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Patrick Kinsella, BC Rail and the truth

Sometime back in early 2009 I was thinking about Patrick Kinsella.  About Patrick Kinsella and BC Rail to be precise. Kinsella, it seemed, had a finger in just about every major project approved by the government of his close friend … Continue reading

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BC Rail revisited

“Premier Gordon Campbell announced a partnership with CN Rail that will significantly improve rail service in B.C. CN will sign a lease to operate BC Rail for the next 60 years in exchange for $1 billion. Although many critics are trying to … Continue reading

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What Newt knows that Harper doesn’t want you to know

Did you catch Newt Gingrich’s salute to our great conservative PM, Saturday night? Crazy Newt Gingrich, following a line that worked well for him  all week in South Carolina, placed a major shout out to Harper in his victory speech, … Continue reading

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Newt on Bill, er…

“Around the world today, the institution of the presidency has been degraded to the point that it is viewed as the rough equivalent of the Jerry Springer show — a level of disrespect and decadence that should appall every American.” … Continue reading

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Etta James R.I.P.

Troubled and underrated for much of her life, but still fabulous all the time, Etta James died yesterday.

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Blogger right, MSM wrong

Congratulations to Norm Farrell, who writes one of the best Canadian blogs going over at Northern Insights. Norm’s been writing about the small, incestuous relationship between BC’s legislative Press Gallery and the BC Liberal government for a while now.  And … Continue reading

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AGT got there first

Last Friday Alex Tsakumis told us Mike MacDonald would soon be out as Christy Clark’s chief of staff.  Today the Sun reports that MacDonald has been shoved aside.  I thought “better late than never” wasn’t a very good news strategy. … Continue reading

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Northern Gateway Pipeline: In whose interests?

China’s on an oil buying binge.  And Canada is where China likes to shop. Since 2002 China, through four state owned oil companies, has spent over $65 billion dollars to purchase oil and gas fields and production facilities around the … Continue reading

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Unethical oil and its friends

A year ago Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel announced a new foreign partner for its Northern Gateway Pipeline project. Daniels told a meeting in Whistler, BC that Sinopec, China’s second largest oil company, was investing an undisclosed amount in the pipeline … Continue reading

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No post mea culpa

Last night I dreamt a variation on my standard bad dream.  Instead of the never-ending non-specific chase that will, but doesn’t end in my death thereby keeping me terrorized through the night, I dreamt a very specific assailant – my … Continue reading

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