What’s that smell?

I hear something sizzling.  I believe it’s almost all done…

There’s a new poll out.  Things will change and tighten up during the election campaign.  After all, what’s the point of having all that corporate money in the bank?

But the new Ipsos poll seems to suggest that there’s not enough money anywhere to bail the Liberal ship out let alone turn it around.

BC NDP                                  51 (+3)

BC Liberal Party                   32 (-3)

BC Conservative Party           9 (n/c)

BC Green Party                       7 (n/c)

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7 Responses to What’s that smell?

  1. Persey says:

    Well, Krusty,

    I guess our 15 mil on advertising didn’t produce expected results.

    Good thing you didn’t waste that contingency money feeding hungry kids.

  2. Julie says:

    I am afraid of the sticker shock, of the debt the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have stuck us with? It isn’t going to be pretty is it?

    Most of BC’s assets and resources have been thieved and sold. Tax dollars spent on, the useless stupid smart meters. Our BC rivers thieved and sold, destroying our BC hydro. The ripoff of the HST which business said, their savings would be passed down to us? I’m still waiting? Plus, we have to pay Harper for the HST, that was thieved from us in the first place. The HST wasn’t on Campbell’s radar. The BCR wasn’t for sale either. We didn’t make the HST deal with the devil. Campbell did.

  3. tf says:

    I agree with Julie.

    We’re going to expect and demand that the NDP spend their term cleaning up the mess left behind by the end of year frat party hosted by the BC Liberals.

    And then people will complain that the NDP didn’t follow through on their election promises.

    You can’t win when you’re the only reasonable person in the room!

  4. Len says:

    I still can’t believe32 % of people would still vote for these crooks,of course this must be people that have recieved some kind of benifit from them running the show

  5. Jim Brown says:

    The BC Liberals keep on chanting on about ‘balanced budgets’….say it enough and even they believe it.

    In the last 13 years they have increased the provincial debt by almost $30Billion….which year was it balanced?

  6. Gary L. says:

    “I still can’t believe32 % of people would still vote for these crooks”

    These may well be the same 32% that believe the Flintstones is a Documentry.

  7. unbeliever says:

    The bill will be itemized the morning after the election in May.

    Thirty billion in additional debt, and even less forms of revenue generation to pay it down. The decade of BC Liberal deceit and malfeasance will be over. The big problems are about to begin.

    One would hope that a forensic audit of all government departments and contractual obligations takes place. If there is a way via a class action lawsuit, or other legal means to go after individuals, political party’s and former government officials for the financial mess this province is in, they must be actively pursued.

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