Pacific Carbon Trust – a division of Smear Inc…

Just who are Pacific Carbon Trust’s media relations guys? The guys who put together the attack on outgoing Auditor General John Doyle?

Wazuku, aka the boys from Smear Inc., according to Jonathan Fowlie of the Vancouver Sun.

resampled_Group 1 NewWe all remember Wazuku don’t we?  They brought us this winter’s biggest bomb, CC4BC.  Industry analysts  are still clucking over the way the bottom dropped out of the Clark campaign after this hit the air.

Pacific Carbon Trust said, in their defence, that they have to outsource PR.  But we all know the only reason for hiring Wazuku is the big smear job.

Congrats Wazuku, another piece of slime to nail to the wall next to CC4BC and all those Hochstein campaigns.

I expect work will be drying up in this province soon enough.  How about trying the NRA? They seem to have an endless appetite for this kind of thing.


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21 Responses to Pacific Carbon Trust – a division of Smear Inc…

  1. Norm Farrell says:

    A member of the Board of Directors of Pacific Carbon Trust, Michael H. Watson, is a principal of Wazuku Advisory Group. They do scratch each other’s backs, don’t they.

    Are other board members gaining personally from the Trust’s funds?

  2. Rod Smelser says:

    Well, what a complete surprise. The “go dirty or go home” flavour is consistent across Wazuku’s efforts.

  3. Paul Smith says:

    Brad Zubyk might soon be the most irrelevant man in BC.

  4. Beth says:

    I weep for this once beautiful province…
    John Doyle… we will miss you

  5. Ian says:

    If they hired Wazuku while a principal was on the board this seems an awful lot like a conflict to me.

  6. Norm Farrell says:

    Of course, the entire board should resign or, better still, be fired for their effort to discredit Auditor General Doyle. They forgot who they should have been working for: the people of BC. Instead they aimed to serve the special interests who are the beneficiaries of the millions they take from schools, hospitals etc. All that in the name of carbon neutrality by the province that encourages unrestrained coal mining and gas production and export so that Asians can pump carbon into the atmosphere on our behalf.

  7. Bob says:

    Hi Ian. You and I crossed paths many years ago when we were both working in government. I want to let you know how much I appreciate your website. My spouse and I check your website on a daily basis because we enjoy your perspective and analysis. We need more of it in a province where the main stream media is incredibly biased in favor of the BC liberals. Thank you for providing this background information on the PCT and Wazuku. Without the work of people like you and other bloggers, we would not be aware of the many truths about this very corrupt liberal government.
    Thanks for caring about our province.

  8. None of the Above says:

    All these Liberal bootlickers who are on the board at the Pacific Carbon Trust should be fired immediately with no severance. Additionally, they should be tried in a court of law for theft and fraud!

  9. luigi says:

    One would think this government alone would have given the RCMP enough investigations to carry out to keep investigators busy for a very long time.
    But, of course, there must be direction on the part of the Attorney-General/Justice Minister, musn’t there?

  10. chuckstraight says:

    BC Liberals=Rotten to the core.

  11. Lesslie Askin says:

    Much as I hate drawing further attention to it because it’s appalling, it would be a good thing for someone to look into who is publishing this kind of drivel:

  12. tf says:

    As soon as PCT was quoted, I started wondering who were the individuals behind this fairly-new Crown corporation. Links appeared to the bios of the staff and Board of directors and they all look like reasonable, active and respected individuals. Then the green ooze started flowing around the corners. The Chair was active in the BC Rail deal, another director is a principal of the PR firm attacking the leader of the NDP. Is there no one who can govern with honour and ethics?

  13. Ripcord says:

    John Doyle has given more to this province than these leaches could ever dream of stealing. Lucky for us not all of them will get diplomatic immunity like slimey gord.

  14. CGHZD says:

    Haven’t seen a damn thing about this in the local rag along with nothing of the Prince George bid rigging scam even though our MLA is none other than the biggest brown noser of all, Terry Lake.
    Terry seems to think that this theft was too complicated for Doyle to understand just like most people didn’t understand the theft of BC Rail, the financial melt down debacle etc. ???
    If it were not for the bloggers like Ian and Norm and a host of others we would be still in the dark being fed the corporate news shit without much of a clue as to what was happening.
    By the way who are these assholes at B.C. Political Reports. Someone please take a picture of these creatures so we it can be posted on utube under the definition of a lobotomized political hack.


  15. Hugh says:

    The PCT should be an election issue. A question put to the voters:

    Y/N: ” Are you in favour of taking $millions of our taxpayer money, meant for schools and hospitals etc, and giving it to companies such as Encana, so the BC Govt (which promotes oil, gas and coal development in BC) can proclaim itself ‘carbon-neutral?’ “

  16. Paul Smith says:

    The oddest thing is that David Moffatt worked at the Nature Conservancy before joining Pacific Carbon Trust as business development lead, so he should have been familiar with the Dark Woods project and its pitfalls and possible compliance issues, er, um… Oh, I get it. Never mind.

  17. Norm Farrell says:

    @ Paul Smith

    We citizen observers should not bother trying to make sense of PCT. Carbon offsets are too complicated for Auditor General Doyle despite his background of 5 years auditing public institutions of British Columbia such as BC Hydro, extensive previous experience in auditing and financial management, his honours and elevated designations from professional bodies of Australia and the United Kingdom and his two graduate degrees, .

    Yes, since carbon trading is too complicated for this man with years of training and high level experience, we should leave its management and review entirely with the ex school teacher now in charge and his wheeler-dealers associates and PR spin-masters.

  18. John's Aghast says:

    Remember, in ‘the good old days’ (Social Credit) when every member of the legislature was a used car salesman? How I long for those days; at least they had a modicum of business sense.

  19. EarlWarning says:

    To Lesslie: Thanks for posting the link. If you drill down, there is another link to BCPoliticalReports. If you click on the “About Us” tab, there is no contact or background information — just more pro-Liberal spin. There is a link on the bottom:, a generic website that can be set up by anyone. These people DO NOT want to be found, nor are they brave enough to list a contact email, feedback form or business address. Cowards.

    Christy’s going to take it up the Wazuku on election day.

  20. RJ says:

    Thanks for your info about Wazuku. They spent $1m on this garbage website and couldn’t actually use a real photo of “Citizens”.

    Looks like they used a fake stock photo on the CC4BC website. “Large Group of Happy People standing” instead of actual real concerned citizens:


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