The Red Light factor

I’m out of the country and off the internet more than I’m on it – a ‘get away from the cancer’ trip – but I logged on last night and read the Sun interview with Christy Clark.

And I have to disagree with Adrian Dix on this one.  This is a matter of judgement and we should reflect upon this incident as we vote in two weeks time.  In fact, I think that this might be the most significant thing to have happened in this, so far predictable, campaign.

Is there a person who didn’t read Fowlie’s piece on Clark, get to the part about the red light, and immediately think that this person isn’t fit to be premier?

And I don’t mean that in a comical, we got ’em sense. I mean it seriously.

BC’s premier – yes, the fact that she is our Premier says something about us – sat down next to a reporter and engaged in a game of chicken with her ten year old son.

There is no way this was ‘off the cuff’ and not intended.  There is no way that she did not know this would make the story.  In fact, there is no way she didn’t know that this would be a centrepiece of the story.  And finally, there is no way she didn’t intentionally involve her ten year old son in this caper.

This isn’t just bad judgement on the part of ‘our Premier’.  This isn’t just a ham-fisted way of drawing attention to her ‘loving’ relationship with her child.

This is the act of someone who is so self-involved that they are incapable of judgement.  We’ve all known bad parents.  Clark’s game of chicken, acted out in public with her kid, puts her up there with the worst I know of.

Her little trick is  unforgivable and needs much more than an apology.

So Dix is wrong.  We should not accept her apology and let it go.

We should carry into the voting booth the image of our premier debating the merits of running a red light with her ten year old son and then making the choice to run it, all for the benefit of a story in the Saturday Sun.

And we should take with us the clear understanding that this is not the kind of person we want making judgements about our lives and the lives of our family members for the next four years.

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31 Responses to The Red Light factor

  1. Paul says:

    Here’s what I see here:

    An 11-year-old kid successfully instructed his mother to go through a red light.

    His mother complied.

  2. Norm Farrell says:

    This issue relates to judgement of the person who seeks to be elected Premier.

    On Saturday, she was laughing about driving through the red light.

    On Sunday, another driver believed the law red light did not apply. Five people died.

    At least, Clark stopped smiling then.

  3. Oaken Noggin says:

    This is beyond unbelievable. As a retired responder, I’ve seen the results of this ‘game’ too many times. I don’t want to seem disrespectful to the victims of that horrible crash in Surrey, but maybe CC ought to visit the morgue and see for herself the horrifying results of driving like a selfish , entitled sociopath with no regard for anyone else on the road. It boggles my mind that someone like this is our premier, never mind the fact that so many people are defending the indefensible. What is happening to us???

  4. Kim says:

    I am in complete agreement with you Ian.

    I hope you are enjoying your trip.

  5. Reid says:

    Sorry, I see it not quite so black and white.

    My understanding is that it was early in the morning and the streets and intersection were deserted. Assuming this is the case, I can think of many times where I have been in the exact same situation. I cannot say for certain that I have ALWAYS waited for the light to change. I would hazard to guess that there may have been a time or two over the years when I proceeded through the intersection because it was safe to do so. Now, would I have done it with a reporter in the car? Not likely. So, if you want to rake CC over the coals for her actions focus on that rather than the fact she stopped for a red light and then proceeded through the intersection because it was safe to do so.

    Also, I’m no fan of CC’s but comparing her actions to the tragic incident in Surrey over the weekend is, quite frankly, a stretch. In one case, it was early morning and the driver had stopped at a red light and even though the light was red, proceeded through the intersection because there was no other traffic and it was safe to do so. That is not the same as someone who made no effort to stop for a red light and barreled through the intersection at a high rate of speed in the middle of the morning.

  6. Mark says:

    I think we’re missing the point here. If you take the time to re-read the article, you will see an admission by her son that she does this all the time. Also, that he, an 11 year old, dared his supposedly grown-up mom to run the red light, with a reporter in the car. Words that come to mind: stupid, incompetent, bad judgements, sense of entitlement, etc. Worse thing of all – this person wants to be our premier.

  7. Len says:

    Jeez,whats wrong with running a red light, there is enough people in this province who feel this way, just take a look back,they elected a guy that got an impaired driveing charge,and more than once lied puplicly.I think the lieberals think it’s part of the job description…..

  8. James King says:

    The ‘really’ strange thing about this is the fact that Clark had a reporter riding along with her…which is pretty strange when you think of it in the context of driving her child to an early morning practice.
    One cannot imagine a less appropriate time to purposely run a red light – knowing the circumstances (and the aspect in which it impinged upon her own child and his ‘part’ in the story).
    She was, in my view, using this opportunity to create an empathetic bond with other ‘single’ moms and sports ‘parents’ in the hope that it might change her numbers in a demographic which (I suspect to her surprise) seems to have deserted her.

    This shows both a lack of good judgement in involving her son (although it’s far from the first time she’s done this) AND a misunderstanding of how the media operates.

    For someone who’s meant to be a great fighter and campaigner this latest incident is unbelievable.
    As you’ve pointed out Ian – she is not suited for the position she presently occupies…any story which also bills a relationship between a 40+ year old woman and her 11 year old son as one of buddies or siblings is more than a little weird to boot.

  9. Bill miner says:

    Gordon Campbell it was Drunk Driving. Christy Clarke it’s running Red Lights? I think it is long over due for a change of government.

  10. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Perhaps Christy has finally “jumped the shark”?

    “Red Light Christy” has a lovely double meaning, that a self-acclaimed MILF would appreciate.

  11. Julie says:

    I certainly hope Hamish and his friends don’t think, what Christy did was a fun lark?
    I agree with the first respondor. I worked in a Hospital and, have seen the results of running red lights as well.

    If Christy is a habitual running red lights, her licence should be taken from her. Adrian Dix was very wrong accepting Christy’s apology. I would have turned her in to the Police.

    I don’t give a damn if, the red traffic light was in the middle of the ocean. You DO NOT run red traffic lights.

    Because, Christy wasn’t drunk running the red light, that makes her a worse than a fool. That makes her a lunatic especially, with her son in her car.

  12. Coral says:

    Complete agreement. Poor example to set for a kid; poor judgement for anyone. It’s like there’s no impulse control there. Sorry, I expect better of elected officials.

  13. luigi says:

    The fact that she could have endangered the life of her child to get a laugh speaks volumes. The fact she thought she could break the law because she’s Christy shows she has no respect for the office of the Premier. Saturday she flipped it off, then when challenged about that on Sunday she said she didn’t make the statement attributed to her. BUT IT WAS ON TAPE and revealed her blatant lie. She is unfit on several levels.
    While I can understand why some support the Liberal cause, or the Conservative, Green or NDP causes, I cannot understand why someone would support a person with such a lack of character.
    I hope you enjoy your sojourn, Mr Reid.

  14. 212Degrees says:

    Is it possible that our province is being run by a person that has the maturity level of a twelve year old child? Clark keeps providing examples that is what we are stuck with.

  15. Gary Young says:

    first to Reid above.. so if streets are deserted it is okay? so if the bank is closed a robbery is okay? The whole thing with a reporter there is deflect questions about her lies, deceptions and dismal performance as Preem.

  16. Catherine says:

    Running that red light was a great big F— you to the people of this Province – “see I can do anything that Gordon Campbell could do and get away with it” moment. Not.

    Look at what she is teaching the children of this Province including her own – is that what her “families first” agenda looks like??? The only jobs she’ll be creating will be Paramedics and ER staff!

    If the role of a politician is to instill confidence how confident do you feel with CC behind the wheel (no pun intended)?? If CC thinks that any publicity is good, no matter how negative, as long as everyone is talking about her I sure hope we show her what we really think of her and her party come May 14th.

  17. Gavin Showler says:

    I think Ian nailed it. I think she is cunning and ruthless enough to have done it deliberately. I believe that there is a growing sociopathic element in Society, and it is reflected more on the right of the political spectrum than the left. And Christy is the very rough beast slouching towards our dystopian future

  18. CGHZD says:

    If Dix had admitted running a red light the MSM, and Clark would have been all over it like stink on a bear. Dix had his foot on Clarks neck, he shouldn’t have let her up.

  19. Paul says:

    Christy Clark gets caught in a lie about running a red light with her son and a Vancouver Sun reporter in the car!

    Red Light Liar Christy Clark

  20. John Lynn says:

    In the debate she tried to suggest the red light was like a four-way stop, in which you are permitted to proceed after stopping and ensuring that there was no other stopped traffic at the intersection. Bad on you for that, Premier. It was not a four-way stop. It was a red light.

  21. rosesandthorns says:

    At this point it doesn’t need to be said any more. The electorate knows that Clark isn’t up to the job. Give them some credit.

  22. Persey says:

    When we forgave Gordocchio for driving drunk and re-elected him, we as voters gave up any right to go holier-than-thou on Christy’s red light antic (s).

    We set the bar to a new low with Campbell. Clark is just living down to it.

    Perhaps a new generation of voters with access to truth through the blogs, and a new generation of politicians who will be held accountable by the new mainstream media (electronic) can begin raising that bar a little.

  23. RS says:

    Sure, Adrian said he wasn’t going to make a big deal out of the red light incident as there were many political/policy issues to deal with in the election, but when the opportunity was served up on a platter he took advantage of it. It was brilliant! When the question was asked of all party leaders about photo radar all said they did not support photo radar, but I loved when Dix added that red light cameras were more effective in reducing the number of accidents on BC roads. BASINGA!!! (What’re the HTML tags for all caps, bold, red)

  24. Gary says:

    A car thief hoping to outrun exposure traveling 100km with lights out can blow through 2 city blocks in seconds. The light being red or green is not the issue. The obvious lack of concern is very disturbing. She glanced left, then right and seeing no headlights made her way through a darkened intersection contrary to the law she purports to champion. As it turns out, they made it. Child protection services should be concerned about this. What parent in their right mind not only flaunts the law but treats it like a game to amuse their child ?

  25. Jim Dopson says:

    Ian, this is the quality I expect from you. Excellent article. Keep ’em coming, my friend. I hope you are well, too. All the best.

  26. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I only heard the tail end of the call-ins to CBC radio this morning at about 8:30. The last one sounded an awful lot like CC herself and said something like:
    “Like a leader, she looked at the facts, made a decision and got the job done.”

    The audio vault for today wasn’t available when I checked.

  27. Michael N says:

    It was an inexcusable risk on the part of running a red light and playing political games. Ms. Clark certainly was playing political games as any normal person with common sense wouldn’t have ran a red light with their son and another passenger in the vehicle PERIOD. I don’t care if it was 1am 3am or 5am or there wasn’t a vehicle for miles around. It’s the LAW and she’s running to be the Premier who makes those LAWS. Further she knew full well that her actions, with a REPORTER as a witness, would be included in the article. And in that sense I question her thought pattern as it borders on a pathological behavior. Who in their right mind, as the leader of a major provincial political party, who is in an election, with their son and a reporter in the vehicle runs a red light not after being dared to and discussing it but in fact as the story states the deed is done by the time any real discussion has happened. I’m not trying to denigrate Ms. Clark but I really don’t understand how a normal person can even entertain such an action let alone one in her circumstances. And finally for her to take so long to admit it was wrong, AFTER five people are killed in Surrey and to STILL play it as she was treating it as a four way stop. (I’m sorry but big difference between a flashing red and a solid red). To me this is beyond the issue to the point of questioning the mental capacity of this person to be the next Premier who if anything should try to be the absolute epitome of a role model. Between that and the 24 hour “ad” I’m astounded at what I’ve seen so far in this election from any previous election I’ve ever witnessed. 😛

  28. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Below is the link to the CBC vault, from May 2.

    The person I paraphrased is the last one. Upon re-hearing, it’s actually the second caller who sounds like Christy… in a car and talking on her cell phone.

    Starts at 2:21:40.

  29. G. Barry Stewart says:

    And May 3, Smart and Fowlie are on, talking about the week. It starts at 1:49… though you have to wait 10-20 seconds before you can advance the ‘tape.’ May 3

    At 1:55:30, Fowlie talks about the car ride — and that her “director of communications” was in the back seat with Fowlie.

    With Fowlie ready to write down anything that transpired, I can imagine the handler was hoping like hell that Christy wouldn’t do anything stupid. He couldn’t exactly yell, “Stop, you fool!” or yank on her hair.

    Fowlie admitted that he felt safe in the situation. He also said that he was not asked to skip that part.

  30. Will Hartman says:

    Someone who routinely runs red lights and brags about it afterward is not fit to be premier. This isn’t just a lack of judgement. This is a serious character flaw. It tells me she’s willing to do anything, including putting others lives at risk, to advance her political career. That’s not someone I want running our province.

  31. Garth says:

    So we have the Premier admitting to have run the red light. We have a report who witnessed the event and can attest to her having done so , at the request of her son. So why no charges. I received a $160.00 fine for stopping at a red light and then procedding through, on my bike, at 6 am. Why not Christy as well? I’d like to see the reporter and Hamish on the stand!

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