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What is to be done

Five days after posting, my little election missive has had over 6,000 page views.  And more than 60 commenters have posted, all passionate and articulate, a great many very angry and almost all calling for change. I’m happy that Brian … Continue reading

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Take it from the Topp

Last night I got this from a friend in the campaign.  It’s from NDP Campaign Manager Brian Topp to his campaign staff, although it was sent through Jan O’Brien rather than directly from the KoolToppGuy himself. His letter makes one … Continue reading

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Prediction time

I’m terrible at predictions, always letting my emotions run amok through the fields, leaving my reason bereft in the ditch. So today, I use a few tricks such as stealing my base from and augmenting it with my own … Continue reading

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A vote for and a vote against

I’m a partisan.  I’ve been a New Democrat since I heard Dave Barrett speak about our province and his vision for it in 1972. But for crying out loud, please shoot me if I ever turn into one of those … Continue reading

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