CBC on line poll: BC doesn’t believe the Liberals on the budget

It’s on-line and therefore open to manipulation, but it is interesting that it almost matches the Ipsos poll.

What’s less interesting and much more tedious is the effort the mainstream media is making to debunk and distort the Ipsos poll I wrote about yesterday.  See for instance Gary Mason’s ghostwritten column in the Globe.

From CBC today:

Do you think the B.C. budget will be balanced in 2013?

Yes. (131 votes)
No. (1174 votes)
Don’t know. (59 votes)
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5 Responses to CBC on line poll: BC doesn’t believe the Liberals on the budget

  1. Scotty on Denman says:

    I like the way you get the inherent manipulativeness of online census out of the way first thing. It’s the same automatic reaction I get whenever I hear the notion of online voting. Up until just lately I’ve been half expecting Christy to announce adopting online voting for this very election coming up–after all, the BC Liberals can’t win without cheating and online voting facilitates that, for sure. But after their preposterous budget, about which everybody’s laughing (and groaning), it’s plainer than ever that they’ve not only crossed the Rubicon, they’ve marched far past it; simply nobody would believe any rationale to adopt online voting other than a last minute ploy to steal an election. This contest is a culmination of BC Liberal dishonesty, starting with BC Rail, unethical behaviour in trying to cover it up and moral turpitude of presenting themselves as the best and only alternative to governing our beautiful province.

    My nerves have also been settled by the Chief Electoral Officer (the real one that finally replaced the illegitimate “Acting” CEO the BC Liberals installed by fiat, who could not demonstrate impartiality and who did indeed appear to be actively working to thwart the Citizens’ Initiatives of Recall, Petition and Referendum). The legitimate Chief (he was properly selected by an all-party committee of the Assembly, unlike the “Acting” Chief) was mandated to report on online voting after Christy had gushed about it during her party leadership campaign. To his credit the report gets its premise (Christy’s campaign rhetoric) out of the way right off the bat and notes people have vague notions about online voting; what follows is a thorough, comprehensive survey of online voting around the world which underscores the myriad of insurmountable problems with this system, reiterates the undeniable superiority of our current paper-ballot system and refutes unwarranted notions that, for example, online voting produces higher voter-turnout or encourages young citizens to vote. The Chief Electoral Officer is opposed to online voting; there is no part of his report where Christy could extract anything to the contrary out of context.

    The report is a quick, interesting read, Elections BC (online.)

  2. Markus says:

    I’m comforted by the comments published in response to the Mason article, virtually all are negative towards Mason’s rather dubious conclusions. Disappointed with Mason, well below his standard. Reminds me of the old saying:

    “Don’t eat that, Elmer! That’s horse pucky!”

  3. Paul says:

    I just read Gary Mason’s ghostwritten column in the Globe from the link provided above.

    Gary Mason (Friday, Feb. 22 2013): “When asked if the province’s financial situation would be better or worse with Adrian Dix and the NDP running the province, only 23 per cent said they felt B.C. would be much or somewhat better off, while 40 per cent said it would be worse or somewhat worse off.

    Here’s the actual Ipsos-Reid poll question (Thursday, February 21, 2013):

    Q: “Do you think BC’s financial situation would be better today if Adrian Dix and the NDP had been running the province over the last few years.”

    Here’s the Ipsos page:

    Ipsos Press Release

    Nowhere on this Ipsos page did the Poll question mention “better or worse“.

    Gary Mason composed that himself.

    The Ipsos question also ends with the words “over the last few years“.

    Gary Mason conveniently left these last five words out of his column.


    Here’s the graphic (JPG) from the Ipsos site with the real question:

    Ipsos question

    Did Gary Mason accidentally neglect to add the last five words of the poll question and accidentally insert the words better or worse into his G&M column, or did he deliberately misrepresent the findings of this Ipsos poll?

    After reading the GLOBE EDITORIAL ‘B.C.’s Premier Clark delivers solid budget‘ I conclude that Gary Mason did this deliberately to please his corporate masters at the G&M.

    Is Gary Mason such an amateur that he thought that nobody would notice his playing around with the Ipsos poll question?

    He sounds like an amateur to me.

    Shame on the G&M

  4. RS says:


  5. r says:

    2 billion a year (2000 million)added every year since Mr Campbell in -so 34 to 58 billion in 2013.
    BC Hydro debt 4.2 billion deferred debt
    BC Hydro just lost 252 million in legal case .
    BC Hydro ipp ror -run of river priority purchase ,at premium,program.
    answer is no.

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