He’s back, they’re all back

In the ‘shouldn’t read the paper on vacation’ section of the blog…

A year and a bit ago, in one of Premier Christy Clark’s first moves she fired Gordon Campbell’s Chief of Staff Paul Taylor.

Taylor hadn’t even completed five months in the job, having replaced the notorious Martyn Brown just a few weeks before Campbell announced his own resignation.

Taylor’s five months cost taxpayers $118,000 in severance or about $25,000 per month employed.  Nice ‘not work’ if you can get it.

Yesterday, in the midst of the summer doldrums, Clark rehired Taylor to chair ICBC. According to the news release, “Taylor has requested that he not be paid for his work as ICBC chair ‘as part of his commitment to community volunteer service’.

Shouldn’t that read “as part of his commitment to already stuffing his pockets with public money”?  And is this part of the rehiring the Campbell government rejects job program?  Move over Mike Morton.  Canadian patronage starts here.

In case you’re worried, Taylor’s expenses will be paid by our insurance rates.

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  1. Catherine Reid says:

    Paul, hi there. Yup, you know I am a patient person. But – there have been three, count ’em, three posts since ‘Where is He?’ I’m lobbying your assistance.

    Ok, I admit it. I have been converted. This, historically, politically non-participatory (don’t shoot me fellow regular readers – esp you reg posters – yikes) person now loves a good political read. And.. she’s biased – Ian’s musings are top shelf, just as he is.
    My conclusions: I think our current government ought to be sent to re-education camp that entails an 18$/hr gross wage job, a health concern – minor, chronic, outside deemed health care cover, a rent, an ill preforming hot water tank and absent or difficult landlord, no other income sources aside from an twice weekly eve babysit job or the like, a child or two, maybe a spouse, but 50% of ‘participants’ would be primary or solo family earners and they would have done schooling or training to obtain their employment. They would not be unskilled, or physically or mentally dis-empowered. Just regular folk.
    I’m pretty good with compassion and or empathy – I’d give ’em the low income price for their bus passes to get down to the bank to pay bills as a home computer and monthly connection fees would be too dear with the ridiculous nature of ‘sales’ for the nonessential utilities such as landlines, cells, and internet connections. I might throw in a value village 25$ gift card to soften and give a smile so they can forget their reality for a moment. And I’d let them know, for exercise, the CRD offers a low-income pass that will give them a free rec center day a week. Media entertainment could be movie rentals, but not a theater budget for more than one individual so that wouldn’t work for them. Social entertainment is in local activities and events with minimal or free access and a budget for no more than ten bottles of soft alcohol for two per week and no family meals out beyond a monthly pizza dinner with free sodas. After they’ve tried it all out for a spell I’d throw the lot of them behind bars banning them from having anything to do with public service. Ever. Pensions – out the window – moneys diverted to a new emerg fund for anything to do with low income housing crisis for men women or children.
    I write the above from all sorts of experiences. My eyes are open. My current stat is self-employed, single living – humour, where are the men in BC – but I sometimes rent out a 2nd bdrm. I own a nice, but modest townhome. Regular folk so to speak minus the housing , dependents, and transport issues. Oh, wow, I guess that makes me really empowered. My mistake.
    I’d have to be completely cut off/disengaged from my society/community to miss what is going on and has been for a very long time in BC. It is getting critical in my opinion. It feels like BC is becoming like a beautiful exquisitely designed home that is furniture-less inside. Just an empty facade created to fool, deceive, and pimp BCer’s.

    But I digress. Baaack at it – The photojournalism posts containing fantastic photos of a favourite city, and an ancestral root base? Nada – yup, nada. Whaaat? For those maybe not privy Ian is a fab photographer. And I mean fab. And photography is my thing.
    Paul, give a nudge, a squeeze, a poke, and a kick if ya have to. Ban the bakery bites and fantastic coffees, newspapers, internet, music, books, anything resembling a stove top or oven, mags, and treadmill.
    Got it – that will do it. Choose treadless locales, Paul. That will do it for sure. I should see pics in under 36 hrs. Many thanks.

    Written with love,hugs, and a mischievous grin. Catherine

  2. Leah says:

    Paul Taylor back at ICBC – Kevin Krueger going back to ICBC when he’s done washing Snooki’s feet.

    I smell a rat. A privatization rat.

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