You should Thank God for the BC Liberals

Greedy little students.  Stupid universities.  Loathsome trades trainers.

Don’t you understand?  Our future depends on cutting your support now.  Without the 2% in post sec and training cuts over the next three years there is no way we could afford to pay for quick wins now.

No way your government could pay $11 million to host a party for a second rate Bollywood awards show – the SAG awards of India.

No way your government could dole out $2.7 million for a Grey Cup party. Go Orange!

No way you’d get to see three government ads every half hour of your waking, breathing life – right up to and maybe even through the election.

None of this would be yours without these, we admit it, large cuts to post secondary education.

But you can count on us.  You know where we stand.

“Your long term pain for our short term gain”

That’s your BC Liberals.

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4 Responses to You should Thank God for the BC Liberals

  1. chuckstraight says:

    We sure have deep pockets in BC: 6 million for Basi-Virk, 20 million to pay off a failed uranium project, 2.7 Million for football, 15 million for 1984ish ads on TV, and it goes on and on and on ……….
    What a corrupt piece of shite gov`t.

  2. Lew says:

    “You know, it’s an example of how you need to make tough decisions sometimes. We stepped forward, because we want to create jobs.” This crap out of BCChristy’s mouth regarding the Grey Cup announcement was reported today by Mike Beamish of the Sun.

    Tonight on the Global six o’clock news there was a clip of her stating that the increase in jobs last month in BC was because she stuck with her jobs plan and once again, “made tough decisions”. Neither of these titans of journalism bothered to ask her on our behalf exactly what tough decisions were involved.

    The government isn’t the only shite we’re dealing with.

  3. Julie says:

    There may be jobs in BC coming up….Those jobs are not for the people of BC. Christy’s job plans are for China. 300 BC miners applied for the 200 BC mining jobs, that were given to China. Harper should send his E.I. Police to bang on, those very pissed off BC miners doors. Chinese resource workers earn, $800 per month. This doesn’t even pay the rent, in this Province.

    BC and the people have had to contend with, two Dictatorship governments. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, Harper and his so called Conservative government. Campbell forgot to tell the BC people, he works for Harper.

    Anything coming out of the BC Liberals mouths is, automatically deemed a lie. Same with Harper.

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