The smearers get caught

You know a government is done when it’s first and only instinct when caught doing the wrong thing is to lie

And that’s exactly where the BC Liberals are today.

Monday, Cassidy Oliver of the Province released a series of emails showing BC Liberal caucus staff doing the heavy work developing one of the BC Liberal Party smear sites.

There are strict rules about party activity by caucus staff, rules supposedly enforced by the (BC Liberal) Speaker.  Developing a Liberal party smearsite is way, way outside those rules.

The BC Liberals sort of acknowledged that but claimed the website was actually developed by a staff member on his own time, on his own computer.


Reading through the government and caucus emails it’s clear that BC Liberal caucus workers, Premier’s office staff and their government paid consultant were developing this website for the BC Liberal party on the public’s dime.

Not only did caucus staff spend what appears to be a couple of lazy summer weeks in 2011 brainstorming (not so clever) urls, they also appear to have had a driving hand in developing the content for the  site.

The group working on this project wasn’t just a small group of low level BC Liberal Caucus staff.  It also involved Shane Mills, the Premier’s director of “Issues Management” and Don Millar, who’s $10,000 a month contract with the Premier’s Office for communications advice doesn’t mention developing smear sites

Millar was the one who gave the site a “go” towards the end of the email chain.

There are lots of unanswered questions:  How much time did BC Liberal Caucus staff spend on this?  What exactly did they provide the Party?  Did they provide all the content, the research, the writing, the programming etc…?  Did Don Millar and Shane Mills oversee the project?  Did they provide advice and direction or more?  Did Millar bill the government for this work?  Has the Speaker investigated?

I could go on and on, but from here it seems the only apparent role for the party was purchasing the name and providing the server for the site.  Thomas Marshall from the BC Liberal caucus promised to upload the content – in other words the content came directly out of the BC Liberal caucus.

What did the project cost taxpayers?  Maybe $20 to $30 grand.  Maybe as high as $50.  Who knows?

But know this.  You, the taxpayers are paying the freight for the BC Liberal Party’s smear campaigns.  It makes US politics look clean.


This is my first post in a while.  I’ll write a bit more about that soon.  But to foreshadow, it’s been a weird up and down six months, currently on an upturn that’s surprisingly tough to deal with.


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3 Responses to The smearers get caught

  1. e.a.f. says:

    As a min. the lieberals should be required to repay the public purse the amount of money, in terms of salary & use of office equipment, it cost to do this little project. It certainly wasn’t government work. It was lieberal party work. The taxpayers of B.C. should not hve to shoulder this expense.

  2. Don F. says:

    Great to see you writing Ian! It is always worth the wait to see so much truth packed into your words. Of course it is as you describe as sadly this is what has come to be expected, tax dollars waisted and abused and thrown away by people with little respect for where those dollars come from, mostly hard working people who can ill afford it. Like most people I am aware of every penny in my pocket but that is only because I worked for it, not so for our politicians and friends.
    My thoughts are with you and pray that all will be well for you!

  3. Julie says:

    Good post Ian.

    I am trying to remember a time, when the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals were ever honest, and didn’t thieve? Campbell even had the gall, to give his useless thieving self, a $60,000 per year salary hike. Campbell forgot to tell us he worked for Harper, still does. They scammed the illegal HST onto us.

    Christy likes to boast. We pay the lowest taxes in Canada. Somehow, Christy manages to forget about the HST. Home heat, hydro, phone, insurances, gasoline, and even groceries are taxed. There are very few things, BC citizens aren’t taxed for. BC citizens were going to have all kinds of extra money saved, that would come from big business and their HST savings. Somehow, big business jacked up their prices even higher. I haven’t saved one cent. I have a struggle to make ends meet. I even sold my car, quit buying beef, turned my heat way down. I feel very sorry for family’s. While I can do without, children can’t. Children in BC, still go to school hungry.

    Gordon Campbell began, Grand Larceny BC. He too sold our resources out to Communist China. Christy is finishing BC off. Her Liberals even charge the tax payers for, nail salon visits. What one Liberal spends on fine lunches and fine wine….Is more than a single mother has, to feed herself and her children for a year.

    For all of the lies, deceit, thefts and dirty tactics of Campbell’s, we were still forced to pay for his, theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. $6 million we tax payers paid for Campbell’s crime. That was the legal fees the BC Liberals thieved from us, for the two patsies that took the fall for Campbell. We were forced to pay Campbell, for stealing the BCR from us.

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