Why Yap?

bloy-pinsHere’s the guy who should resign along with his boss, the Premier.

Here Harry Bloy is pinning a Diamond Jubilee medal on Brian Bonney’s chest during a ceremony at the Leg.  Bloy was Minister responsible for multiculturalism when the infamous ‘Outreach Plan’ was developed and implemented.

Bonney – his former campaign manager – was parachuted by Bloy into the Communications Director position in time for the development and implementation of the ‘Outreach’ plan.

As the former BC Liberal Party Operation Director responsible for lists and such Bonney was the guy who could serve as the link to the BC Liberal Party.  He likely is the one who found the appropriate partisans for the jobs.  And he was the one who instructed the outreach hires to ‘go around their official reports in the Ministry’.  ‘Come directly to me’ he advised.

But Bloy and Bonney can’t resign for this one.  Bloy’s already out because of his disastrous performance in the rest of the ministry.  And after Bloy resigned, Bonney moved on to become the CEO of the Canadian Homebuilders Association.

Interestingly, that means Bonney can’t be touched by Dyble’s investigation. Dyble doesn’t have the power to investigate Bonney’s interactions with the Liberal Party, nor the Liberal Party’s involvement in the plan.  The so-called investigation will be short one key player and all the private phone messages between Bonney and the BC Liberal Party that unfolded as part of the outreach effort.

Dyble’s investigation isn’t worth a thing.  It should be treated as the cover-up it so clearly is.

The only thing I’m surprised by in all of this is the involvement of Mr. Dyble, who normally would be above the role of  ‘Official cover’ in a whitewash of this magnitude.  What a lousy way to end a good career.


Twitter is both addictive and informative. One of the fascinating things is that it tends to be almost the first link in the chain of spin that emerges after a crisis like this one.

A line appears, takes hold and gets repeated over and over again by spin meisters, MLAs, surrogates and – in the case of the BC Liberals who seem to be running out of humans who will repeat their foul words – fictitious entities and people who adopt a name and title that doesn’t represent a real human.

It took an awful long time for one to appear this time, but it’s there now.  This is it, the BC Liberal defence: “No big deal, everybody does it.”

It’s kind of weird, because it’s directly countered by the Premier’s deep and heartfelt™ apology.  And it’s a line developed by the most mediocre of all commentators, Fazil Mihlar.

But there it is.  The only talking point they’ve got left.

It started yesterday, picked up steam and is now all over twitter or seems to be although few surrogates are daring to raise their heads.

After twitter of course, the pundits take it up.  First exhibit Andrew Coyne.  Coyne dresses well and I like that.  But this one can’t be dressed up and his column in the Sun (who would have thought) is pathetic.  He even admits they Clark government’s actions might be illegal but law be damned, they all do it.

Well, they don’t.

Coyne is better than that.  He knows that it’s not that “they all do it.” It’s all about how they do it.  With generosity and integrity, respecting both the issues and the law or cynically and possibly illegally.


By lumping the former in with the later in an attempt to support the government all Coyne does is tarnish his own reputation.  It’s the kind of thing I expect from Mihlar. It’s not what Coyne should be doing. Very unfortunate.

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5 Responses to Why Yap?

  1. e.a.f. says:

    One could ask why Basi and Verk? Why Yap? As with Basi and Verk they were simply “tools” to accomplish a goal. Yap wasn’t appointed because he was the best for the job. He was appointed because of his ethnic/racial roots, how he looks. If Clark can get him to “wear” this so much the better for her. Of course they have the small problem now of Jas Johal reporting this may have all started under Campbell. It was Campbell’s government who threw Basi and Verk under the bus.

    When politicians in this country begin “outreach” programs in “ethnic” communities it is to get their votes. Not because they have any great liking for them, but to get their votes.

    As to the “no big deal, everybody does it”. That is what politics has sunk to. As my Mother used to say, “if every one jumps off the Lions Gate bridge, are you going to do so also.”.

    If we carried Coyne’s argument forward, the next time there is a gang rape, the 3 and 4th rapists can argue, well everybody else was doing it. People who defraud others can simply use the excuse, everybody else does it. The next time I get pulled over for speeding I’ll be sure to tell the police officer, well everybody else was doing it and Coyne says its o.k. then, as long as Everybody Else is doing it. Who exactly is everybody else? I’d like to be introduced to “everybody else”. I don’t know if it is someone’s name or if it is a group. Whatever it is, I’d like to meet Everybody Else along with a list of what each of them did, even if they all have the same name.

    Coyne, get a grip, your parents taught you better when you were a little kid.

  2. Beverley says:

    Thank you, Ian, for your comments re Andrew Coyne’s article in the Sun. Just shook my head in disbelief with his ‘everybody does it’ take on this current mess.

    Yes, everyone is aware that power can be achieved on both sides by knowingly being wooed and knowingly voting. A wink, wink, nudge, nudge way of courting and supplying. However, it is an entirely different matter to have an agenda that chooses past wrongs and deliberately creates apologies to soothe ethnic communities. It is the cynicism masquerading as compassion that so insults.

    Always enjoy your words.

  3. chuckstraight says:

    Yap took the fall, that`s all. The goal of the Campbell/Clark gov`t has always been to sell/give public assets to the private sector. That is still the goal, and they will do anything to try and stay in power, that is very obvious.

    It is sure fun watching their desperate moves.

  4. Kevin Logan says:

    Agreed, Coyne certainly seemed out of step with his fellow conservative apologists as they all dog-piled on Christy and those incompetent “Liberals” all around her in this so called scandal they have successfully perpetuated for nearly a week now.

    I particularly liked Kenny’s “advice” for Clark on multicultural outreach strategies, no doubt he did so flanked with a cadre of staffers posing as new “multicultural Candians!”

  5. jim says:

    Tell me something about twitter. I have no clue on it other than from time to time something puts up the pound sign and something that is impossible to read is mentioned when i click on it. do i have to subscribe? i don’t need yet other password! is there a consolidation of twits who tweet dealing with bc? what could be that urgent other than a “government parasite” stealing yet some more money from a person who works and is not dependent on taxes from the real economy!

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