The ratings are in

Nothing has worked for the BC Liberals.  And nothing is likely to work.

That’s the obvious conclusion I take away from the latest Angus Reid poll, out last Friday.          The poll showed modest gains for the NDP, a one point gain for the BC Liberals – which means nothing statistically and continuing losses for the Conservatives.

The soaring 23 point lead for the BC NDP over the BC Liberals has been reported elsewhere, but the reports don’t really address the context.

So here it is: the early autumn has been about Clark dominating the news – or at least trying to – with media ops and press releases

In the last 6 weeks we’ve seen the full unveiling of the Premier’s Gateway strategy including the much hyped trip to Alberta to address a class full of students, meet with Premier Redford and shakedown the oil industry for election cash.

Plus there’s the pavement politics of UBCM and various “jobs announcements” throughout the province.

Running parallel is the ‘are we with him, are we against him’ turmoil in the BCCP, with some apparent handiwork by turncoat Liberals.

None of it is working.  Instead of a closer race, the BC NDP increased its lead over Clark’s BC Liberals.

The sprung loose Cons either dropped out or fled to the NDP, who went up 3 points to nudge 50%.

On all the issues – including the economy and crime – Dix leads Clark by significant numbers.  And his personal popularity continues to increase.  Clark’s popularity, on the other hand, fell as did her approval ratings.

She moved her Gateway position to more closely mirror public opinion.  Nothing.  She took on the oil companies. No pay-off.  She spent millions promoting her mostly hollow jobs plan and promised to find a fix for the Massey tunnel.  No bites.

What’s the problem here?

If you ask me it’s trust.  And Gateway is the perfect example.  She was for it.  Then she was neutral.  Now she’s sort of against it.

She’s nothing more than a finger in the wind.  A cypher who comes late to the game with  a big fat public relations strategy in hand and nothing else.

And what does the public think about that?  It’s obvious.  ‘The strategy will likely change within a week.  She stands for nothing and you can’t trust a thing she says.’

It’s a bit too late in the game to fix that.  Restoring trust takes a plan.  But more than that it takes time and effort to deliver on the plan – all that messy policy work, legislation and real, not just on paper, change.  Christy Clark and the BC Liberals don’t have that time nor the inclination.

Christy Clark, it is said, is a superb communicator.  Personally I don’t see it.  But even if it’s true what’s the point of a superb communicator if most people have changed the channel?  Because that’s what the polls seem to suggest: British Columbians have changed the channel.


This is my first post in a while.  I’ll write a bit about that soon.  The health stuff has kicked up and a brand new drug left me feeling like a bug on the windshield.  That’s not over but it’s under better control.  The bug is in palliative care now.


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9 Responses to The ratings are in

  1. Leah says:

    Thinking of you, and hoping for a miracle.

  2. Catherine Reid says:

    Always in my thoughts.

  3. Norm Farrell says:

    I wish I could articulate original words to demonstrate the respect and admiration you rouse. I cannot so I merely echo earlier comments. Thanks Ian.

  4. Beverley says:

    Every day went by and no new posting. That was worrisome. Today your pithy comments appeared again. Thank you for them.

    More important than politics though is you. Wishing you many comfortable days to enjoy your family, friends and writing.

  5. Istvan says:

    Best to you Ian.

  6. Barbara Vitaly says:

    I appreciate the knowledge share on this blog. You and Norm Farrell are favourites – relating the facts and giving the story a tangible human touch.

    As per Leah, I too hope for a miracle…..

  7. Arleigh Chase says:

    Praying for a miracle for you, Ian. Keep fighting.

    ‘Missed your posts.

    (Noticed Clark’s communication director is leaving. That’s pretty much always a sign that panic is setting in.)

  8. Ole Nielson says:

    Sending all best wishes your way!

  9. frances wasserlein says:

    more miracles, let’s have them

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