BC Libs: Entering the desperation phase

Christy Clark:  Teacher peace?  “Don’t let (BC Liberal) history get in the way”?  A ten year deal?  A project delayed by ‘stuff’ that happened over the summer?  Six weeks to pull it off?  No prior consultations with teachers, school boards, administrators, other unions in the education sector, or anyone?

Give me a break.  This isn’t a policy initiative.  It’s an admission of failure.

Let me tell you precisely what is going on.  The BC Liberals did a poll.  Overwhelmingly it said British Columbians blame their government for the disaster that is labour relations in the education sector.

They blame the BC Liberals for class size increases, special needs cuts, and a decrease in classroom quality that directly affects all kids in public school.

(BTB the Gazetteer nails Ms. Clark for pulling her own kid out of the public system in favour of Vancouver’s most exclusive school while disingenuously referring to ‘our’ kids.)

So with a six week window left to develop legislation prior to next year’s election shortened session, the Liberals decided a public relations fix was in order – no time for a real fix, after all.  But they needed something that would break through.

Hence, the arbitrary ten year contract balloon float.  Arbitrary and stupid.

As if ten years makes sense in any context – from education planning to economic forecasting.  And as if people are too stupid to get that this is a desperate gambit from a government that won’t be around to implement anything come June.

But making sense is furthest from the Premier’s mind right now.  Saving a few seats is top of mind.  And this initiative is aimed at those who might fall for what is nothing more that a cheesy pre-election public relations gimmick.

The mighty have fallen.  Badly.

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8 Responses to BC Libs: Entering the desperation phase

  1. Len says:

    I believe the new education minister is the same moron that tried to get a law passed this spring, that would have anyone in the public discussing diseases on fishfarms jailed or pay huge fines……nice choice Snookie

  2. Grant G says:

    I am in complete agreement Mr Reid…..

    However, there is one more possible angle, conceivably the BC Liberal Government could sign an agreement with the teachers and the BCTF, an agreement that grants the teachers wish list, the hiring(in the future, after election) of the needed 5600 teachers, special ed assistants and hefty raises, …

    Two items at play, maybe it(the proposed deal) will curry favour with weak-minded voters, secondly, the BC Liberals know they could always tear up the contract if they happened to steal the upcoming election..

    And lastly, if the BC Liberals are doomed(at the next election, May 14th, 2012)….Why not sign a ball-busting, taxpayer lucrative contract?

    A contract that the NDP would have no choice but to rescind, or shred, tear up..

    After-all, the piggybank is empty, no coins left under any provincial cushions..

    Good Day

  3. Merv Adey says:

    I was interested in the TV media coverage the night of the big announcement..a little pained piece from Stephen Smart…nothing from Global as far as I could hear while cooking dinner in the other room. Nobody’s very impressed..Palmer hasn’t even bothered to poke fun at it yet.

    A side note on a neutral site to bickering bloggers…I love what y’all do..I don’t think any of you are always right. Not interested in sideshow fights….cheers

  4. Norm Farrell says:

    “…a public relations fix was in order – no time for a real fix, after all…”

    Reminds me of a certain federal government. They’ve chopped most every program that delivers value to ordinary Canadians; services like meat factory and food inspection, fisheries and oceans management, social and scientific research, environmental oversight, etc.

    Something they have not cut is the tens of millions spent on advertising to tell Canadians that everything the federal government does is wonderful and getting betting.

    When it comes to managing complex tasks, promises and pretence are so much easier than performance.

  5. Norm Farrell says:

    Here is part of a statement from NDP finance critic Bruce Ralston:

    “…this BC Liberal government would rather point to their balanced budget legislation than actually balance a budget.”

    It’s similar to Ian’s point on education. When we see the principle applied repeatedly, you know is a considered strategy of these politicians.

    p.s. – To Merv Adey: Right you are.

  6. Burgess says:

    How does government ‘control’ civil servants? Categorize jobs. Management/staff.
    Who gets the raises when times are tough? According to the Liberals ALL salaries must be zero or at “their pleasure”. Now how to give very specific folks a raise to keep them onside – change their category. It’s not a raise it is a ‘bribe’. (It works so well with ‘appointees’ in the 100,000$ plus group.) Now with teachers the Government made senior staff MANAGEMENT. Teachers became STAFF. It would not surprise the teachers to see a wage increase along with this latest ploy. After all a percentage increase on an average management salary of say 110,000$ is a heck of a lot more than a staffers average salary of 70,000$. ‘Buy’ your loyalty one would guess. After all it works.

  7. OMG - interesting times says:

    I hope nobody casts a single vote for the BC Libs for this pre-election bribe.

    From what I gather from teachers, and those closest to them, this will make no difference at election time. They will look at the big picture and their miserable history with this government in the next election. In other words – “too late”.

    Same with settling with the BCGEU and others right now — do you think any of this would be possible if an election wasn’t just about 6 months away?

  8. islandcynic says:

    Anyone else notice another attempt to buy votes by the Libs and Kash Heed? Kash is going to bat for the Liberals saying he thinks they should legalize marijuana. Ha ha ha ha. What next? Are they going to give us all excess money they found somewhere??

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