A lie a day keeps the media away

On Sean Leslie’s show yesterday, John Les – the government spear carrier on the Doyle hit – straight out lied about the hit.

According to CKNW “Les was asked whether the Government wants to get rid of Doyle.

“No, it’s normal for there to be some tension between an auditor general and the government of the day, that’s not unusual at all,” was Les’ reply.

No? The government didn’t want to get rid of Doyle?

The committee overseeing the appointment of an Auditor General is made up of five members; three BC Liberal and two New Democrats.  To reappoint the current Auditor the vote has to be unanimous.

Three Liberals voted not to reappoint Doyle, Two New Democrats voted to reappoint.

And the BC Liberals did not act on their own.  I’m told that their caucus discussed the process and Doyle’s reappointment.

Regardless, a decision like this is not made without a thumbs up or down from the Premier’s office.  Clearly, between morning radio shows the Premier turned thumbs down.

Unfortunately, the CKNW host chose not to pursue these questions.

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7 Responses to A lie a day keeps the media away

  1. Grant G says:

    Mr. Reid…..

    I have a question for you……

    The auditor General`s appointment runs until, I believe October/2013…

    The committee that decides, the 3 Liberals, 2 NDPers, …

    My question is…..When is the deadline for making a decision on John Doyle`s reappointment, or not reappointing him?

    Meaning this, why would the BC Liberals open up this can of worms, could the Liberals wait until after the election to give Doyle the boot?

    Could the NDP reaffirm the appointment if they win the election?

    The reason I ask this/these questions is…

    Christy Clark`s handlers, to me, they are doing an obviously brutal job of giving Christy Clark advice..

    By going after John Doyle so publicly, it gives the impression to all BCers that the Liberals are upset/afraid/vindictive towards a Government watchdog that is doing a stellar job..

    Here`s the deal, Christy Clark is way down in public polls, perhaps Christy Clark is being persuaded to stay on as leader, perhaps Christy Clark has refused to step down..

    Perhaps there are forces at play within segments of the BC Liberal party that are conspiring to drive Christy Clark even lower in the polls…Hence this can of worms, and Mary Polak`s stupid attack on drivers who did nothing wrong but drive on a ice skating rink..

    These are public displays that are just plain old stupid..

    Drive Christy Clark way back down, even lower in the polls forcing her to finally pack it in..

    Christy Clark finally steps down, a new BC Liberal leadership contest is called, and perhaps they find a new populous leader who can turn things around, and perhaps even delay the election until the Fall of 2013 or even May/2014..

    Food for thought.


  2. judi sommer says:

    Hmm. My “spidey sense ” is twitching. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but this makes sense in a Machievellian way. If this is so and it is a mechanism to dump our perky premier, Mr Doyle has been a pawn in a very nasty game with some very nasty people who really rule this province. I hope someone can blow the lid off this story. Where is our own Bob Woodward and Berstein? There has to be a Deep Throat in the Liberal caucus that can’t stomach this.

  3. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Remember: “There is no ‘i’ in L es.”

  4. islandcynic says:

    I’m afraid that I have to agree that this is a manufactured crisis in the making. Get Dumbbell to resign and then delay the election. Desperation is raising its’ ugly head.

    If the election delay is attempted we must all be ready to have a protest so massive that it upsets everything and anything.

  5. Ian says:

    Hey Grant,
    There are a couple of issues worth unwinding here. First, the matter of the end of Doyle’s term is a bit of an issue as well. The committee that hired him made its decision in June 2007. The OIC went through in September 2007 and Mr. Doyle took up his duties in October. Most agree the deadline is either September or October.

    Second, why in heck did they do this now? And the answer is… because they are a collection of fools, haters and idiots? I don’t know and I don’t believe the answer is all that rational. Because as David Schreck points out this is only the first of two steps required to actually fire him. Now they post and then consider Doyle along with all the applicants. Then they can really fire him. But all the NDP has to do is drag the process out… maybe cancel a few meetings, ask to re-iterview etc… until the election is called then win it and re-appoint Doyle.

    To sum up this is the craziest decision ever. The lunatics are in control of the asylum.

  6. judi sommer says:

    Thanks for the spin on the NDP potential position and tactics to delay the decision. In the meantime, if the Liberals get enough heat and the story has legs, the entire Liberal caucus will be on the hook for this. Hope too it becomes an election issue but I doubt many voters are closely following this-yet. The Tories are getting some heat over their shoddy treatment of Kevin Page so perhaps there is hope here too.

  7. RS says:

    Considering the excellent job Doyle has been doing holding the Liberals to account, one has to wonder if the NDP really wants Doyle to continue on.


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