BC Place: another one for the Auditor General?

 Today, Bob Mackin will likely be the only member of the press in court covering the “dirty roof” suit which has the cable installer sub-contractor suing their cable supplier sub-contractor over the leaky cables that have caused upwards of $6 million damage to the roof.

Whoa.  That was a sentence.  Thank God Mackin is there to explain the goings on.

But the Canam/Freyssinet court case barely touches the real dirt covering BC Place.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been covering the bizarre, secretive and possibly corrupt process that landed BC with a new retractable, albeit oil stained and leaky, roof, a maybe dead Casino project and a cost to taxpayers that grew from $100 million to $565 million.

During that time I’ve filed 5 FOIs, fought 6 time extensions, waited years for documents and then after getting some of the documents I know are out there – heavily redacted, mind you – put together something a lot closer to what I think is the real story on this very troubling deal.

Am I a bit nuts or what?

But then not as nuts as those who thought they could get away with blowing a half billion plus dollars on a deal who’s principal beneficiaries seemed to be the dearest friends of the BC Liberal government.

Bob Mackin’s in court today holding the government to account.  I’m sitting at the table going through a wad of paper I finally got out of Pavco.  Paper that raises even more questions about the real purpose of the Pavco/City of Vancouver planning process; that undermines the government’s claim that the RFP won by Paragon Gaming was all above board; and most importantly supports Spencer Chandra Herbert’s call for an investigation by the soon to be replace Auditor General.

More in the next few days.

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9 Responses to BC Place: another one for the Auditor General?

  1. Hugh says:

    $565 Million just to put a roof on that thing? Seems a bit steep. So does $8 billion for Site C. $3.3 billion for Port Mann. $52 billion for power from IPPs. etc. Are we made of money or what. Are we bankrupt yet?

  2. RossK says:

    ‘maybe’ dead casino?

    Looking forward to your next report on this Ian.


  3. John's Aghast says:

    Jobs, jobs, jobs! This should prove a boon to Christy’s “Jobs First” programme. And I doubt if any of those dozens and dozens of lawyers will be required to speak Mandarin.
    I just wonder how many will be courtesy of the taxpayer?

  4. islandcynic says:

    The BC Liberals have claimed the word ‘corruption’ to be their very own.
    How can we get our money back or make them pay?

  5. hcoleman says:

    Lets see, Now the Liberals sold, OOPS I MEAN LEASED FOR 900 YEARS, a thousand mile railroad with hundreds of locomotives, over ten thousand boxcars, hundreds of trucks, hundred of computers, dozens of building, etc… to Gordon Campbell’s buddy at CN for at the what Campbell said was $750,000,000 cash? and then the Liberals put a new ROOF on BC Place that costs us $565,000,000? , hhhmmmm 1000 mile railway with all its infrastructure verse a new roof for a building for less $190,000,000 difference? Which means in my opinion, either the railway was sold to cheap or the roof cost to much! And the right answer is? BOTH.

  6. G. Barry Stewart says:

    H. Coleman:

    Absolutely right. When I hear the cost of a new school or road improvement, I like to compare that to the cost of my house and other buildings in the community.

    Take the new Port Mann and its approaches, which cost upwards of $3 billion. I can’t imagine BC Rail being valued at less than a third of that.

    And who the hell picked that 900-year number? If it was a lease, what would be wrong with 99 years?

  7. Jim West says:

    This is just another reason why the Liberal’s refuse to renew the appointment of our financial watchdog, the auditor general. I’m betting the new AG will be buddy-buddy with the Liberals and just bypass these rediculous costs. In my opinion there should be investigations into these scandals — BC Place, BC Rail, Port Mann bridge, the hated HST, the BC Lotto Corp., the 6 million paid to lawyers for guilty parties and the list goes on and on. As a taxpayer it upsets me to think we have no alternative in this wonderful province. The NDP appear to be in line for the next government and if they continue in the spending sprees of their last kick at the cat and the mess they left in Ontario — it appears to me that we are doomed. We will have a Liberal member in Kyllo but the province will be NDP. Not much of a political future to look forward to.

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