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Guts and glory: the BCTF shows us how it can be done

The BCTF fights back: twelve years later they show us you can still win.  Now it’s time to celebrate:  

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Read it first, then weep…

It surprises me how often great men—it is rarely women—fail to actually read or consider the actual sources of their thought as they roll through life. For example there is a bit of a war splashing about relating to what … Continue reading

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Sochi: Olympic movement failing again

A couple of months ago I committed the one thing you’re not supposed to do when you write about politics: I used the old Nazi comparison on the Sochi Olympics—as in this reminds me of the ’36 games. Because it … Continue reading

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Movin’ on… Or not?

My husband is about the most intuitive advertising guy going and he’s right when he says John Doyle – the Globe’s TV columnist – may be the best political columnist in the country. Here’s what Doyle had to say about … Continue reading

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We can be heroes, Heroes are hard to find

Late in high school I had a secret source of inspiration. For a year and a half or so my dad and I had a boarder living with us.  Richard was a lit major at UVIC.  I remember him pointing … Continue reading

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ALR: Talking points or a plan?

And I thought the sale of BC Rail was fixed from the start. A month ago Vaughn Palmer wrote a now prescient column on the ALR.  The column seemed to come out of nowhere:  A group of Agricultural Land Reserve … Continue reading

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Red Tape? More, not less is sometimes the answer

Who needs red tape, eh? It’s so bothersome….  like when it involves public safety.  That’s why we elect governments that are so keen on deregulation, like the BC Liberals who are currently in the process of deregulating liquor sales, closing … Continue reading

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Jobs follow up

And just what story isn’t getting any coverage – not a spit of coverage – this morning?  The latest job report, showing BC lost 14,000 full-time jobs last month. Here’s what the Globe wrote on May 18th, as Premier Clark … Continue reading

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An excellent journalist on the future of the newspaper

Three excellent blog posts by Paul Willcocks on the fate of the newspaper:  what went wrong and what can go right.  Read all three posts and start thinking. A couple of things that that occurred to me:  Isn’t the ownership … Continue reading

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Just another lifer speaking out

Ray McCarthy – the husband of the welfare minister Grace McCarthy – was on our phone, working a real estate deal.  And he was screwing up the ribbon cutting for our new sheltered workshop serving mental health clients in the … Continue reading

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