Can we expect an op-ed on this?

From today’s Toronto Star:

“The incendiary testimony of Michel Lalonde suggested that big, even publicly traded, engineering firms were complicit in the cartel like practices previously ascribed to lower-level construction companies in that province.

“The president of Genius Conseil Inc. said the group of companies selected him as a go-between with Montreal city officials, and he pointed at firms of varying sizes as participants in the system including: Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin, Dessau, CIMA, Genivar, Tecsult, SM, BPR and Roche.

“He said the companies were expected to cough up donations to the city’s ruling political party.

“We had to talk if we wanted to make sure that we could split up the contracts and assure that we understood the political donation obligations we had,” Lalonde explained to commission counsel Denis Gallant.

SNC – Lavalin, as in the Canadian company;

  • with high ranking employees up for corruption charges around the world,
  • also likely to be charged in Canada according to recent reports,
  • the company chaired by Gwyn Morgan, frequent Vancouver Sun Op-ed contributor, who is;
  • Campaign co-chair and now advisor to Premier Christy Clark.

Makes sense to me.


This just in from the National Post:

“The son of dictator Col. Muammar Gaddafi was paid $160-million in kickbacks for steering major contracts in Libya to SNC-Lavalin, Canada’s biggest engineering and construction company, police are alleging, adding some of it paid for luxury yachts.

“An RCMP search warrant document unsealed Friday said the bribes were paid to Saadi Gaddafi by Riadh Ben Aissa, who was then vice-president of Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin. Mr. Ben Aissa has since left the company and is now jailed in Switzerland.

“In the sworn statement, the RCMP also implicated Mr. Ben Aissa and former SNC-Lavalin controller Stéphane Roy in an alleged plot to smuggle Mr. Gaddafi and his family to Mexico as the Libyan dictatorship was falling to NATO-backed rebels in 2011.

“The 59-page RCMP statement was used last April 11 to obtain a warrant to search the Montreal headquarters of SNC-Lavalin.

All on Gwyn Morgan’s watch.  Can you imagine the stories if he had chaired Adrian Dix’s leadership campaign?

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12 Responses to Can we expect an op-ed on this?

  1. Len says:

    We can expect all we want,the media in this province have become a bigger joke than our LIEberal leadership

  2. When I read that this morning I too thought of Gwyn Morgan & his connection to Christy Clark & the BC Liberals. Seems to me this is the last guy you want to be connected with. But then again when your a puppet like Christy… hell she just doesn’t know better. And you’re right about that last sentence.

  3. Stuart says:

    And to think that Gwyn Morgan, along with Geoff Plant are on the board of directors of the Dalai Lama foundation. It boggles the mind…

  4. Don S. says:

    My gawd, it just does not end does it? I thought Rich and the pressure calls to the Surrey councillors over the casino amounted to blatant interference on a scale that, at the very least, bordered on contravening municipal law.
    Wow, Christy, you sure know how to pick ’em. Or did they pick you?

  5. nonconfidencevote says:

    ….and the hits just keep on coming…….. 😉

  6. e.a.f. says:

    no wonder c.c. wanted Morgan. He knows how to run a corrupt corporation. when you want to do sleazy things you go get some one who knows how its done. Doesn’t say much for the lieberals but hey, they should be gone soon.

    when you have “advisors” like Morgan of course you will have cabinet ministers like Rich Coleman. Birds of a feather flock together.

  7. CGHZD says:

    I have a friend fairly high up in Hydro who tells me that SNC does a lot of work for them.
    The jest I get is that SNC are total fuckups and have caused Hydro millions in screwed up jobs.
    I wonder what the BC Liebeal scum bags are collecting from them?


  8. RS says:

    The ball’s in your court Gwyn Morgan. Looking forward to your piece in the VS.

  9. G. Barry Stewart says:

    R: Let’s keep an eye on that. I wish I had more eyes!

  10. cfvua says:

    Let’s not forget Morgan’s involvement in poofing some of Encana’s assets in order to try to catch some nasty vandals who turned out to have some health concerns. Questionable ethics to say the least.

  11. judi sommer says:

    r and Barry
    I have emailed the NDP forestry critic and hope for a response from him on the pending forestry legislation.

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