Angus Reid drops the other shoe

And it looks an awful lot like the one Forum Research just dropped.

From the Globe story on the second Angus Reid release this week:

“The Angus Reid poll found Ms. Clark’s stand did not help her party with prospective voters. The Liberals actually lost one point since early July, landing at 22 per cent. The NDP gained four points, rising to 49 per cent. The BC Conservatives dropped from 22 per cent to 19 per cent. Mr. Dix remained the top choice for premier, with an approval rating of 48 per cent. Ms. Clark had an approval rating of 29 per cent.

Pretty much identical to the Forum numbers.  No bounce, dead cat or not.  I’ll repeat what I said before: BC voters are not making up their minds based on manufactured photo ops and fatuous politics.

It’s about trust and the BC Liberals have rightly lost that.

As I noted over on the Gazetteer, I’ve heard the Liberals were looking for a 6-8 point bounce from the pipeline stunt.  Didn’t happen.  Lower the lifeboats.


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9 Responses to Angus Reid drops the other shoe

  1. RossK says:



    I wonder if they’ve warmed up that new Westcoast Promotions manager/host chair over at SunNews yet?


  2. Paul Willcocks says:

    In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell writes about a University of Washington research project on marriages, specifically predicting the survival of relationships. As I recall, the researchers found all sorts of problems that were not predictors of divorce – anger, mistrust, conflict over money, about raising children, work-marriage balance, fighting.
    But they found that they could predict coming breakups accurately by briefly observing couples. Any display of contempt by one partner for the other – even rolled eyes – was an indication the relationship was broken and couldn’t be fixed. And I wonder if a significant number of voters are rolling their eyes at Christy Clark at this point. In which case, nothing she can do will work.

  3. imagine... says:


    Maybe that’s what saved Campbell and the BC Liberals in 2005. People were definitely rolling their eyes at ripped contracts, drunk driving etc.

    The BC Liberal numbers were in the tank and they were in real danger of being relegated back to opposition status when Wonder Woman arrived and gave the party (and, especially Campbell) enough renewed legitimacy for a second term.

  4. RossK says:


    That and the fact that in 2005 , and even 2009, most of the proMedia were not rolling their eyes at Mr. Campbell.

    Thus, Ms. Clark’s antiMedia tantrum at the BBQ a couple of weeks ago.


  5. Gary L. says:

    I don’t get it!
    You mean Premier ELECT Clarks stand on the pipeline didn’t negate minor past performances like having admitted briber of Public Officials Eric Bormann at her dinner table on more than one occasion?


  6. Ian says:

    Paul, a great analogy. And wonderful to hear from you. You and Jodie are doing amazing things and it’s equally amazing that you still keep an eye on the goings on back here. Salute.

  7. RossK says:


    In addition to all they are doing with CUSO, Paul and Jody have a side project going down in Honduras.

    It’s really a fantastic thing.

    And if any of your many (and most magnanimous) readers would like to get involved they can check things out here.


  8. Kim says:

    Ian, I was actually invited to voice my opinion in that poll. I was happy to oblige, as always. Funny thing though, I’ve complained to them before that other people I know get many more invitations to participate than I do, when I accused them of demographic shopping, they insisted it was all very random. Not convinced.

    Paul, very nice analogy.

  9. e.a.f. says:

    The voters are not going to change their minds about C.C. She can take all the positions she wants on Embridge but given the lieberals track record, people most likely just don’t believe what she says. People also understand that bitamen/oil & water don’t mix & neither does bitamen/oil & forests & animals don’t mix. People just don’t want to take the gamble on the enviornment. Embridge can run all the “nice” commericals they want, but people read the news & see all the spills they have been responsible for. Taking a “tough” stand with Alberta just made CC look stupid.

    I am not suprised by the poll results. People are still paying the HST, the taxes keep climbing, hospitals are still dirty, we still have the highest rate of child poverty in Canada, wages still aren’t going up unless you are one of the “chosen few”, Coleman is still trying to sell BCLCB, they are still installing stupid meters, & the list goes on. Nothing has changed in B.C. except for things to get worse. With impending food price increases life will become even more difficult for voters because their wages aren’t going up to keep pace.

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