A third Premier on his way?


And who are those two on the left and right?

There was an interesting skipped over tidbit in the Falcon resignation yesterday.  Falcon  caught the Premier napping.

BC’s Finance Minister didn’t bother to inform his boss of his decision to resign until the morning of the deed.  No two week notice for Falcon

He was well prepared with an expertly crafted statement primed for release.  And Falcon was well prepped for media questions with radio appearances at the ready.

But Clark was caught unawares, forced into the hasty pro tem appointment of Shirley Bond as ‘gasp’ Finance Minister.  And an even hastier unplanned announcement of a new Cabinet next week as word spread of three new defections today.

The Clark Liberals are spinning renewal. I’m smelling conspiracy.

Three ministers – including two of the most senior in government – and the Premier’s own Parliamentary Secretary gone in two days.  That’s a fifth of cabinet with more rumoured on the way. (BTW, when is Coleman going to pull the plug?)

And who are they?  The second and third place finishers in the race to succeed Gordon Campbell.  That’s who.

It’s not a great way to build party unity heading into an election.  The caucus is likely in an uproar.  And the rank and file are muttering about sure defeat – see Twitter to see how they bounce between delusion and despair.

No, it’s not a great way to build unity.  But that’s assuming Falcon and the others care about unity.  Wrong assumption.  Falcon’s move only makes sense two ways (don’t believe the family crap.  The guy ran for Premier with an infant in tow).  Either he’s given up or he wants rid of the current boss.

I think the latter makes more sense.  Falcon’s move is a pretty good way to diminish a leader on her way to a catastrophic election defeat.  Especially one who shows no desire to let go the reins of power.

And the one-two Wednesday, Thursday punch of the two runners up really seals the deal for me.  This was orchestrated.

Will it work?  Maybe but not likely.  Forcing out Clark will just drive away another wing of the party.  And there’s not really time for another leadership race, one that will eat up scarce dollars and push people apart, not together.

She could go on her own but do you really think that will happen?

Conspiracy or bad luck?  At the end of the day I don’t think it really matters.  This late in the game voters are more likely to say to the whole nest of them  ‘get your act together on your own time, not mine.’

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7 Responses to A third Premier on his way?

  1. RossK says:

    But if it does play out this way….

    Can they make a play for The Curmudgeon too?


  2. Ian says:

    Good point RossK. But I still think its all looking more and more like a Hail Mary strategy all round. The brand is irrepairably damaged and getting too close to Cummins/BCCP will alienate big L libs. Too little time to launch a new party. Lots and lots of problems no matter which door they open. The only definitive point is that CC has been a massive disaster.

  3. e.a.f. says:

    With the timing, my money says this was organized. They want to send a message to c.c. that they are leaving if she won’t. They have underestimated her. She won’t leave until the voters send her away or the party kicks her out. She loves this job. She has always wanted it & now she has it. If anyone thinks CC will give up the job “voluntarily”, you don’t know CC. Even with all the negative stuff going on around her, I am sure she is having a wonderful time.

    The lieberals may want another leader but Falcon will not be much more successful than CC in winning an election. The problem for those who are not running and/or resigning their cabinet posts, they were there for all of what went on & much went on. i.e. B.C. Rail “sale/giveaway”, impending “sale/giveaway” of B.C. Liquor, the mess at Community Living; the firing of HEU workers which resulted in such dirty hospitals that in Burnaby General alone, 83 people died in 2 1/2 yrs; the dumb meters & the awarding of the contract to an “associate” of el gordo; the mess at B.C. Ferries–paying Hahn $1M a yr. & then ensuring the debt to the German banks is being paid off at 10% interest instead of 3% interest; the shadow tolls on the sea to sky highway; the impending tolls on the new Port Mann.

    But worst of all, all of these people participated in a government which ensured B.C. had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 8 consecutive years. That in my opinion makes them scum. Eight yrs of children not being adequately feed, housed, clothed, etc. You really have to go some distance to be able to live with that but obviously these people didn’t care. More children live in poverty in B. C. than the other 9 provinces & the territories. It is unforgiveable.

  4. RossK says:

    Is it possible that today’s/Thursday’s Three Amigos did signal their resignations to Ms. Clark and the party ahead of time and, as such, The Birdman decided to suddenly get out in front of the thing so that he could control his own spin (and/or hobble any and all gitty-and-go that remains in Horse 1A)?


  5. Robbie says:

    Aug 7 BC Cons decide to go back to the future and say to heck with the courts. They also say to heck with courting BC centrists.
    Aug 11 Old White guys have issues they can’t manage as BC Con board reaches split decision
    Aug 17 Brown mounts devastating air strike on ChristyLibs. E book goes number one with a bullet. It softens the ground for subsequent regime defections to an as yet unnamed political right of centre location.
    Aug 25 Kits Coast Guard rally has smaller crowd than organizers expected. NDP Leader Dix, Federal Liberals and NDP MPs, and BC Fed speak to approx 100.
    Aug 29 Release of a remake of Valentino’s 1924 flop: “The Hooded Falcon”
    Aug 30 Abbott Les McNeil leaves BC Christy Liquor Cabinet wide open
    Sep 10 Auditor General day in court to obtain unfettered access to AG and Finance documents from BC Rail $6 million dollar indemnity deal with Basi and Virk.

    Clark asks what does Mene, Mene Tekel Upharsin means only to see her poll numbers drop even more.

    Will Sep/Oct witness a major behind scenes effort by RoC power brokers, first in Langley, and then in Whistler, to remove Cummins and Clark? Will they be replaced by a Hoch & Jock talking sock puppet?

  6. bewlay says:

    The Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond and Ted Hughes reports should have seen charges laid on these sociopaths, but the fact that the msm candy coated these issues and the others you raised speaks to the orchestrated insisdious evil that lurks in the shadows…

  7. Julie says:

    Gordon Campbell started, grand theft BC. The theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, and the priceless Real Estate that went with it. What is there left of BC to govern? BC’s assets and resources have all been thieved and sold. The obscene waste of our tax dollars, on nail salon beauty treatments and such. $1 million per year salary’s for BC Ferries. You get the gist. The HST supposedly will be gone in 2013. Falcon gives me the creeps. He reminds me of perfect replica’s of Campbell and Harper.

    Harper and Campbell purposely set out, to completely dismantle BC. Christy chose to keep Campbell’s corrupt regime going. She also worked for Harper, as Campbell did before her. She has Boessenkool, Harper’s henchman working for her. Who in the hell in their right mind, would vote for Christy or any of the BC Liberals?

    The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have been a litany of, lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, dirty tactics, dirty politics, and they certainly didn’t mind cheating to win. TWICE.

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