Vancouver? Where’s that at?

Let’s let the Premier speak for herself on the Times of India Film Awards:

“Christy Clark says the show is less about ticket sales and more about the long lasting benefits.

“’It’s about having 100 million people see Vancouver and see British Columbia. This is part of a big trade initiative that we’ve started to open up those markets in India to create jobs here in British Columbia.’”

“But she admits the show isn’t being televised live. She says that was up to organizers to coordinate. Critics also say the province did a poor job marketing the three-day event.

So the BC Liberals paid $11 million for a show that wasn’t even broadcast live, but at least readers “see Vancouver and see British Columbia.” Correct.

Not correct.

Here’s the lead in the Times of India this morning:

“At a glittering awards function Saturday, Anurag Basu picked up the best director award whileRanbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra carried home the best actor and best actress trophies, respectively.”

Not one mention of the location in the whole story.  It might as well have been held in Mumbai.  The only mentions of the location were in local BC stories.

And let’s be clear.  That’s what this is all about:  Getting Bollywood stars here before the election so Clark can be seen arm in arm with them in the local South Asian media.  It’s a pathetically transparent election strategy that delivers no benefit to the province.

And BC’s media ate it up.

(thanks to Sandy Garrossino for the tweet that started me looking at the Indian coverage)

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3 Responses to Vancouver? Where’s that at?

  1. None of the Above says:

    The other best thing about last night: the 11:16 pm press release saying what a success the awards were…while the awards show was still occurring!

    11 million of your taxpayer dollars well wasted!!!

  2. tf says:

    And did you read the submission on CBC today, sourced from “The Canadian Press”?

    I’m appalled but I’m not sure why ~ the first sentence reads – “BC Place Stadium was awash with glitter, gold, and colourful saris as Vancouver rolled out its red carpet for some of the biggest names in Indian cinema.”

    This should be posted on Entertainment Tonight, not on Canada’s national news station; it’s the worst kind of sensational political hype and has no place on CBC.

  3. Stuart says:

    Last fall, the New Yorker published a piece on the Times of India, basically identifying it as an infomercial publication, not a newspaper as we might understand it (?). The lack of a Vancouver mention suggests that Christy and company did not pay the TOI enough!

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