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Movin’ on… Or not?

My husband is about the most intuitive advertising guy going and he’s right when he says John Doyle – the Globe’s TV columnist – may be the best political columnist in the country. Here’s what Doyle had to say about … Continue reading

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We can be heroes, Heroes are hard to find

Late in high school I had a secret source of inspiration. For a year and a half or so my dad and I had a boarder living with us.  Richard was a lit major at UVIC.  I remember him pointing … Continue reading

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ALR: Talking points or a plan?

And I thought the sale of BC Rail was fixed from the start. A month ago Vaughn Palmer wrote a now prescient column on the ALR.  The column seemed to come out of nowhere:  A group of Agricultural Land Reserve … Continue reading

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Red Tape? More, not less is sometimes the answer

Who needs red tape, eh? It’s so bothersome….  like when it involves public safety.  That’s why we elect governments that are so keen on deregulation, like the BC Liberals who are currently in the process of deregulating liquor sales, closing … Continue reading

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