One reason Pat Bell doesn’t care about coal miners

In this morning’s Province column Mike Smyth asks why Jobs Minister Pat Bell has fallen silent on the subject of temporary foreign workers taking Canadian mining jobs at HD Minings repurposed Tumbler Ridge mine.

Smyth finds it “strange” given that the Minister was so chatty previously.

Strange it may be.  But there is a reason.  16,000 reasons.  That’s how much one of the mine owners contributed to the BC Liberals in 2011, the last year reports are available for.

I wonder what 2012 brought and whether any of it will end up in the minister’s campaign?

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5 Responses to One reason Pat Bell doesn’t care about coal miners

  1. Scotty on Denman says:

    Is that 16,000 dollars or 16,000 bags of dollars?

  2. islandcynic says:

    All Liberals are scumbags and puppets to the corporate bagmen. Get rid of them all!

  3. Persey says:

    “I wonder what 2012 brought…..”

    Is that a typo, Ian? Did you accidentally add an “r”?


  4. e.a.f. says:

    what I find so amazing is these lieberals sell out so cheaply, $16K to the party? surely anyone willing to sell out for $16K is just plain stupid. Getting two hundred new jobs for B.C.ers would have gotten them a whole lot more votes.

    It is certainly difficult to figure it all out. I know why HD wants “temporary workers”. They have no rights and can be sent back to China at any time and it will save them a lot of money. Why the B.C. lieberals and federal cons think its a good idea I have yet to figure out. Yes there are the caimpaign contributions but really, it really can’t be enough for a politician to “sell out”.

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