BC Libs fire troublesome Auditor General

BC’s Auditor General John Doyle

The Sun and the Province are reporting tonight that the BC Liberals appear to be firing BC’s strong Auditor General, John  Doyle.

Oh wait I mean to say in the obscuring way the Liberals do, they plan to fail to reappoint BC’s strong Auditor General, John Doyle

That’s the John Doyle who’s taking the government to court over the BC Liberals refusal to hand over documents that reveal crucial details about the $6 million of public money they paid out to halt the BC Rail trial.

Clearly the BC Liberal government is willing to go to the end of the earth to continue the cover-up of the BC Rail deal.

It’s the John Doyle who called Speaker Bill Barisoff and the Liberal dominated committee that runs the legislature for their child like accounting processes.

The Liberals got caught on that one and they hate Doyle for holding them accountable for the way their Speaker runs the legislature.

It’s the same John Doyle that reported that the budget deficit was likely hundreds of millions higher than Finance Minister Mike de Jong falsely reported.

So they’re gunning Doyle before he can report out on their imaginary February budget.

In other words it the same John Doyle who has been holding this government to account since his appointment in 2007.

The committee overseeing the reappointment is made up of three Liberals and two New Democrats.  According to the Province newspaper Committee member John Les said he “could not comment on why Doyle was not reappointed or which committee members wanted to see him go, but said it was not unusual for a government to have a “somewhat adversarial” relationship with the Auditor General”.

I call bullshit.  I’m told that the vote split down party lines with New Democrats favouring Doyle’s reappointment following his strong performance in the final interview stage.

The Liberals on the committee wanted Doyle gone, no doubt following orders from the Liberal caucus and the Premier’s office.

This government has no shame.  When accountability raises its ugly head their first and only instinct is to shoot.

Now their intentions are clear: fire Doyle and hire a docile good old boy in an expedited process before the election call.

My advice to the NDP?  Stall like heck, defeat the government and reverse this disastrous  decision that goes completely against the public interest.

This is the biggest sign to date of how corrupt this government is.  If this doesn’t tell you that you can’t believe a single thing this government says, nothing will.

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8 Responses to BC Libs fire troublesome Auditor General

  1. Bill says:

    As usual you have nailed it Ian.

    The Liberals can take the compromised MSM and their always looking the other way support but could not take the many truths of the Auditor General. With no shame and desperate to continue in power, they axe Mr Doyle, and take some heat from the the blogosphere and opposition hoping their media friends can minimize/spin the outrage.

    Could this be the Liberals last outrage against the people of BC? It certainly deserves the “last straw” award for kicking the people of BC in the head in the name of self preservation at all costs – but they still have a few months to top this Snidley Whiplash move.

    If Mr Doyle is pushed out I hope when the NDP landslide to power that he is appointed to lead a commission to investigate all of the many corruptions of these contemtible Liberals. Sweet justice .

  2. Merv Adey says:

    Doyle has been non-partisan as he should be in the role. The Leg Accounts issue had some egg splattered on NDP members as well, though they were minority on the committee.

    It is possible to see this exemplary public servant reappointed if the public gets behind him. There is precedent apparently.

  3. Any thoughts on what happens to John Doyle’s court proceedings with respect to the 6 million dollar payout to Basi/Virk ?
    Who are the Liberal members on this committee ? Will Adrian Dix call a media conference to remind the so-called Premier that she is NOT defending Mr. Doyle’s job:
    “Defending and creating jobs is the primary mission of my government,” said Clark. “It will be my primary mission until I finish this job as premier.”
    This is truly BS and the people of BC should not sit by & allow the scandal riddled Liberals to do this.

    Guy in Victoria

  4. ron wilton says:

    Lord what fools these Lieberals be!

    Not that the lieberal regime needed any more nails in their burgeoning coffin, but if even one of them hallucinated a re-election in April, surely this faux pas will be the ‘last spike’ cementing their well earned and deserved fate.

  5. Brian says:

    Just another reason why it is not worth voting for any of these arrogant assholes in the up and coming election in 2013.

    You have one person that is trying to make a difference and they go and fire him. That says a lot about the present Liberal government in BC and how corrupt they really are. They are running scared and knew if Doyle go his hands on all the documents that he wants it would expose the corruption in the present Liberal BC Government.

  6. John's Aghast says:

    While we’re on the subject of BC Rail (sort of), I’d like to know if the billion $ ‘sale’ was $1Billion, or $750 Million for the RR and $250 Million for the tax credits that might be forthcoming from the Feds. And if that IS the case, did the CN get the tax relief and thus relieve us British Columbians from re-imbursing them?
    If I understand the situation (and who does?), the cost to the CNR was $750 million, the revenue to BC was to be $1Billion IF the CN got the tax credit. I was also under the impression that BC put the $250 million in an interest bearing account that would revert to the CN if the Feds didn’t come through.
    Anyone know? Anyone care?

  7. Hugh says:

    ^I don’t know but it seems either way the public loses and CN wins.

  8. Allan says:

    Hasn’t the liberal government still not realized that we are not stupid?

    Another crystal clear case of Corruption! Corruption! Corruption!

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