Oh dear God, she’s back

You could fertilize half the country with this stuff:

“Clark’s communications director Ben Chin says the premier will not reconsider the decision by the Liberal-dominated committee.”

“If I had my wish, Mr. Doyle would be offered the opportunity to stay on for another two years.”

“Clark defends government ads as a means of building consumer confidence in economy against NDP cynicism.”

“Clark says she has no regrets about treatment of MLA John Slater ousted by party for “personal issues”.

“I’m delighted to be back.”

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5 Responses to Oh dear God, she’s back

  1. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Well, I guess she’s idle no more!

    We’ll see when Christy’s next vacation begins….

  2. Don F. says:

    Of interest is a CBC article where Mr. Doyle states that no one has contacted him so he couldn’t comment:


  3. judi sommer says:

    Hi Ian,
    When “She Who Must Be Obeyed” stated her wish was for the appointment of Doyle for 2 more years,on Global, the Liberal members of the committee had thunderclouds over their heads and Lekstrom in particular looked prickly. Foster looked ill. So a woman who gave them marching orders to not renew Doyle’s position sees this blow up in her face and leaves 3 guys holding the bag. She can massage the message however she wishes, but she has made the committee look foolish. If, in the Liberals’ infinitite wisdom, they deemed Doyle an unworthy candidate for re-appointment, how then have his credentials and performance changed now to make him a worthy candidate? If I were Lekstrom , knowing I had nothing to lose as I wasn’t running again and after being contradicted as a minister many times by CC, I might be tempted to defy her and block the appointment.Too much to ask for but it would be fun to watch the ensuing storm!

  4. Len says:

    If Lekstrom had any balls he would have sat as an independant after he left the first time, he’s nothing but a CC ass kisser

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