Falling down on the job

I count three stand alone mainstream media stories reporting the BC Liberals cancellation of the fall Legislative session.

One – the short squib one – was a wholly BC made product.  The other two were generated in Toronto, one for the Star and the other for the CBC.

Why not cancel the press gallery along with the session? Would anyone notice?

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5 Responses to Falling down on the job

  1. Elizabeth says:

    lol!! well said, .. but according to Bill Good we dont care… we are all riled up over hockey
    More pathetic non stories from the m.s.m while the province implodes
    Im sure the m.s.m will come out the coma they’ve been for the last 11 years as soon as the dreadful Liberals are deservedly wiped off the political map.

  2. RossK says:


    Maybe they could go on another 3 hour cruise?


  3. Bill says:

    It’ hard to fall down on the job when you are already comatose (and only wake up to defend your side and attack the opposition). Yea there can always be “no hockey” to get excited about and deflect to rather than “no democracy” and a fall legislative session to cover.

    The Liberals can not help themselves and the MSM should be ashamed and they would be if they actually cared.

  4. Egg-sandwich says:

    I knew a couple of weeks ago, when hearing that Ms. Clark and the BC Liberals were mulling over whether to have a leg session this fall, before hearing it is now cancelled, that is what they were going to do.

    Honestly, they are often so predictable. It’s times like these I wish I was a betting man.

    Not only will they not have to be accountable to answer some tough questions, it gives them time to dream up more BS, and pray that the people/voters fall for it, and for their friends in the MSM to try and sell it on CKNW, etc. Of course Mike Smyth and others on radio/tv are trying to bait Adrian Dix on what his ideas are so the media can tear everything he says to shreds, and claim how anti-business he is/they are .. and in doing so they’ll be hoping the BC Libs poll numbers will start heading north again. Seen it all before, yawn.

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