The AG drive by: Lap dogs to the rescue

If you’re checking the reaction to the government’s decision to get rid of Auditor General John Doyle you’ll have noticed that a lot of Liberal stenographers are intimating – without knowledge – that the NDP ‘might’ want to get rid of him too.

Just a typical cynical play to confuse the issue and draw attention away from the BC Liberal hatchet men.

Now, the NDP went into this with clear support for Doyle’s reappointment and while there is a cone of silence over the actual decision making and committee votes I feel comfortable saying the two NDP members voted for Doyle’s reappointment.

But just to firm things up here’s what NDP committee deputy chair Kathy Corrigan had to say to BC Business magazine last summer on the subject of Doyle’s reappointment:

“I’m not going in there with any expectations, any expectations at all,” NDP MLA from Burnaby-Deer Lake Kathy Corrigan says of the selection committee, on which she sits as deputy chair. Corrigan also sits on the public accounts committee, where she’s seen Doyle at work. “But I would say he is fair, he is fearless in the work that he does and I think he’s extremely bright. I think we’ve been quite lucky to have him.”

And then independent MLA Vicki Huntington follows that up with her view of the government’s position:

“It will be interesting to see if they reappoint someone like Mr. Doyle,” says Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington. “The government should welcome an officer of the calibre of our auditor general, but government can sometimes not see beyond the end of its own nose.”

Who do you think is being honest?  The government lap dogs who gunned Doyle or their critics?

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12 Responses to The AG drive by: Lap dogs to the rescue

  1. John's Aghast says:

    And the Kamloops Daily News reports “On a day when the B.C. Liberal Party WAS TAKING HEAT FOR NOT REPLACING (my caps) its often-critical auditor general, the new party representative…was nothing but positive about the party and its leader.”
    Excuse me?
    Isn’t the auditor general’s job to be critical? And I thought the heat was FOR REPLACING.

  2. Don F. says:

    Sometimes it is better to let a sleeping dog…. well sleep!
    All these people have done is brought all their issues, BC hydro, BC Rail, Legislative accounts, Forestry Mismanagement. etc. etc. to the forefront in every article written.
    Every article written also shines a light on the exemplary work of Mr. Doyle on behalf of the people of this province. But this is what has become the norm for the Liberal Party of B.C. The only thing it seems worse than an utter fool is multiple utter fools!
    I suppose we should extend our thanks to Mr. Les and Mr. Lekstrum, no=one other than themselves , not even an opposotion, could do more to showcase their stupidity.
    I,m sure Mr. Doyle will have some involvement in when he departs, this should keep this in the forefront until the voting starts, Smart move fellas!!

  3. Don S. says:

    Enjoy your posts very much.
    BC Rail document battle, Doyle having the oversight of the province’s REAL financial situation leading up to the election. It’s not surprising these people with the “well, we’ve stuck both feet in it so we may as well blow the wad” philosophy have made this move. One wonders what the next step will be to make sure Doyle is out of the picture prior to the “formal” campaign commencing.
    I sure am glad your audience, Mr. Reid, and readers of Tsakumis, Farrell, Yuile, Mackin, Oberfeld and others, are able to get factual information. The bloggers have, to some extent, taken over and have struck fear into the politicians, Liberal and otherwise. However, it is imperative readers pass on the blog links so that those who have not been informed, become informed.
    I hope your health makes positive gains this year.

  4. paisley says:

    Of course the Liberal cheerleaders will say that the NDP will be happy to see Doyle go but of course none cite a single reason why this would be. I doubt the cheering crowd will change their opinion and simply claim grand standing now that Dix has publicly requested our gracious premier to intervene and keep Doyle on.

  5. ref says:

    To paisley,

    It’s not a stretch to imagine that the NDP don’t want an eager-beaver Auditor General either. One school of thought is that the NDP really have no intention of digging too deep into BC Rail either. That they’ll only go $6 million deep (i.e. look at the payoff deal for Basi-Virk), and that’s a complete side show.

    Of course, it’s totally expected that the NDP would say nice things about Mr. Doyle for public consumption. That’s a given. But try to pin the NDP down on whether they will really conduct an in-depth inquiry into where our $2 Billion BC Rail asset went, how and why? Fuggedaboutit.

    The real BC Rail crimes go back to the fixed sale of our critical asset, and the complicity of the B.C. Supreme Court judges involved, as well as the machinations of the “special” prosecutor. No, the best an NDP government will do is give a superficial poke at the BC Rail corpse, but they will avoid a full autopsy like the plague. They won’t dare touch the conduct of the BC Supreme Court, and that’s where a real inquiry would have to tread.

    God I miss BC Mary. She knew how to keep feet to the fire like no other blogger, including Alex T. And even being soft on the NDP, she wasn’t blind to their faults.

    The NDP in government won’t be that much different than the Lieberals. They’ll favour their own pals and ideology just like the Liberals have favoured theirs. So why would anyone think that the NDP would want an excellent auditor general? They already are hiding things now (Dix’ coy stance on… pretty much everything), and they’ll do so even more when they get into government. That’s a given.

    We really do deserve the government we get. Not until we citizens force (yes, FORCE) real transparency and accountability on our politicians and bureaucrats will we be rid of such leeches as those that populate BC government ranks today. Not until we stop accepting such mealy-mouth crap from politicians and their spin-doctors will we be able to turn our society around. Savvy political watchers know this.

    So, apart from the exemplary independent MLAs and a few NDP stand-outs (Dix is not among them), we have nothing but self-serving politicians governing this province.

  6. RS says:

    I’m hardly a “lapdog” or “Liberal stenographer…without knowledge…making a cynical play to confuse the issue and draw attention away from the BC Liberal hatchet men.” But I did raise the issue of the NDP’s desire to keep Mr. Doyle on in the comments section of your previous post, A lie a day keeps the media away.

    I’ll give you “without knowledge” and “cynical” but a Liberal I am not.

    Politicos of all stripes will say ‘n’ do, or not say ‘n’ do anything it takes to get elected.

    I’m sure the Liberals will heap platitudes upon Doyle just as fitting as those of Corrigan and Huntington in the days to come Ian — but it’s all just political gamesmanship.

  7. Ian says:

    RS, my post and it’s title was not prompted by any commenters on this site, including you. I apologize for not making that clear. The initial impetus was the pattern of tweets coming from known Liberal spinners that started about 24 hours after the pummeling began. Their punditry stemmed from the presumption that legislated confidentiality prevented NDP committee members from stating their position and votes. The next step was to use that to ascribe false positions to them knowing that they were prevented from defending against falsehoods.

    In other words they lied about the position of NDP members of the committee knowing they couldn’t defend themselves.

    I could. I happened to know a bit about how the deal went down. All Liberal, all the time. What interests me now is who gave the orders to can Doyle. Some sources have intimated that it was a matter of discussion in the Liberal caucus, but I don’t know for sure.

  8. Don S. says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the “powers” have not only attempted to remove Doyle from office, but also now are running a campaign to destroy his reputation. (see Mike Smyth’s article on Doyle’s travel bill—what a joke compared to the hundreds of millions peed down the drain and/or out the door by this government).
    They know Doyle’s power regarding BC Rail, the dome roof fiasco, the “real story” on the BC books, and so much more.

  9. None of the Above says:

    The only thing this does is makes me more determined to get rid of the Liberals come May. Then the real show begins when all the Liberal corruption comes bubbling to the surface!

  10. Dalyce Campbell says:

    Clark was quoted as saying that the B.C. Rail investigation was “just silly”. And yet her government has thrown up roadblock after roadblock and spent countless taxpayers’ dollars fighting the release of documents that Mr. Doyle has requested. Ineptitude and corruption do not appear “silly” to anyone Ms. Clark. Sex, lies and video-crap are all that we’ve gotten, or will get, from this bunch of Liberal bozos…bring on the election, then rehire Mr. Doyle to keep up the great work!
    P.S. Isn’t it interesting that John Les, (of the questionable land deals in Chilliwack) and Blair Lekstrom, (who quit the party, then rejoined the party) and who are both heading off into a gold-plated pension sunset before the next election, are two-thirds of the votes that put the hit on Mr Doyle? Maybe they’ll be getting a little something extra in their retirement stockings from Christy & Co. A pity that Mr. Doyle won’t be around to give us the lowdown on that sweet deal.

  11. Arleigh Chase says:

    I’m surprised that the Auditor General is appointed by a committee of MLAs rather than the Treasury Department. With government having the majority of seats on the deciding committee there’s no way this can be seen as anything but a political decision. I think the position should be vested in Treasury where presumably the greatest concern for rooting out financial chicanery would lie.

    In my opinion, this sort of foolish decision displays the Liberal government’s ongoing modus operandi – pretend to be “transparent” and inclusive for the nightly news and then just go ahead with whatever self-serving decision best suits their political interests. Really, why bother with a committee at all?

    If the government can simply fire its own Auditor-General whenever he comes close to rooting out financial malfeasance, it means that there is no effective oversight of how ministries are spending money. None.

  12. paisley says:

    Hey there Ref, I hear you. I have no intention of giving Dix a free ride and as you I’m not confident we are about to get decent government. All I have seen from Dix is soft pedaling. After doing a little research I discovered that should the NDP form the next government all it would take is a motion in the legislature and a simple majority to reinstate Doyle. If Dix was serious about how “valuable” our bureaucrats are he wouldn’t have a problem making that promise. We will have to see if can grow a pair and do just that. I as you want to elect someone that will kick some ass, as yet I have no one to vote for.

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