing to go to London and screw it up, insulting the American’s greatest ally day after day.  It’s a whole other thing to tread heavily and stupidly in Arab/Western relations, carelessly tossing match after match into the tinder. … Continue reading

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The Koch brothers lie about Canadian healthcare

The Koch brothers are spending $6million on a new anti-Obama ad; an ad featuring a Canadian woman from Ontario. Shona Holmes claims our medicare system blocked her from getting the immediate treatment she needed to prevent her from dying from … Continue reading

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North Carolina is the new ugly

By a vote of 61% to 39% North Carolina voters outlawed same sex marriage, civil unions and stripped same-sex couples of domestic partnership benefits. Voters have eliminated health care, prescription drug coverage and other benefits for public employees and children … Continue reading

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Road trip!

You think you’re going to write but your mind is just pulling your leg.  Nobody writes on a road trip. The trip started in Palm Springs, took us to Austin, then across the broad sweep of central and northeast Texas … Continue reading

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Newt on Bill, er…

“Around the world today, the institution of the presidency has been degraded to the point that it is viewed as the rough equivalent of the Jerry Springer show — a level of disrespect and decadence that should appall every American.” … Continue reading

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I wish I had written this…

Drew Westen is a Democrat advisor and author of “The Political Brain”.  His excellent piece on Obama, is the lead op-ed in today’s NY Times. And now I’m wondering how different things might have been if Hilary had won the … Continue reading

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Something completely different from down south

The ‘Hopey, Changey thing’ took a big hit two nights ago.  I spent part of election night in the ballroom at the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs where the Coachella Democrat clubs held their ‘victory’ celebration. At least in California … Continue reading

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