She learned at her mentor’s knee

Gwyn Morgan chaired Christy Clark’s transition team.  He helped set up this mess of a government.

Morgan is also chairman of the board of SNC Lavalin.  In today’s Province a Financial Post story predicts SNC Lavalin will soon be facing criminal charges for corruption.

Knock me over with a feather.

SNC Lavalin recently won the provincial bid to build the Evergreen line.  Knock me over again.

And Bob Mackin has an interesting story in Business in Vancouver about the selection process.  According to Mackin a heavily blacked out FOI reveals that the project board considered the “corruption” problem back in June.  But Mackin writes that “the minutes do not show what, if any, action the board took to protect taxpayer interests.”

Probably the same action the BC Liberals took with the Auditor:  shoot the messenger.


Update:  The Vancouver Sun must have read my mind and rushed out and obtained an editorial from Mr. Morgan this AM.  And by “from Mr. Morgan” I mean written by one of his menials.

Anyhow, Mr. Morgan is on about his wish that our government run on private sector principles.  You know; kickbacks, bribes and fraud like the company he runs, SNC Lavalin.  But they do, don’t they?

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4 Responses to She learned at her mentor’s knee

  1. Ray Blessin says:

    Since May, 2009, Gwyn Morgan has donated $117,510 to the Campbell/Clark crime family.

  2. Ray Blessin says:

    “Gwyn” Morgan even got a receipt for the $10 bucks he donated on January 10, 2011!

  3. CGHZD says:

    SNC Lavalin is heavily involved with BC Hydro and is doing project all over the province.
    People I know who work on these jobs say these guys are the biggest screw ups they’ve ever come across. Massive FU’s in engineering and design work have cause millions in overruns on all most every job they’ve done.
    Given their less than stellar reputation a in depth forensic audit of their work would also be a high priority for the NDP when we finally boot the Liberals to the gutter they came from.

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