Blatchford column: An example of the problem

Far right PostMedia columnist expounds on Pickton.  Blames first nations “culture”.  Sun puts it on front page.

By the by, the serial killer and two thirds of his victims were white.  So why does the culture that produced Pickton and most of his victims get off the hook?

Is this not the kind of racism Oppal condemns in policing and other institutions?

Isn’t the real story that all citizens, regardless of origin, deserve protection from people (mostly men) like Pickton?  The state and our social institutions failed these women when it came to finding the serial killer and ending the murder of women in the DTES.

“Aboriginal culture” didn’t screw up the investigation.

And when I say “the state and our social institutions” that includes the media, who were notoriously late to the game.

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5 Responses to Blatchford column: An example of the problem

  1. Andres says:

    The comments on the Post are absolutely mind-blowing. People seem to be treating the victims of these serial killings the same way they would of someone who died paragliding but was aware of the risks.

    Yes, there are issues with aboriginal ‘culture’ that need major healing and repair, and it is these causes that resulted in a disproportional number of addicts and sex workers that were preyed upon to be aboriginal. But the reality is that Pickton preyed on a specific group that happened to be over-represented by aboriginals, and the fact that they were aboriginal does not somehow mean aboriginal culture is a causative factor in the serial killers. It’s almost as if people are saying ‘if aboriginal culture wasn’t so bad, Pickton wouldn’t have killed so many of them,’ which ignores that Pickton would have found another victim. It’s not as if he would have stayed at home screwing his pigs but for the plentiful bounty of aboriginal sex workers.

    But listen to me, prattling on about the logic of people who read the f***ing National Post. Sorry for swearing, but it’s very frustrating.

  2. Gary says:

    This whole inquiry was a joke from the begining. Pad Wally’s wallet and others of the Liberal yoke was the only purpose. More Fluff by the Government and more Fluff by the MSM. Who cut three pillars out of the four? Who shut down Mental Units and forced people out into the streets? Who tore apart funding for the Disabled? Where is the funding for Drug and Alchohol Rehab.? Why was the profiler ignored and basically forced out of the VPD when he indicated that there was a serial killer at large? Christy and Shirley spitting their spittal about how it’s going to take time to go over the recommendation, and where is the funding going to come from. these people couldn’t run sock-hop.

  3. Will says:

    I heard Bruce Allen,NW’s resident shock jock,ranting the same tripe today. And he was bitching about how much the inquiry cost. This,from a supporter of a government that thinks nothing of spending over $60 million on ads promoting “job creation”.

  4. e.a.f. says:

    Blanchard knows nothing of First Nation’s culture. If she did she would know the First Nation’s women, who were murdered by Pickton, were not victims of their own culture but rather the european culture. Blanchard and her attitude is part of the problem. At some level she may even know this or she would not attack the victims.

    The women who were murdered by Pickton had the misfortune, not to be all going to U.B.C. and living in the area. The murdered people were poor, sex trade workers, & women. As such no one really cared beyond their friends, family, and some more compassionate people. The RCMP and VPD didn’t communicate with each other because, in their minds, it wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t as if anyone important was going missing. Some of us who lived in Vancouver at the time were quite sure there was a serial killer, long before the total reached any where 20 & we weren’t in policing or any other such occupation.

    There was been the murders, the accidently discovery of the evidence by a new RCMP officer, the trial, the inquiry but still nothing will change. If it had not been for the new RCMP officer taking Pickton up on his offer to go onto his property, I am convienced we would still have Pickton running around murdering women and we would still have the police & politicians saying there wasn’t a serial killer at large.

    The VPD has been short staffed for about 30 yrs. When resources are scarce the police concentrate on what is politically useful. That wasn’t a lot of missing women who weren’t rich or connected. If the lower mainland’s police departments had to decide between looking into the disappearance of poor women who earned their living as sex trade workers or looking into B & Es and drunk drivers they would choose the latter every time.

    Chu made his apologies, like whatelse could he do. They don’t mean anything. First Nations officer in the department have a difficult time with harassmetn & discrimination. The dept. is hiring 40 non cops. They should be hiring 40 cops so the next time women disappear there will be the resources to look into the problem. Neither Chu nor the Vancouver Police Board or the city council care about the women who were murdered and those who will be murdered in the future.

  5. Scotty on Denman says:

    Blatchford’s blaming of “aboriginal culture” for the murder of dozens of women in the downtown East Vancouver is worse than horribly inconsiderate: it fuels the racism that played such a sad part of this whole nightmare. It demands retraction.

    The notion of a monolithically poison “aboriginal culture” that has only it’s own self to blame for any misfortune to befall it should be too disgusting to dignify with response except that it is so prevalent in the fuzzy, self-satisfied prejudice that poisons many whites who would claim offence being called racist. Blatchford wrote it and Postmedia published it because they know many people buy it thoughtlessly, by confusing the symptoms of oppression with real First Nation cultures that government administration seeks to homogenize and afflict equally.

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