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Is it a story…?

When the Premier is wrapped up in one of the biggest scandals in BC history?  I kind of thing so. See Alex Tsakumis’ story here.  Now.  Please?

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When the tough got going

In the first year and a half after the BC Liberal government began musing about selling off BC Rail, the going was easy.  Easy, like water falling over Niagara.  Easy, like that Kanye West song. The Campbell government would pitch … Continue reading

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Where is he?

It’s true.  I’ve been missing for over a week now. Not my fault!  Cancer’s fault! I’ve been averaging six or so visits a week to the Cancer Clinic as I get tested and tested again and then get the reports … Continue reading

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Where have all the real people gone?

Earlier this week the Globe’s Ian Bailey wrote a newsless news story that hung from the thinnest thread in a province where thin threads are a dime a dozen. Bailey’s story was based on a baseless claim by Christy Clark … Continue reading

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First, a heartfelt thanks to all of this blog’s readers for your supportive comments on my treadmill piece.  It was a tough one to write.  Cancer is an emotional rollercoaster and self pity is an easy escape when you’re going … Continue reading

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Plastic bag bans, the new Al Qaeda

There was a picture of Mayor Rob Ford lounging sardonically – I’ve never seen that done before – in a council seat the day of the infamous Toronto bag ban. I’m going to say it. Ford looked and acted liked … Continue reading

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The cancer and the treadmill

Late last Thursday afternoon you could find me in my usual place, running on the treadmill at the downtown Y. Running and crying. Not weeping but more than a little bit teary eyed. I blame my son.  Earlier in the … Continue reading

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Vancouver Sun opens its door to the racist far right

How low can you go? The anti-climate change crew over at the Vancouver Sun has offered up its op-ed page to the current president of the Individual Rights Party of BC, an (unidentified) offshoot of Canada’s far right Christian Heritage … Continue reading

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