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And just what story isn’t getting any coverage – not a spit of coverage – this morning?  The latest job report, showing BC lost 14,000 full-time jobs last month.

Here’s what the Globe wrote on May 18th, as Premier Clark jetted away on another vacation:

“Ms. Clark sat down at the airport with The Globe and Mail to lay out her plans for the first 100 days in office. It’s an ambitious agenda that includes hardening up plans for a critical trade mission to Asia, beginning a conversation with the province’s labour leaders aimed at creating a new era of co-operation, refreshing her jobs plan, swearing in a cabinet and tabling a budget.”

The 100 days were up sometime last month and the budget is passed and the cabinet sworn in.  But nothing else seems to be on the agenda.  And the premier is still on vacation.  Unemployment is up significantly and the economy is in a stall.

This ain’t refreshed but that’s not an easy story to write so it won’t get written.


To Kevin Logan:  Kevin, it may be an error in the writing but I think you misconstrue my entire conclusion.

I’m saying, if the NDP doesn’t start listening to the people who vote for it and craft doable agendas based on their needs and run professional campaigns aimed at winning government, someone else will and they will deserve the victories that I believe are there for average people.

They don’t want a bunch of talk about the meaning of life and socialism.  They want effective change that gives them and their kids and the people they care about a better chance in life.

They are very patient.  They wait a long time.  But they won’t wait forever.


Finally, do I believe in an empty bureaucracy that exists just to win elections?  Do I think all talk is meaningless…. etc… etc…  Of course not. But I do believe that at the heart of what we do is that fine walk between what needs to be done and what can be done.

All of that needs talk.  All of that needs discussion and is generally the heart of the matter in a campaign.

I would argue that our last campaign was so bad we obscured any meaningful discussion of what we were about, what we placed on offer.

Was there a worse platform reveal?  Not that I can remember.  Did we just spend a week handing them one weapon after another?  Yes, I believe we did.

Did we protect our candidates from the damage?  No.  Did they know what to say?  No, because talking points are the work of the devil and the devil’s work is inauthentic.

Except, they often give the candidate exactly what they need to get on with their local campaign without showing up in a horrid pic in the top right corner of the TV screen while fending off a posse of cameras and notebook holding scribes with a glint in their eye, going in for the kill.

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4 Responses to Jobs follow up

  1. raven says:

    Ian, what a treat to find not one, but two new posts from you!

    The signs of job loss are evident here in the Southern Interior: homes that won’t sell, increased traffic caused by locals who can’t afford to vacation, mixed with the usual in-your-face-and-up-your-bumper traffic from Petroland, swarms of bargain hunters at second hand stores and garage sales.

    I fear it’s all going to get worse with mortgage rates going up–people won’t be able to buy a home, and therefore, all the spin-offs that come with a home purchase such as renovations, furnishings, landscaping etc won’t happen, further stalling the economy.

    Entry-level housing should be protected from interest rate hikes– better to invest in your own home than make home speculators wealthy.

    I understood your comments about Corky’s approach perfectly. We don’t need New Age Evangelists, we need someone with proven leadership skills, who can relate their position with clarity, humour, and facts.

    I had great hope with the launch of the Christy Crunch ad. Those were the days…

  2. ron wilton says:

    Hi Ian.

    I am neither a religious man nor a true NDP’r.

    I only ‘joined’ the party so I could vote for John Horgan in the leadership race and get rid of the LINO’s for the good of BC.

    I didn’t know at the time that my money was not going directly to John but to the whole national machine that has set off an endless stream of letters and emails requesting more money from people about whom I know very little and I don’t believe care as much about the plight of BC as I do.

    I cried when I learned that BC Mary would no longer be fighting heart and soul for our beloved province and still miss her temperate resolve.

    She was and is an inspiration.

    So too with you Ian, you clearly care for and about BC and it’s people and your history with the NDP has become clear in your writings your desire to make them and this province the wonderful place it should be.

    We are now faced with a seemingly overwhelming challenge to survive, as individuals and BC’rs and Canadians, this so called ‘New World Order’ that is hell bent on ravaging everything we hold near and dear.

    I know you have an added mountain to climb, but with your relentless efforts to battle all the challenges, you inspire us all to not give up in the face of imponderable adversity and your efforts will be long remembered.

    Thanks for all that you have given and will continue to give.

  3. That has to be the classiest ratio of response to original comment I’ve seen in a long time.

  4. Nonconfidencevote says:

    The uninterested , uninformed , uneducated voters get what they deserve.

    Christy “It’s about JOBS” Clark.

    Unfortunately, we didnt realize she meant jobs for her friends in govt.
    Everyone else can starve.

    Eat the rich

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