What’s it all about Alfie?

From the Times of India fake Bollywood awards website:

“BC State dignitaries will be duly honoured on the stage”.

Do you need to know any more than that?  You paid $11 million for it.


Global TV and most other media outlets referred to the taxpayer funded extravaganza announced yesterday as “the awards show, thought of as the Bollywood Oscars.”

Clark courted and was rejected by the real “Bollywood Oscars”. So she bought the fake ones for $11 million

That’s a straight out lie.  The well known (hosted in Ontario last year) and long lived International Indian Film Academy awards are known as the “Bollywood Oscars”.  The show BC is hosting is a new invention of the Times of India Corporation.  This year’s April event is the first ever and the corporation has had no experience putting on an international Film award show.

In other words BC paid $11 million for something with no track record in order for cabinet ministers to be “duly honoured” on stage.  I’d love to see the business plan for this one.

BC’s media, as per usual, fell drooling over itself to cover this bit of politics yesterday.  Most missed significant coverage of the demonstration by over 4,000 film industry members in North Van last night, a demonstration where Adrian Dix gave a well-received and spot on speech about cultural industries and the miserable BC Liberal cultural record.

P.S. The $11 million for the show will come out of this year’s budget despite it being held in the period funded by next year’s budget.  The Oscar for creative accounting goes to….

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16 Responses to What’s it all about Alfie?

  1. RossK says:


    Not that I want to quibble with an important post, but I believe the following, in your figure legend, is incorrect:

    …Clark courted and was rejected by the real “Bollywood Oscars”. So she bought the fake ones for $11 million…

    Here’s how I believe it should read:

    …Clark courted and was rejected by the real “Bollywood Oscars”. So she forced us to buy the fake ones with $11 million of our own money that now won’t be spent on real arts programs for British Columbians, instead….


  2. Ian says:

    You captured it. I didn’t.

  3. Stevie Ray says:

    My son’s portable classroom is leaking because it was never intended to be a permanent structure and the government is spending money on this? ( Half his school is in portables, the other half will be buried in the rubble after a quake )

  4. jamie kaylee says:

    It’s not fake bollywood Oscars or awards show, It’s a huge 3 day event, get it right!

  5. jamie kaylee says:

    Also, doubting an event because it doesn’t meet your needs, is pathetic.

  6. jamie kaylee says:

    Diversity, learn it!

  7. Ian says:

    That’s a hoot coming from what seems to be a fake web address, but maybe I’m wrong.

    Still, on the substantive issues you raise:Bob Mackin has the story on the fake Bollywood Oscars vs. the real ones. And the ones we’re paying the $11 million for are the impostors.

  8. Andres says:

    Jamie Kaylee believes diversity = spending money on a superfluous awards show for another country’s industry. Huh?

  9. Don F. says:

    Jamie Kaylee, My God look around you. It doesn’t get anymore diverse anywhere on the planet than in BC’s lower mainland. To be diverse is one thing but to be stupid is quite another. We are talking 12 million dollars to go to ‘production’ of some hit or miss award ceremoney that has never before existed! In other words we are paying dearly to ‘try’ this out against the real deal.
    Until this government can get a grip on our troubled schools, hospitals, paramedics, search and rescue Et. Etc. Etc. it has no buisness dabbling in diversity as you call it, something I see as desparate squandering of the publics trust.

  10. e.a.f. says:

    $11MILLION for a t.v. show in this economic climate and this deficeit. the lieberal are truly crazy! The 11 million could have been used to keep the Kits Coast Guard station open for 11 yrs! Now that would have been money well spent.

    11 Million would be better spent on surgery for children who now have to wait so long they go to the U.S.A.

    11 Million could be better used on replacing even one portable class room.

    11 million could have been better used on anything which might have benefited the tax payers of B.C. Having this bollywood party in b.c. is a waste of our tax dollars. they lieberals don’t have a clue about real life. it is time to introduce them to real life and real unemployment, get rid of the bums.

  11. thgfftyh says:

    She is just buying Votes, thats all. Wake up people.

  12. ” To be diverse is one thing but to be stupid is quite another. ” Thanks Don F. for saying what is so true about this Liberal government.

  13. Jessie says:

    Hi Ian
    following holidays with Mom and lots of Indian soaps, I can advise neither of the two award show are the “Bollywood Oscars.” The filmfare awards (58th annual was this week in Mumbai) also connected to TOI are the big awards show, along with a number of copycats.

    Both the show announced by Clark and the IIFA are aimed at non-resident Indians and even the IIFA has never taken place in India. They’re aimed at the overseas diaspora as marketing tools.

    I still don’t think subsidising overseas corps to bring their activities to BC are good investments. Think the millions would be better invested in an improved tourism strategy.

    I hope in the interest of wooing south asian voters all political parties would consider executing their TV advertising as musicals, I’m sure it will be more salient then education, health care, the economy and trust in government 🙂

  14. Tony Mitra says:

    There must be a better way of promoting commerce and trade than.

    Asking BC taxpayers to cough up 11 million so a group of Mumbai actors and actresses can sing and dance here is bizzarre. If Christy Clark wishes to give away 11 million, she should have considered donating to Greenpeace.

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