The BC Liars Plan

That’s what the BC Liberal jobs initiative should be called.

‘BC leads Canada in job creation.  I have the privilege of knowing that because it’s the number one ‘fact’ on the BC Jobs Plan facts page.

The Premier, like a wind up doll, repeats that ‘fact’ every two or three minutes.  She follows it with another ‘fact’; ‘BC created 57,000 jobs last year’, to lead the country in job creation.

Except we don’t and we didn’t.  Lead the country in job creation and create 57,000 jobs, that is.

It’s a bald face lie.

According to the latest Stats Canada report, BC was about sixth best in the country, behind Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and just about the  same as Ontario (on a per capita basis).

On the bright side we are doing better than PEI.

Year over year job growth in BC was 1.3% or about 30,000 jobs.  It’s a mediocre record in a mediocre year in Canada for job creation.

When it comes to creating full time jobs, BC falls even further behind other provinces.

So all the advertising?  Pretty much lies and bullshit.  Come to think about it wouldn’t that be a fantastically apt BC Liberal campaign slogan?

The Lies and Bullshit Tour featuring Christy Clark, coming to a chamber of commerce near you.

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6 Responses to The BC Liars Plan

  1. Bernice says:

    The Reform Conservative spin machine is in overdrive. For the media to continue referring to Christy Clark as a Liberal, is an insult. Clark is no more a Liberal than I am Cleopatra. 😀 Clark infiltrated the Liberals the same way Harper infiltrated the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

    In the future I believe we should have the option of requiring anyone considering a run for office to take a lie detector test. May not be admissible in court, but may provide a bit of insight into the character of the individual. I know Harper wouldn’t have been able to pass one.

    Its time for these teabaggers to go. I am disgusted by the bald face lies told by the Reform Party. And tired of the constant manipulation of figures and facts. Please, just go already!

  2. ” coming to a chamber of commerce near you. ” There is so much truth in this comment. Here’s an example from the Kamloops Daily today:
    ” November 2, 2012
    By Jason Hewlett
    Daily News Staff Reporter
    The region’s diverse economy can be thanked for 1,100 new jobs in October and a two-per-cent drop in unemployment in the last year, the head of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce said Thursday.
    And Maurice Hindle believes those numbers, released with the province’s monthly jobs update, prove the city’s economy is one of the strongest in B.C. and Canada.”
    And then this From Pat Bell ” Bell said he hasn’t heard of any manufacturers closing facilities or curtailing production since September. He noted Statistics Canada calls about 6,000 households in B.C. to gauge employment and extrapolates for the entire labour force of 2.5 million when it does the survey each month.
    “We need to look further into those job losses,” he said.”
    Will the BS ever end ? Will it end before the majority truly understands that this Liberal government is only in power because of the lies ?

    Guy in Victoria

  3. mariner says:

    And the BC Liberal governement is currently spending appromiately another $15,000,000 on another ad campaign with more BS. It just never ends does it – so much for limits on elections spending when the government just plain doesn’t care and flouts the regulkations with impunity.


  4. Truthseeker says:

    This is a letter I sent to the Sun and Province on November 3 , doubt it will ever see the light of day from the Liberals PR team but felt good to write!
    I see Christy Clark and the liberals, after canceling the fall legislation sitting in Victoria, are spending 50 million dollars on an advertising blitz which they claim they are balancing the budget, leading the country in jobs growth which are, as facts bear out, misleading at the best if not outright lies! It seems no one in the mainstream media in BC are checking any of her claims but if you go out of province there are many publications that dispute her facts, what has happened to the press in this city? Not one mainstream media source in Vancouver as far as I can tell has even bothered to confirm any of her claims, not to mention that 50 million dollars would hire 100 of nurses or teachers or doctors, Why must I ask is the Main Stream Media in Vancouver become a PR firm for the Liberal Government?

  5. R says:

    57000 part time jobs.?
    Or 57000 retail jobs or
    57000 labor Jobs ie coal mining
    Not all jobs are created equal

  6. kootcoot says:

    “For the media to continue referring to Christy Clark as a Liberal, is an insult. Clark is no more a Liberal than I am Cleopatra.”

    For the BC liaRs to refer to themselves as Liberals with a little or a large L is an outrage in itself as it is for the HarperCons to be called Tories. For the HarperCons, Canadian Taliban is more appropriate and doesn’t insult the memory of actual Tories like Robert Stanfield and even Dief the Chief not to mention old John A (for alcoholic) himself…………………………..Not a one of the Harper con men (and so-called women like Rona and Bev) are worth a drop of John A’s one hundred proof spittle.

    Most political parties today should be criminally charged for identity theft and they change aliases faster than I change my socks as they ruin one brand name after another.

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