CC4BC: Liberal Lobbyists behind ‘non-partisan’ group

Deja Vu

I owe this one to a tweet from Rod Smelser.

Like 2009 and 2005 a number of “citizen’s groups” are springing up full of good advice and spin to help voters make up their minds as we head into an election.

In other words, they bash the NDP and whoever leads them.

One of the first out of the gate this time around is CC4BC, a “Free Enterprise” supporting, we care about citizens but gosh we’re concerned about the fact that the BC Liberals look like they are on life-support, kind of group.

CC4BC is headed by Christy Clark advisor Jim Shephard, a former Canfor exec.  The rest of the group – staff, funders, spinners – is under wraps.

Except for a phone number. If you want to donate to the group just call 604-678-8162 it says on the “how you can help” page of CC4BC’s website.

The number doesn’t belong to some non-partisan concerned citizens group.  It belongs to Wazuku Consulting, a lobbyist super-group made up of partners Mike Watson (BC Liberal appointee), Brad Zubyk (BC Liberal lobbyist, Christy Clark leadership campaigner) and Stephen Kukucha (Christy Clark by-election campaign).

Now that’s not unexpected.  CC4BC is a pretty thinly disguised Christy Clark front group.  But it’s what may come that is interesting.

This is not the first front group that Zubyk’s been involved in.  In 2009 Zubyck was one of the consultants behind Phil Hochstein’s multi-million dollar attack campaign, belying his 2007 testimony against union campaigns in which he said under oath “the idea that money equals voice is dangerous to democracy.”

Hochstein’s vote smart campaign spent hundreds of thousands on 3rd party attack ads and websites all aimed at the NDP.

Now it’s another election, so it’s time for another round of murky attack sites like CC4BC, supported by shadowy lobbyists like Wazuku, where money and connections equal lots and lots of voice.

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12 Responses to CC4BC: Liberal Lobbyists behind ‘non-partisan’ group

  1. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Well, we can counteract these fools with free advertising to free sites.

    An easy way to start would be to e-mail the address of this site to friends and family — with a note to check the menu on the right, especially “BC Politics.”

  2. Rod Smelser says:

    I really cannot take credit for finding out about Wazuku. It came to me in a tweet from someone I know only as @PDayson.

    You would think that the discovery of Zubyk’s involvement might finally act as an eye-opener for some BC NDPers who urged diplomatic non-response when he was aggressively liquidating some of Jack Layton’s candidates in the 2008 federal election.

  3. Ann says:

    Ever heard of a ‘non- partisan’ group? Found this interesting article for you! Share it on the anonymous social channel for more insights.

  4. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I can see people donating to a political party, as they get much of it back in tax refunds — but are these guys just throwing the $$ away… or is there also a tax write-off for this kind of political action?

  5. Well there you have it, another sneaky tactic by those liberal dogs

  6. MacKenna says:

    CC4BC no doubt got the idea for their name from Citizens United, a Republican/corporate lobby group that funneled millions into Republican campaigns.

    The Georgia Straight has a great article on Citizens United, which isn’t getting any good press.

    Concerned Citizens for B.C. present a misleading image of themselves

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  8. I note CC4BC has announced it is suspending its ad campaign. I guess the Thursday Angus Reid poll that showed the Liberals down two points to 28% (the first time they have been under 30%) and the NDP up three points to 46% has made Mr. Shepard close his wallet.

    You do not have his entire background. In 2002, he was a senior executive at B.C. Rail. He was promoted to the board of directors where he voted in favour of the transaction with the CNR.He resigned after the transaction closed and was given a $250,000 cheque on leaving. He was then CEO for Finning for a few years and then moved to Canfor as CEO. You will recall Glen Clark, after losing to Gordon Campbell, was hired by Jimmy Pattison and is now running the Pattison Group. When the Pattison Group bought Canfor, Glen Clark had the delight of firing Shepard. He has been a $1.00 advisor to our version of Sarah Palin, Ms. Clark, for the part three years.

    I continue to write and lobby for the NDP. it is the first time in my life I have supported them. If we work hard until May 14, perhaps we can wipe the Liberal party out. I can only hope Adrian Dix and his group will be better. Like Obama in 2008, he will inherit a mess.

  9. M Mafier says:

    I would like to know who fired Mr. Shepard from Canfor. If so why………

  10. Ray says:

    My focus has always been about results and I have tried to bring this focus to the Concerned Citizens. This is not about Christy Clark or Adrian Dix as people. I respect both of their commitments to public service. The fact is that they have different views of our province and Concerned Citizens wants to make their differences known so that you, the voter, can decide

    Off the CC4BC site in Feb and when I emailed them and questioned them about this they took it out of his letter and now the site is no longer available…………..

  11. Shellie says:

    I just noticed the CC4BC site is gone! Wonder if they pulled out knowing she’s going to lose. Or they changed their address..

  12. AKF says:

    Or maybe they knew she was going to win and they shut it all down because they knew their work was done.

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