The wheels on the bus… still falling off

resampled_Group 1 NewThe guys over at Wazuku have certainly gone to bat for Christy Clark and the BC Liberals.

They set up CC4BC, possibly the worst, least effective smear campaign in BC history.  One million dollars (or maybe a little less as Shepard fell short on his fundraising) spent and Clark went down in the polls while Dix and the NDP emerged with a 20 point lead over Clark’s Liberals.

But they blew the auditor out of the water over his report on the Pacific Carbon Trust… Oh, did I get that wrong?

Why, yes I did.

Pacific Carbon Trust paid Wazuku $10,000 to smear the Auditor General before the release of his audit of the Trust.  The smear resulted in sustained negative press for Pacific Carbon Trust and a new, heavily jaundiced look at the sleight of hand program it runs, transferring money from schools and hospitals to big, wealthy corporations for GHG reduction programs that the corporations can and should be doing anyway.  Nice strategy boys.

Even better Wazuku’s campaign caused the opposition and the press to look at the cosy relationship between the Trust and its supplier Wazuku, who share a Trust board member and a Wazuku partner in Mike Watson.

The only person in the province looking the other way and seeing no evil is the Premier.  But then she might have a reason to look the other way.  Rumour has it one of the Wazuku principals will be playing a major role on her campaign team.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 1.00.41 PM

Stephen Kukucha campaigning for Clark at 2011 Liberal Party meet and greet

According to sources, the guy on the campaign bus running  Clark’s days – the guy known as the wagonmaster in the business – will be Steve Kukuchu, one of three Wazuku partners.  Kukuchu also campaigned for Clark in the Point Grey by-election.

No wonder the Clark government isn’t following up on the PCT disgrace.


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11 Responses to The wheels on the bus… still falling off

  1. luigi says:

    The insidious nature of the people pulling the strings behind this Liberal government is really quite unbelievable…..or is it? Poison.
    Thanks very much for being one of the few trustworthy people who are uncovering their connection and misdeeds for all to see. Your efforts are certainly informative and greatly appreciated.

  2. RossK says:


    Wonder who, exactly, bought all those sandwiches that Ms. Clark brought to her watchers at the polls that led to the midday photo-op as the 2011 Eby/Clark by-election was actually going down?

    And wasn’t that particular by-election supposed to be the landslide for Ms. Clark that most definitely was not?


    And one last question….

    Do Wizards ride wagons?


  3. islandcynic says:

    Christy is definitely in hiding until the election. She is the Sheila carrying the bird flu and no one wants that.

    No doubt about it that the thieves have rallied around and made sure that the public purse will be empty for years to come, somehow managing to upgrade stealing to a new level.

  4. Norm Farrell says:

    We do not know for certain what PCT paid Wazuku to defame the Auditor General and his work. First PCT said they paid $10,950 for “communications advice and planning” related to the AG report.

    Then, they admitted that was “a small part of a larger contract totalling $125,555 to date…”

    PCT’s statements are unverified and their record suggests we should be skeptical of any claims they make. Can we trust the claim that less than 10% of Wazuku billings relate to trashing the Auditor General?

    If you think the answer is yes, I have a bridge for sale cheap; a pretty one that is safe except during freezing wet weather.

  5. RS says:

    I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
    See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly.
    I’m crying.

    Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come.
    Corporation tee-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday.
    Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long.
    I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
    I am the walrus, Ku ku g’ chu.

  6. RossK says:


    Wonder who, exactly, bought all those sandwiches that Ms. Clark took to her watchers at the polls whichresulted in a midday photo-op while the 2011 Eby/Clark by-election vote was going down?

    And wasn’t that particular by-election supposed to be the landslide for Ms. Clark that most definitely was not?


    And one last question….

    Do Wizards ride wagons?


  7. Scotty on Denman says:

    Aha! Thanks, RS. Here I was trying to square Kukuchu and Wazuku!

  8. R says:

    Recent bid rigging and 5 million fine

    And bc ferry still has snc contract.

    Quebec inquiry is que only based.Because c pension fund worries /caisse de depot.?

  9. Richard Smiley says:

    I certainly hope it is rebounding against them as you say. Here in Alberta, B.C., I am seeing a lot of anger directed towards the NDP. Is that because of the ads and telephone calls, or just anger because they know they are going to lose the election?

  10. unbeliever says:

    Wazuku…kakuchu….suduku….whatever, sounds pretty stupid. Imagine trashing an Auditor General, to defend an obvious “scam” that has not been adopted in other jurisdictions because…yes you guessed it…it is a SCAM.

    If stupidity was a crime the Wazuku clowns and the folks down at the PCT, would be doing 30 years to life.

    Only in BC, does one find this level of stupidity….get the clowns back in the circus, where they belong.

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