How wrong can it get?

The next time you see a BC government ad think about this:

“We have two simple questions for Premier Christy Clark and her Minister of Children and Family Development Stephanie Cadieux:

“Question #1: Have social workers in the MCFD been told they are not allowed to purchase Christmas gifts for the children and youth in government care?

“Question #2: Is it true that social workers who have already bought gifts for children and youth in government care are being told to return those gifts?

Head over to Ross K’s site and read the whole story.

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2 Responses to How wrong can it get?

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  2. Marion Bagshaw says:

    The “gifts” are the least of our worries/concerns re MCFD. How about their ineffectiveness? The lack of knowledge S. Workers have of the Family Law/Family Relations Act and its application. How about a child left in a home continually when blood tests confirm the child has cocaine in his system consistently between the ages of 5 and 7 yrs? After 4 big binders of case related documents being accumulated by MCFD child, at 12 is finally removed. Mother is ordered to have hair testing for alcohol and drugs but refuses to comply. Family Court Judge rules on visitation for child but within two weeks order is countermanded by Social Worker once again putting the child in an unsafe environment. Custodial parents are told they are responsible for all decisions re the in-care child, but Social Worker along with substance abusing mother decide what they want for the child, totally disregarding views of the supposedly custodial parents. So why go to Court in the hope of protecting the child??? Social Worker and Ministry lawyer proclain no matter what child will be returned within three months. Mother has lawyer at no cost to her under BC Family Law but Social Worker does not know this until first Court appearance. S. Worker not present at first Court session, MCFD Lawyer comes late to Hearing but has NO knowledge of case so says nothing (I am sure he got paid anyway!), child receives NOTHING!!, no support, counselling, youth advocate? Under BC Family Law Youth Advocate is to be assigned to child by Social Worker immediately upon removal from his home. Did not happen. Custodial parents tried diligently to engage a Youth Advocate but long waiting list??? Told they would have to pay privately for Psychologist to help child deal with anxiety, post traumatic stress and deep seated issues which led to hospitalization on two previous occasions due to suicide issues. All having been on-going for at least three years previous. Referrals made consistently over several years by Doctors, Psychologist and Psychiatrist.
    Grandparents and sober, responsible family members must pay for private lawyer ($4000.00) before being able to be heard in Court all in an attempt to protect child. Child has been in the “system for 9 years in BC. Laws here regarding Family/children do nothing to protect the child but do everything to protect the “mother” who is the perpetrator of the HARM to the child. No wonder drug and alcohol use continues to be such a major factor in BC. Nothing concrete is being done to change a failing, inadequate, ineffectual system that is the MCFD.
    Despite ongoing, assertive attempts by family members to work with, reason with, report as requested to Social Workers, the hoped for outcome re child placement in a safe, nurturing, wholesome environment remains unattainable through the MCFD and Family Court system,.
    It would appear that our system is broken. It lays responsibility on Social Workers but does not allow them or the Court(?) the power to control the outcome of their decisions. These kids of substance abusing parent (s) are our addicts, welfare recipients, potential criminals of tomorrow.
    A wise person once wrote “Children learn what they live” It is also written that “…past behaviour is the best predictor of future actions”
    Let’s see if this new Minister takes any initiative to implement measures with a view to “fixing” MCFD and saving our “at risk” youth. Only change will begin to break this toxic cycle of substance abuse in BC.
    If more citizens of BC were cognizant of the ineffectual and often harmful and negligent role of the MCFD perhaps change could begin. Al-Anon members see it repeatedly. Because we are dealing with Youth there are certainly privacy issues.
    My own personal opinion is that the mishandling of protection issues of our kids by the Courts, and Social Workers and certainly the Ministry borders on criminal as it continually allows our kids to be harmed and placed in harm’s way.
    Incidently, this child was born in Quebec and due to a short history of substance abuse and domestic violence in his home, he was immediately removed from parental custody, longterm (at least two years with a provision of parental rehab completion) It is clear to me that MCFD could learn alot about Youth Protection from the Ministry in Quebec.

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