Truth or dare?

Is it true that when BC Liberal MLA Randy Hawes found a spine and stood up in Caucus and spoke out against Rich Coleman’s ‘tax break cash for a special brewery friend of mine’ deal, he was heard to utter by way of calling a spade a spade, “it’s time to put a stop to the corruption”?

Which, as told to me, would seem to suggest that:

1) There’s more where this came from, and

2) A lot of insiders know at least who the bodies are and maybe even where they’re buried

And do the ex-cabinet members and retiring MLAs who joined him in his tirade against Minister Coleman completely agree?

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2 Responses to Truth or dare?

  1. Crankypants says:

    One thing that I have not seen any scribes bring up about the donation to Rich Coleman’s campaign fund by Pacific Brewers is the fact that this company is located in Prince George, well outside the boundaries of Langley. The only upside for them had to be a change in the taxation scheme. It’s time the sleaze known as the BC Liberal Party gets squeezed out of the Legislature.

  2. judi sommer says:

    This has been the most intriguing story coming out of Victoria since van Dongen very publically announced he had no faith in the Liberals any more during QP and jined the Conservatives -for s time. I thought Coleman would go into cardiac arrest with fury. Coleman has been a bully more than once and seems to be the real power behind the throne. He operates by his own rules and is far too cozy with certain individuals who stood to benefit $$ from their relationship with him, especially in the LDB portfolio. Hawes is not going to run again and so has nothing to lose. I only wish he had shaken things up, even quietly in caucus, before now.Since Coleman seems to have no negative press in his community papers-I guess advertisers $$$ support him, he can do as he wants.

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