Please, let those people go

When was it that Vaughn Palmer was taking dictation to the effect that ‘btw, the BC Liberals are back’?  Right, that was Saturday.

So here’s how much they’re back:

  • BC Liberal Caucus staffers are caught red handed (red mittened?) putting a party smearsite together on the taxpayers’ dime.
  • Minister of liquor, gambling and graft Rich Coleman is caught arbitrarily changing taxes on liquor production to benefit a major donor to his campaign.
  • The entire BC Liberal Abbottsford South constituency exec resigns in disgust over a sweetheart deal to appoint a favourite of Coleman, neighbouring MLA Mike deJong and the Premier.  John van Dongen jumps for joy.
  • A new report is out showing the BC government is failing children in care
  • And another new report comes out showing BC’s child poverty rate is the second worst in Canada.

It’s only Wednesday.  Call it a comeback?  Mama say knock them out.

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One Response to Please, let those people go

  1. Julie says:

    Guess what?

    Christy lied in her teeth, AGAIN. She said, the Chinese miners were only here temporarily. Wrong. Campbell sold our BC resources out to Red China a long time back. All Campbell had China to do was, send their people to school, to learn 100 English words, so they could work our BC mines.

    I doubt that anything matters. Harper has sold us out to Red China and the U.S. Justin Trudeau reneged on his word, he now approves the Nexen China deal. Mulcair said some time back. Canada needed the oil sales. Strangely, Elizabeth May was the only one, who spoke against Harper’s Treason. None of the other gutless wonders, said one damned word. They all damned well knew, what was coming down. They knew Harper cheated to win the election. They knew the robo-call cheat, started before the election. Harper lied in his teeth.

    American oil workers are coming over. American war vets are working here as well. China is taking all of the tar sands jobs. China has permission from Harper to sue, if anyone blocks their Enbridge pipeline, or anything else they want to take.

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