What do the hypocrites really think?

Below you’ll find a flattering pic of me, squeezed between two BC Liberal tweeters.

The first is retweeting the fatuous tweet of the BC Liberal Deputy Speaker, Linda Reid (oh please, no relation) who is patting her government on the back for ‘giving’ the people of BC consultations on the Massey Tunnel fake replacement…

What are we supposed to tweet in response?

“Oh thank you massa… thank you for allowing us to open our collective cakeholes and speak on your desperate wank of an announcement… We are not worthy, your deputyship…”

Nope.  Couldn’t do that.  Couldn’t let her get away with something so darned unworthy.  So I decided to tweet the real news of the day back in her face… the Moody’s downgrade watch that put another nail in the coffin of the BC Liberal government’s fiscal cred.

Here’s how it went:

13 DecDion WeisnerDion Weisner ?@DionsThoughts

RT @MLAReid: On the 10th day of Christmas our Gov’t gave to BC consultations on the MasseyTunnel.ca replacement. #BCpoli

13 DecIanVancouverIanVancouver ?@IanVancouver

@DionsThoughts @MLAReid #bcpoli On the 10th day it was a credit downgrade warning.

@IanVancouver BC one of only 2 provinces in Canada with a Triple A credit rating.

There is one thing that really troubles me. Class A hypocrites.  And when I got Linda Reid’s tweet back I realized that I had stumbled upon one.

The downgrade?  For the deputy speaker just another opportunity to sound off about the wise and judicious work of her leader and government when it comes to credit ratings and such.

Except I have a long memory, occasionally clouded by the odd cancer or pain drug but mostly still there when it counts.  And I ventured back into hansard to dig out her feelings on the same issue circa the mid ’90’s and lo and behold there is Ms. Reid waxing indignant about….

You guessed it, Moody’s Investors Service and it’s negative views on BC’s credit.

“I share my colleague’s concerns — the hon. member for Delta South — when he talks about the Wall Street credit rate or Moody’s Investors Service and how they’re going to possibly downgrade this province,” the now Deputy Speaker began.

“That’s a huge credibility issue, and you will note that my comments today reflect almost solely on credibility issues on behalf of this government — because it is all intertwined. There’s no way to separate out the threads and to say at some point that they’re going to start being more accurate in presentation of budget numbers, when the past history has not led us to accept that assertion.”

“This is a significant criticism of this province,” she said pointing to Moody’s negative credit watch.  “It doesn’t just affect the government benches; it affects every single British Columbian — and certainly every single member of this Legislature.”

Let me repeat.  For the Ms. Reid of 1997, a downgrade is a “huge credibility issue… There’s no way to separate out the threads and to say at some point that they’re going to start being more accurate in presentation of budget numbers.”

Nope, there’s no way.  As Ms Reid foretold all we can say is that her government in the face of the downgrade is going to lie.  They couldn’t possibly be “accurate in presentation of budget numbers”.  No amount of spin, no number of tweets from twits will be enough to change the basic situation:

They are a bunch of untrusworthy hypocrites.

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9 Responses to What do the hypocrites really think?

  1. islandcynic says:

    WE all know how bad this Lieberal government is, how hypocritical, corrupt and incompetent. It’s the waiting for May 2013 that is the tough part. Those that choose to live in the Snookie bubble, without any critical thought are the ones that add to the sad state of affairs in BC today.

  2. RS says:

    ‘nother good one Ian.

    This may be why I’ve resisted the Twitterverse. I’d read this BS and before I could ensure my filters were in place I’d defame slander and deride the hefty harping harpy in 140 characters worth of pure invective.

  3. Paul Willcocks says:

    From a 2007 column:
    “I had a lot of time for Linda Reid when the Liberals were in opposition, literally. She was the critic for the children and families ministry; I wrote about the ministry’s problems – and there were a lot of them; and Reid offered useful insights.
    “More than that. She made a compelling case for a whole different approach. The ministry required much more money and an end to constant restructuring, Reid said. Front-line workers needed a lot more support and more work had to be done on prevention.
    “And the government should start by figuring what families and children at risk need to thrive, and what that would cost, Reid said. Even the government couldn’t afford to do it all, the work should start with a needs-based budget.
    “Reid seemed knowledgeable, pragmatic and passionate about the ministry and what it could be doing to make peoples’ lives better. It wasn’t political stuff. It was about doing the right thing.
    “But then the Liberals were elected. Reid didn’t get children and families; that went, disastrously, to Gordon Hogg. She became a junior minister for issue affecting young children.
    “And everything changed. Her government didn’t increase support for the ministry; it announced reckless cuts to the budget for children and families.
    “Instead of stability, the government launched a disastrously botched re-organization. The process is in its sixth year now, and the future is still unclear.
    “Maybe that’s just the way it is. You say one thing in opposition, and then abandon not just the policies you advocate, but also the principles behind them once you’re in government.”

  4. Len says:

    To me politicians are people that can lie with a T.V. Camera aimed right in your face and no one can tell

  5. kootcoot says:

    Len says:

    “To me politicians are people that can lie with a T.V. Camera aimed right in your face and no one can tell”

    I don’t know about you, but I can certainly tell, and I think most people also can and do so! Unfortunately they lie so g.d. much that people tune them out and cease even caring or participating, because no matter what they say, they do whatever they want, and they ain’t working for you or me!

  6. e.a.f. says:

    Linda Reid just collects a nice pay cheque, has good benfits & perks, & will retire on a good pension. Too bad she hasn’t worked for the money. The woman sat around while her party helped the children in B.C. attain the score of highest poverty for children in 8 consecutive yrs. Great going Linda!

    As part of the government she has done nothing but contribute to the misery B.C. is facing. She is part of the problem & hasn’t done anything to stand up & speak for the people in her riding, well maybe the 1%ers, but thats it. As to the tweitting, its like twitting, its all so stupid. 150 characters, just how much can anyone say, especially if they are a dumb lieberal, right, they can lie in 150 characters or less. another reason to avoid twitter. Perhaps Ms. Reid could write something useful, like how to end child poverty in B.C.: how to avoid destruction of farm land, etc.

  7. Arleigh Chase says:

    I used to live in Ms. Reid’s riding and second e.a.f.’s opinion. If you weren’t a card carrying Liberal she just didn’t give a crap. Our family brought serious issues to her office regarding the criminal behaviour of ICBC employees – one group of “investigators” tried to ram our car into oncoming traffic when we began a fax campaign to the legislature complaining about the treatment my mother received from their employees after she had been seriously injured in a BC Transit bus crash. Reid ignored us.

    She’s definitely a waste of taxpayers money.

  8. Scotty on Denman says:

    Ms Reid’s loyalty to the BC Liberal party is what gets her re-elected time and again in Richmond and thus what has made her the longest-serving MLA in this Assembly, a loyalist heavyweight if there ever was one. Not as acerbic as a Kevin Krueger or shrill as a Christy Clark, she boasts with facility about accomplishments in children-related ministries that have otherwise been branded administrative disasters. If she didn’t, Richmond would nominate someone else to run for the BC Liberals. She will easily win her incumbency because of her hypocrisy (about the two rating downgrades), not despite it: her partisan loyalty could not be better illustrated. In Richmond, child poverty (having garnered and maintained the worst superlative throughout the BC Liberal regime) is just not that important.

    I saw this posted on a logging camp wall:

    The Six Phases Of A Project:
    -Search For The Guilty
    -Persecution Of The Innocent
    -Praise Of The Non-Participants.
    When the next NDP government sets about repairing the children-related ministries, Ms. Reid and her rump caucus will defend their sorry record as thus reach the sixth phase.

  9. Garth says:

    Ian It is true she is no relation , but do you think we could have her removed from the clan?

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