You’re kidding me?

I’m reading this correctly, aren’t I?  This is a joke?  A big f****** ironic poke in the members’ eye joke, kind of a Louis CK way of apologizing for the pitiful way “the Team” ran the election, right?

Here’s the subject line on the e-mail I received yesterday:  “Should we just let Christy Clark win?”

And then it proceeds …


“I don’t think so, but to send her a message I need your help.

“We spent every cent we could raise to try to win the recent election.  We didn’t win, but we did beat Christy Clark in her own constituency of Vancouver-Point Grey.

“Now we have a democratic duty to provide a choice to the voters of Westside-Kelowna in the coming by-election where she is running.

“But, this won’t be easy.  Christy Clark wants to get a seat so she can be Premier.

“We need this by-election campaign to provide voters with the truth about Christy Clark’s record and the details of her fact-free campaign.

“We need to send a strong message that we will be holding her to account on her promises about balancing the budget and protecting health care and education.

“It is up to you Ian — do you want to send Christy Clark a message she can’t ignore?

“There is a still an opportunity for you to do just that.

This by-election campaign will be hard, but it is only possible at all with your donation of $125 today.

“Thank you for your perseverance,


“Jan O’Brien
“Provincial Secretary

PS I love that line, “thank you for your perseverance,”.  I can see the writing process… thank you for your stupidity…. No, that’s too straightforward… Your gullibility… Closer, but still too obvious.  How about perserverence.  It kind of says it without flagging what we really think about our members.

In a funny way it reminds me of what I think the medieval Popes would have said to the flagellants:  ‘Whoa, don’t know why you keep on doing what you’re doing but it kind of works for us, you crazy believers, you.



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  1. Stuart says:

    Since replies are not acknowledged, I suggest we start forwarding these nuisance emails to the communications consultant firm that thinks this kind of harassment is such a brilliant idea. Let them give money on our behalf.

  2. John's Aghast says:

    Why not let the electorate decide if they want Ben Stewart, Independent or Christy Clark, Liberal?

  3. Grant G says:

    Yes Ian, I received that message too.

    They won`t get anything from our group at the Straight Goods.

    The by election can`t be won anyway, not with a still leaderless party, Adrian Dix and party brass have refused to fall on their swords..

    How can Adrian Dix even think he can go to Kelowna and promote a candidate?

    We had a mountain of ammunition during the election, a mountain of BC Liberal dirt..

    We went from 43% of the the vote to 39%.

    Liberals didn`t gain, provincial voters said no to electing a scofflaw to the premiership.

    NDP is dead in BC until new leadership takes over.

    Be well Ian.


  4. Ray Blessin says:

    Wait! What? Jan O’Brien is still Provincial Secretary?!

  5. James Cavalluzzo says:

    Perhaps Adrian Dix ought to resign his seat and run against Clark in Kelowna-Westside.

  6. Sue says:

    Not surprised.

    I let the party know my membership and money was gone as long as Dix and the cabal at HQ remain status quo.

    So lucky me. I didn’t get the fundraiser email (or was it snail mail?).


  7. Kevin Logan says:

    I roared with laughter when I read your headline.

    This was my response to Jan when I received her, very poorly headlined missive.

    “Your kidding right?

    Just let her win?


    I was stunned, but just another fine example of the extraordinarily strong kool aid there pouring for themselves in this party.

    I fear the worst Ian, I cannot see how these people so deeply engaged in denial and ignorance, can do anything and I mean anything, but crash and burn.

  8. North of Hope says:

    It is time we picked ourselves up off the floor of election defeat and move forward and defeat this incompetent leader of the BC Liberals. It is time we opened the books on her record as an incompetent Education Minister and a devious deputy premier dealing with the sale of BC Rail. She cannot be trusted.

  9. luigi says:

    Adrian running a campaign against Clark in Kelowna would be the final act of acquiescence, the proverbial kneeling with head bowed as to be lopped off by the victor.
    Let Topp and Sihota fund the efffffing campaign.

  10. The Exile from Main Street says:

    This is turning into a tragic/comic farce worthy of Shakespeare. Shane Simpson was right: we should have given Clark a pass. There is nothing to be gained from this suicidal show of weakness.

  11. chuckstraight says:

    Agree completely- maybe Topp and his partners can cough up some cash for the campaign.

  12. DBW says:

    The best that can be done in Kelowna is for the Conservative Party to find a candidate that is electable in that region. A chance for a conservative voice in the legislature. A need for an actual rep who understands the riding rather than a parachuted premier with more important tasks that riding business. Ben Stewart supporters even those who do not like Christy Clark will not vote for the NDP. But they could switch to a conservative.

  13. RS says:


    I received the same email, but as a “friend” (Jan and I are not on a first name basis, fortunately) she was only asking for $20.


  14. Love you, but come on says:

    Love you, Ian, but they have the unenviable job of needing to carry on somehow. I won’t be sending money either until Dix goes, but whoever the provincial secretary is – they still have to ask for money, and you do know that, too.

  15. Mark Shaw says:

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the heads up. Sure enough, when I checked my gmail account, it was there.

    Here’s my response to Jan:

    Dear Jan,

    Thank you so much for raising a subject that continues to cause me a great deal of pain. Talk about pouring salt on an open wound!

    I would like to advise you that the BC NDP will NOT receive another dime of my money; or a minute of my time until:

    Adrian Dix is replaced as party leader, and
    Anyone at Provincial Office even remotely connected to that pathetic general election campaign is fired!

    Thanks to the pathetic efforts of Adrian Dix and the provincial NDP campaign team, the long suffering people of this province have to suffer through at least four more years of Liberal corruption, arrogance and incompetence. If your note is any indicator, it will probably be longer than that!

    As for the by-election, your efforts are too little; too late. After all, you had a 28 day general election campaign to tell voters about Christy Clark’s record and her fact-free campaign. If you messed that up, I have no reason to think that you will do better now.

    Yours truly,

    Mark Shaw
    Port Moody-Coquitlam

  16. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I haven’t received any such mail yet — though I sure did during the campaign.

    I stand for a strong, well-informed independent running. Feed him or her a ton of intel about Christy and the BC Liberals and let them fire away. Those who worked for the NDP in the election could help out, with door-knocking and sign-planting. We don’t need too many alternative choices, or that will just water down the vote.

  17. Maya says:

    The only thing missing in this post is the staggering subject line of the email:
    “Should we just let Christy Clark win?”

  18. raven says:

    Ian I love your line: “thank you for your stupidity”.

    I haven’t received a request for money yet. I won’t be throwing good money, after bad. Unlike Sue, I have not expressed my feelings to the party. At first I felt empathy for Adrian, now I am embarrassed by his silence.

    Christy has moved forward without even catching her breath: note that she supports the new policy to hit seniors up for wheelchairs. Where are you NDP? How about opposition “one practical step at a time”. You have the ease of being a critic, you are free of the weight of having to deliver.

    Our tax dollars pay for an oppostion, and I expect one. As John Horgan said, much as he doesn’t look forward to it, he has a duty to serve. I would not blame him if he sat as an Independent. He is a person of action, not a fence-sitter, or a hand-wringer.

    The NDP are not going to rise from the ashes, unless an interim leader takes hold the political agenda. Leadership is an active thing, it is not a state of being.

    btw: I didn’t like the optics of taking the McLean donation, thought it was an oversight, and gave the party a heads-up. I was uncomfortable with their lack of response to my info, and I should have listened to my gut, and should have pulled my donations then, and there.

    A couple of days before the election I got my first visit from NDP canvassers, I asked them if they were getting a lot of support, they said support at the doorsteps was strong. Our candidate well, and truly was wiped out. I sincerely hope they were not pumping the NDP to get more dough.

  19. Ray Blessin says:

    Here’s the NDP candidate in Kamloops North Thompson in the Kamloops Daily News:
    Kendal said her party has four years to figure out what went wrong.
    “Kendall hopes the party will have further distanced itself from its track record during the 90s by then.” Our own candidates don’t have a fucking clue!

  20. Dear Jan,

    Thank you for your email. It’s great to see you can “stay on message” just as well as Christy Clark and Harper, regardless of what is happening around you.

    And the message? The only message I ever hear from you? Like a broken record? Send money. Send money. Send money. Send money. Send money. Send money. Send money. Send money. Send money. Send money.

    To quote your opening line, “I don’t think so . . . “

  21. raven says:

    Love you, but come on says: “whoever the provincial secretary is – they still have to ask for money”.

    With respect, a healthy relationship does not rely on emotional blackmail to achieve its goals: “It is up to you Ian – do you want to send Christy Clark a message she can’t ignore?
    “There is a still an opportunity for you to do just that…”

    No one, not even the Provincial Secretary can be forced to attach their name to such a pathetic communication: I would step down before I was asked to insult the intelligence of even one fellow party member.

    The provincial secretary has to decide where her loyalty lies: to the “Team”, or to scores of alienated members who have the reasonable expection to receive a response to their phone calls, email, or letters of concern.

    Solid “Team” leaders would have have been attuned to their grass roots, listened to them, been sensitive to their concerns, and adjusted their approach, and messaging.

    Instead we have examples of missed opportunities like this one: a commenter on Laila Yuile’s blog said that door to door canvassers who were finding a negative response from voters were not allowed to use Laila’s “100+ reasons not to vote for the Liberals” because they were too negative. I find this astonishing, the NDP did not manufacture the Liberal record, it exists, and in the context of a Liberal friendly media environment the NDP had an obligation, and right to provide voters with the facts.

    The Team drove the bus over a cliff, we need a new driver.

  22. John says:

    Sounds like an amateurish shakedown.

  23. woodie says:

    The NDP have lost all credibility ,as much as I would like to see a fight over the West Kelowna riding,there is no way the NDP will win.Maybe it is time for the NDP to be banished to the wilderness along with the Social Credit.When you have hit the bottom of credibility,there is no where to go but up,and it should be done with,a new party,separate with a clean cut from any ties to the NDP.A party IMO slightly left of centre.
    It will most likely be at least an 8 year term for Christy Clark,giving time to build a new and improved party.

  24. Vera City says:

    Jan’s email popped up in my in box as well. When I read it, I felt discouraged. There was no evidence of lessons learned. There wasn’t a shred of an attempt to engage me in a dialogue about a real shift based on our dismal performance throughout the election.

    It makes it very difficult to reach into my hard earned money and hand anything over. What would make it easier to do so? Tell me that you know that our failure dictates that we must ask incisive questions about where and how our campaign team lost their way. Tell me that you are aware that asking for money now is asking for a leap of faith. Convince me that you care about the sorry state you have left the party in. Demonstrate an iota of awareness that you have broken our trust. Then ask me for money and I just might be able to grit my teeth and sign a cheque.

  25. raven says:


    El Sol Cafe?@ElSolCafe_Van4h
    Yesterday we had the honor of catering a thank you celebration for the volunteers of Señor Adrian Dix’s elections…

  26. DBW says:

    While I haven’t been a member since 2005, I am still on the email list for donations and I received several during the election, so I was wondering why I hadn’t received this particular one. While cleaning up my junk box, sure enough there it is. I must have a special spam alert that the rest of you don’t have.

  27. SPY vs SPY says:

    I received this e-mail also. My response was “No more e-mails” and No More Money from me, until Jan and the rest of the Morons are gone.

    This E-mail just adds Insult to Injury, the High and Mighty Head Honchos at the BC NDP have not even admitted they screwed up and apparently have no intention of resigning or even apologizing for their complete lack of understanding of how to run a Political Campaign.

    There is a lot at stake here and asking for Heads to Roll is totally appropriate. Bring out the Long Knives I say.

  28. Kranky says:

    This bunch of grifters have to go! HEY, WATERHEADS, let’s have some fun at least and run Corky: folksy, knows the issues, doesn’t owe anybody anything, and as an ex-pat gringo knows how to run a negative,but positive, campaign. RUN, CORKY, RUN!!!!!

  29. Scotty on Denman says:

    Oh yeah! BC NDP! Most experienced Opposition party ever! If there really is a cadre of party elites who are just fine with the status quo, they could have hardly made it more plain than by eschewing advice from every other faction to attack the BC Liberal record at every occasion and with fervour, advice, it was warned, that would cost the NDP the election if not taken from the outset. Sure enough, the NDP belatedly hefted its weapon with the only un-severed limb left it just as the enemy deftly cleaved that off too, before moving on to the coup de tete. If only party rank and file had it so easy.

    Sometimes I wonder if this party knows exactly who the enemy really is. Remember how the labour movement left Dave Barrett cold after their hissy fit over his back-to-work legislation, ended up inaugurating almost two decades of right-wing government against which they could flex their Solidarity muscles—ahhh, those were the days, eh! Labour at its zenith! Only thing it was a little bit too late, kinda like Jan O’Brien’s recent email solicitation for solidarity. Not sure if the NDP would have won with Corky Evans as leader but I bet it wouldn’t have been reduced to two seats. Carole James also mistook her own MLAs for enemies when they expressed their constituents’ concerns about her passivity towards the BC Liberals, then, as usual, up to their eye balls in scandal. As a candidate to replace her, John Horgan was victim of a whisper campaign that he was too aggressive. Dix needed to do two jobs: heal the rift in the party and beat Christy Clark and, seeming logical at the time, that would have to include taking internecine aggression and turning it against the enemy. All things considered, it was foolish to dismiss the real reason behind James’ ouster and run a “positive” campaign.

    Defending that horrible mistake and then making this kind of solicitation gets a snort of derision from me. My affiliation with this party will now depend first on when Dix and his team are replaced and second on by whom. Whoever it is has to somehow assure me they will not run a “positive” campaign.

  30. off-the-radar says:

    Unbelievable: no apology, no resignations. Just more of the zombie undead political hierarchy strangling the faint vestiges of life left in the political body of the NDP. So much for re-engaging voters and listening to members, instead it’s the exact opposite.

  31. raven says:

    It is interesting to visit the twitter verse to see what Adrian’s priorities are. Sad.

  32. Village Whisperer says:

    We doesn’t Adrian Dix run directly against her and the BC NDP can use it as a review of his leadership. He loses, he resigns.

    Oh, right… we already had one of those.

  33. woodie says:

    Sometime I wonder if the NDP really prefer to be in opposition,less headache,less responsibility ,and still collect a big fat pension.

  34. Sub-Boreal says:

    As a regular reader/lurker, I’ve been heartened by the comments (and original post-election commentaries) on this blog. I had a much longer comment composed in my head, but most of my points have been made already by others, some much more eloquently than I’d be able to manage.

    My main point, though, is that I’m just going to sit on my wallet until I see some tangible signs of the renewal that should have started two or three years ago. It’s likely the only the vote that I get on this that might be noticed. (Although I did not get the most recent $$ appeal that this posting referred to, I’m sure my time will come.)

    Like many readers and commenters here, I have a long-running on-again/off-again relationship with the NDP. I let my 20-year+ membership lapse during the latter part of the Clark years – for me, the Last Straw was the Six Mile Ranch ALR fiasco. (For Corky fans, I regret that despite his public angst at the time, he was ultimately just as spineless on that issue as almost everyone in caucus except Joan Sawicki.)

    The 2009 campaign – probably as bad as this one – gave me no compelling reasons to rejoin. But since we’d tried the victory-by-inoffensiveness experiment before and might learn from it, I thought it was worth having a vote on the leadership in 2011. More by process of elimination than anything else, my first choice was Horgan.

    At this point, I have no confidence that the Dix’s announced review of the campaign is anything more than playing for time. Unless I see substantial turnover in the key leadership positions (Leader, President, Prov. Secretary) in the next two years, my wallet will remain closed. But I see less than even odds that this will happen. The problem that committed (but disenchanted) members and supporters face is that we all have other things besides politics going on in our lives. The apparatchiks may not be competent enough to run a winning electoral campaign, but they have the time to sell bulk memberships, run rent-a-bus nominations, and stage-manage conventions.

    The only silver lining for me is that I feel even better about my federal leadership choice last year.

  35. James King says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, I agree with much of what you’ve written about the Topp campaign and I was in very early (with a personal email to the guy) saying I thought his alliance with Boessenkool was very bad optics.

    All the same, you’ll forgive me if I say that my recollection of your prediction for the campaign was, if I recall correctly, 54 – 27 for the NDP. You saw the same campaign the rest of us did and you thought the result was going to be very different than it ended up being. Not that one can’t make a mistake – but a hell of a lot of us made the same mistake and while it’s easy to apportion blame after the fact – none of us had the beans to call out the problems with the party’s approach before the 14th.

    Added to that is a little personal story: I know how much you think of Carole James and her political judgment – I feel much the same way and I was proud to sign her nomination papers…The night I did that Carole told all of us how commited she was to run a clean campaign and to stay out of the gutter.

    She knew the chance that it might not work but she went into it with open eyes as did, I think, most of the rest of caucus and the party. This was not just a decision – however wrong it may have turned out to be – made by the leader and a few strategists…

  36. raven says:

    @ James King

    It seems that struggling, harried, and distracted British Columbians who might have been in sympathy with NDP values did not understand the party’s abstract messaging, instead, many resonated with the Liberal’s simplistic, and punishing messaging.

    With respect, the NDPer’s I spoke with wanted the Liberal record framed in a respectful way, we didn’t expect that the turd collection would be used in a smear campaign. One thing, does not cancel out the other. Nice guys can call the bully out.

    How many in the grassroots understood the machinations of the “Team”?
    I for one did not. Had I known about the cozy arrangement of our lead strategist with the flawed darling of the opposition, not a penny would have come out of my rainy-day fund.

    As the party’s lead evaporated, concerns from the grassroots about the McLean donation, and limp messaging, appear to have been over-looked, or worse, dismissed.

    The spur of the moment “Kinder-Morgan surprise” was something that even the NDP caucus was not apprised of. It also reafirmed the Liberal’s mantra of the NDP as anti-business, and was cringe-making in its optics of vulgar opportunism.

    After the defeat, the grassroots across the province were left for the most part, to grieve, and grope for understanding, and answers alone.

    The election campaign, and election defeat felt like a private matter limited to the “Team”.

  37. off-the-radar says:

    @ James King

    Have you read Ian’s recent posts and the many thoughtful comments? Rafe Mair, Lailla Yuile and lots of ordinary supporters were very concerned about the neutered passive approach taken by Dix and company not only in the campaign but also as the official opposition. Ditto for Carol James.

    The party and labour elite needs to get out of their self-referencing bubbles and talk to ordinary supporters and voters. Any regular person would be happy to point out that running a clean campaign doesn’t mean rolling over and playing dead.

    And that Adrian Dix needs to have resigned already.

    Although it looks like that instead of Dix and crew leaving that it is the base who is leaving.

  38. James King says:

    I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot of truth in what you’re saying – I knew about Topp’s business deal with Boessenkool and I wrote to him telling him why I thought it was a bad idea. I still think that’s true – but I also have to be honest about my own feelings (at least partly because Carole James shared them) that it was worth trying to run a disciplined and respectful campaign which didn’t stoop to the levels that the Clark team had already indicated it was willing to go. It seemed clear to me that Ian, at least from his comments here prior to voting day, was expecting the results of that campaign to be positive – both for the province and for the party…I have to be clear I thought so too.

    It just seems a little disingenous on the part of those who now (in retrospect) claim to have known there was a better way and yet kept it to themselves until after the election.

    I’ve been supporting the party all my adult life – not because it was always in, or near, power, but because I think there is a right way and a wrong way to do – and be part of – public service. I think most candidates and most party supporters feel the same way most of the time and it troubles me to see all the piling on happening now.

    Adrian Dix will, I have no doubt, not be leading the party in the next election – there’s a mandatory review of leadership at convention this fall and that’s when the process of finding a new leader will start to unfold. In the meantime, I think we do a disservice to the province and hope for the future if we claim that the result of the 2013 election is simply a case of a failed campaign strategy.
    As for the little bit of money I’ve been able to send the party’s way to help fight even a failed campaign, it would be churlish, in my view, to complain about it now.


  39. paisley says:

    @ James King
    Hey James did ya notice the NDP lost the 2009 campaign running the same, “lets be the nice guys and not throw the scandals in the spotlight”. That was the same winner strategy as this last election with Carole leading the show. Talk about slow learners. The NDP is so stunned they still haven’t figured out they have dashed themselves on the rocks but they are going to show them Libs in Kelowna. The NDP has once again become the Nearly Dead Party. (ex)Supporters are pissed. Watch the donations dry up.
    Dix has proven himself to be the schmuck that a majority of the voters thought he was. He hasn’t resigned which proves that the only thing he is interested in is himself. His failure to get the hell out of the way is indicative of the entire leadership of the NDP.

  40. James King says:

    I think you need to read what I wrote one more time – and recall that Ian – to whom my remarks were directed – was predicting a rather significant victory for the NDP this time (you can look back through his archives to confirm this) AND that he was Carole James’s chief of staff so I’d bet he approved of the campaign in 2009 as well.

    I’m not saying there wasn’t a problem with the way things turned out – that’s obvious. What I am saying is that smart guys – including Ian – didn’t seem to have any problem with the tactics and the direction of the campaign as recently as Election Day.

    No doubt things could have been handled differently but BC Politics is never going to be simple and one dimensional: The advantages a sitting government – particularly one with access to corporate power and limitless cash over a opposition which is fractious, divided and usually broke, are enormous. The CCF/NDP has only won 3 elections in thid province – ever….it is never going to be easy to change the status quo in an environment where barely 50% of citizens even take the trouble to vote.

    Turning our guns back on ourselves the way a lot of people seem to be doing in the month since May 14 is not the way to win battles with the real enemy.

    I don’t expect you to agree with me – I would appreciate it if you actually read what I’ve written.

    My view only.

  41. raven says:

    A relationship expert said we stay in relationships that don’t work because we don’t want to fail, we want to make them right, and will try and try again even when it’s clear the relationship is doomed.

    Adrian keeps trying to make things right, and I give him a pat on the back for that. The time has come for us all to recognize no one is benefiting from prolonging the relationship. The longer Adrian stays, the longer our path towards governing will be delayed.

  42. ron wilton says:

    Dear Jan,
    Go to the bank.
    Borrow enough money to rent that giant electronic billboard (google it) that everyone driving into Kelowna from Westside Kelowna can see for miles, morning, noon and all night long.

    No need for any other advertising.

    Run continuous ads showing all of the dirty deeds that have been done to British Columbians since Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark usurped and perverted the Liberal banner.

    Show them what Christy is giving to her friends and taking away from BC’rs.

    Show them the true deficits.

    Tell them about the $52 million they pay in hidden tolls every year for the next 25 years over the bridge they are about to cross over.

    Tell then SNC Lavalin built the bridge.

    Tell them the chairman of SNC Lavalin is her chief advisor

    Tell them why Site C is to power Encana’s LNG plants.

    Tell them the chairman of Encana is her advisor.

    Tell them about the 250 ‘temporary for 25 years’ Chinese miners in Tumbler Ridge where no Canadians or BC’rs were hired to work in the mines there.

    Tell them all this and more, and if you do you will defeat Clark in Kelowna westside.

    Then we will all gladly give you the money you need to pay off the bank loan, but do not borrow the money from RBC.

  43. ron wilton says:

    P.S. Jan: Do not, I repeat DO NOT show any NDP advertising on this sign.

    The residents of Kelowna Westside are not stupid.

  44. e.a.f. says:

    I did not receive the e-mail. it is just as well. Not another cent until I know how the money is going to be spent. The last strategy didn’t work. Then we had Shane Simpson suggest the NDP give the bi-election a “pass”. Was the guy fucking nuts or what? The guy obviously has been living the soft life of an MLA for too long. With that type of an attitude no wonder the NDP lost. The lieberals didn’t win, we lost.

    it might be better if there were a leader who was a tad more assertive than Dix. However, if he remains the leader, its o.k. by me, but the attitude has to change. Dump Shane Simpson and put a few faces at the front who know how to do politics in B.C. Politics have never been a tea party, well except these in the U.S.A., but in B.C. its been a fight/brawl, etc. Barrett, Harcourt, Glen Clark did not win by sitting around and running a “positive” caimpaign. There is nothing negative about telling the truth and there was a lot of truth to tell about the lieberals. If the NDP strategy had been “to tell the truth” about the lieberals we might have won.

    It would be good to get rid of Christie Clark. The best candidate for that would be an independant or Conservative. But they would have to be star candidates who knows how to caimpaign, fight, debate, etc. They would have to run the caimpaign which wasn’t run in the general election.

    The greens have decided to not run a candidate in the bi-election, so I read. They might have done better by not running in the general election in a number of ridings including the one I live in. Every time there is a federal or provincial election the greens run a candidate and the NDP looses by the number of votes which went to the greens. I do hope the greens enjoy their play at politics. The rest of us have to deal with the mess the lieberals will make of the enviornment in the next 4 yrs.

  45. raven says:

    Great leaders are born, not made.

    The leader archetype is one we recognize immediately. Turn off the sound and look at video of Dave Barrett, Pierre Trudeau, JFK, and others, their very beings exude power, and confidence. What they say is secondary to how they say it.

    They have soul.

    There is an aura of greatness surrounding them. They have fire in their bellies, and stars in their eyes.

    We would do well as a party to start examining what makes a great leader, and how we can be attuned to recognize the leader archetype.

    Here’s a start in my google search about leader archetypes:

    In his Ted Talk about leadership, Simon Sinek demonstrates that the “why” of an organization is it’s key to success.

    “How great leaders inspire action”:

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