BCLC cover-up?

Today at the Vancouver Law Courts BC Liberal bagman and Paragon Casino partner T. Richard Turner continues his fight to keep his emails to BCLC CEO private.

Way back when… Sean Holman of the late and lamented Public Eye tried to get Turner’s email correspondence with the CEO of BCLC.  Turner was Chair of ICBC at the time and sent the emails from that account.

Turner claimed they were personal.  On appeal, the Office of the Information Commissioner ruled a few were but most of them weren’t.  And therefore, they had to be disclosed.

Turner is taking the Information Commissioner to court to try and overturn that ruling.

He’s fighting very hard to hide those emails.

Here’s the story of the appeal according to the Information Commissioner:

A journalist requested correspondence between BCLC and a director of a gaming company, who was also a former Chair of the Board of Directors of BCLC. BCLC identified email correspondence between the CEO of BCLC, as he then was, and the director to be responsive to the request and decided to disclose the records to the journalist. BCLC provided notice of the request to the director. The director requested a review on the grounds that disclosure would be an unreasonable invasion of his privacy under s. 22 of FIPPA and would harm the interests of one of his businesses under s. 21. Section 22 applies only to the information about the director’s medical history and some information about other third parties. The journalist argues that s. 25 of FIPPA requires disclosure of the correspondence as being in the public interest. Section 25 does not apply to any of the information. Section 21 does not apply to any of the information. The adjudicator ordered BCLC to withhold the information about the director’s medical history and some information about other third parties and disclose the remainder of the information.

From material I have recently obtained from BC Pavco, Turner has lots of reasons to prevent disclosure of any information that might pertain to Paragon’s gaming interests in BC.  Maybe that’s why he’s fighting this thing so hard.

Thanks to Bob Mackin for the heads up.

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  1. RossK says:



    The Fence!


  2. Billy Tran says:

    This smells sooo fishy to me!
    I hope you have no emails to the Asians in the casino money laundering you sooo dirty.
    You so corrupt , you fix the deal with the casino then you lie about it. You and the Paragon try to make the money and you supposed to be impartial right Head of the BC Lottery Corporation . Oh my gawd! I can’t believe you Richie T … you owe me money scumbag! So long gay Boy!

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