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Fishing with Martyn Brown

I caught a couple of hours of the BC Rail Trial yesterday before my nod-off chemo drug kicked in.  It’s a fascinating look into the inside dealings of the Campbell government and Wednesday was true to form.  Here’s a bit … Continue reading

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Here's the Plan

Soon, all this will be gone, son… I know, I know… that sounds like a line of bad dialogue from some sparse western circa 1963 – Giant maybe but not the Misfits, definitely not the Misfits. Have I ever mentioned … Continue reading

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A Tyee Must Read

Will McMartin takes on Campbell’s fudge-it budget and BC’s pathetic ’embedded’ media in one devastating article.  Read it here:

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To Be Here or Not To Be Here? That Is The Question

“I don’t know why people don’t know that we’re moving. There have been several announcements…” Last night I made my way down, down into the bowels of UBC Robson Square to a public forum on the new VAG (Vancouver Art … Continue reading

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HST+ Basi Virk = Another Bad Day For Libs

For weeks I’ve puzzled over how to achieve the holy grail of bc left-of-centre blogging – how to get the HST debacle and the Basi Virk trial into the same story, even headline. Today is my lucky day. The Holy … Continue reading

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Communications No, No #127

Larry King to ex-congressman Eric Massa: “Are you gay?” Eric Massa: “I’m not gonna answer that…  why don’t you ask my wife… and the 10,000 men I served with in the navy.” On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t ask all … Continue reading

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