Kevin Falcon, secret Village People member

I’m back at it, sort of.  But as a start I thought I ‘d bring you a little comic relief courtesy of the BC Rail papers.

Yvette Wells (BC Rail Secretariat) on Kevin Falcon, secret Village People member:

“Falcon has the nicest mla office I’ve ever been in.  the joint is packed to the rafters with cowboy stuff…. he was dressed up in his cowboy garb for the rodeo…. it was surreal and not dissimilar from many trips I’ve taken to San Fransisco… not quite as good as the real thing but makes for a good story.”

Now the hair thing makes more sense.


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2 Responses to Kevin Falcon, secret Village People member

  1. RS says:

    Too funny!

    I’ve been wondering about the hair thing? Has Falcon been frequenting a certain hair restoration place on the corner of Cook & Fort on his lunch breaks, or is he just getting better at colouring between the lines with a felt marker?

    Welcome back.

  2. Stuart says:

    YMCA — your man can add? Useful in his portfolio.

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