Canada stalls here

BC lost about 5,000 jobs last month.  4,700 part-time and and 100 full-time.

There’s no ad about this but over the last year BC rates 6th best in Canada when it comes to job creation – more like the sisters and brothers in the Atlantic provinces.  If you want a job Quebec’s a far better place to look.  So are Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Newfoundland.

BC’s no better than Ontario.  Although not over the last 6 months where Ontario has outperformed BC.

You might say Canada stalls here.

P.S. The source for this article is in the real world, over at Stats Can

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7 Responses to Canada stalls here

  1. John's Aghast says:

    Hmph! You’d believe Stats Canada over Crispy Clark?
    You’re not convinced by her $15 million convincing campaign?
    Pity! Its just a waste of money then.

  2. RossK says:

    Stats Can?


    Actually, I’m surprised that like, say, the Progress Board, the fine folks from Snookland and Coleman Country haven’t worked arm-in-arm with the Harpoon (it’s an Axis!) to shut down that evil and nefarious provider of information that can’t be catapulted already.


  3. Julie says:

    Eventually, there may be jobs coming to BC. The jobs just won’t be for the BC people. Christy said. The Chinese miners already here, are only temporary. Ida Chong contradicted Christy, she is bringing over more Chinese to take BC mining jobs. BC citizens must speak Chinese Mandarin to work in their own, English speaking province’s mining jobs. Campbell gave our resources and our resource jobs to China long ago. In Campbell’s time. The Chinese sent their people to school, to learn 100 English words….So they could take the mining jobs.

    For the Chinese to work at the tar sands. They need to learn some English as well. Since Harper has sold most of the tar sands to China. We may need to speak Mandarin to work there too. Chinese resource workers, earn up to, $17.00 per hour less than Canadian resource workers do. Harper has permitted China to sue Canadians in any form, that blocks China’s intrusions into Canada. All company’s are permitted to hire that cheap labor.

    There are thousands of Chinese in our own country, in schools learning English right now. There are absolutely hoards of them coming over. In one BC city. A Chinese Canadian has bought up repossessed duplexes, loaded them up with hotplates and bare necessities. He loads them in, ships them out, for the next batch coming over. Makes a hell of a pile of money too.

  4. John's Aghast says:

    Yeh but, don’t forget Julie, they qualify for Medical, welfare, OAP, UI etc that the rest of us spend our whole lives qualifying for. And if they live in repossessed duplexes there will be all the more room for us native people in the camps; if we ever learn to speak Mandarin.

  5. Beth says:

    The message that I have constantly recieved from the Lib govt. over the last 11 years is that we in B.C can not do any type of jobs here..
    We can’t build ships anymore ie: Ferries or in some years maintain them in province
    We can’t run much at BC Hydro it seems a large chunk of BC Hydro contracted out to Accenture and various other IPP’s
    We can’t run BC Med, that too was contracted out to an american company a few years back,… mm oh yeah we dont know how to operate a railway either it seems thats gone as well,
    Our hospitals cleaning and food services handed over to outside out of province out of country contractors,
    Forestry jobs, all you have to do is look at the raw logs being shipped out of this province while mills in BC struggle for timber
    never mind the L.N.G. plans the libs have cooked up for us or Enbridge my blood pressure can only go so high
    There are so many examples of that message given to me , there are no jobs for British Columbians!
    Chinese miners? manderine only? I’m not surprised the last decade has been about taking jobs away from British Columbians
    The liberal ads are nothing short of an obscene waste of money
    Imagine what a fraction of those million dollar ads could do to help food banks in BC
    You will never see a photo op of our unelected premier at the opening of a new food bank or street shelter tho so dont bother bringing your camera
    mean while the sell of off BC continues unabated and if it wasnt for the blogs
    (thank god) would be unreported by the msm
    Ms Clarke re-open the legislature do your so called advertising in house before the people not in some bad info-mercial
    your ads… just one more reason to cancel my cable
    And is there anything thing we can do to stop global from its blatant bias’s or cknw
    nauseating to say the least

  6. cfvua says:

    The steady stream of Albertans flowing in to the Northeast to perform rudimentary work that residents could be doing is also promoted by the liberals in the form of “Royalty Credit” programs. A measly 7000 jobs in BC are related to natural gas production. According to Marc Lee research. The generous incentives offered for every phase of natural gas production are the brainchild of the liberals. Payback to supporters in Calgary. Who choose to see BC residents sit idle in favor of out of province interests with closer ties to the producers. And we aren’t broke enough yet that Coleman can’t dish out another $120 million in handouts. Corporate welfare at its ugliest. Topped only by handouts to friendly meter changer/suppliers.

  7. Mable says:

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