Clark anything but exonerated in RCMP evidence

As a friend puts it “Alex Tsakumis is amazing today.”  Follow the link and judge for yourself.

Tsakumis is publishing verbatim much of the material in the BC Rail trial evidence binders.  It doesn’t go well for the Premier.

What I can’t understand is how the media could declare Christy Clark “vindicated”.  At best these wiretap transcripts and other pieces of first hand evidence raise serious questions about Clark’s role in cabinet and her care and feeding of the Omnitrax lobbyists.

It also casts a new light on her surprise ‘decision’ to not seek re-election in 2004.  Funny how all three of the key cabinet ministers caught up in the RCMP evidence gathering process – Gary Collins, Judith Reid and Christy Clark – ‘chose’ to step aside in the 2005 election.

And I’m afraid it also casts new light on the miserable journalism that characterizes BC’s mainstream media.  As recently as a year and two months ago the press gallery and the major media were declaring the premier exonerated.  The record – as obtained by Tsakumis – says otherwise.

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  1. Arleigh Chase says:

    The question I have as a result of today’s release on Tsakumis’s website is why would Christy Clark decide to swim upstream on the BC Rail sale? It is clear from these documents that Gordon Campbell had openly telegraphed his support for CN’s bid, so why did Clark decide to challenge her boss – a man with a vindictive temper when thwarted – and declare her support for competing bidder Omnitrax? And why, oh why, has no Omnitrax executive been charged? Or the owner of Omnitrax, Pat Broe? Clearly the money to bribe officials came from somewhere other than Eric Bornman’s own pockets.

  2. Don F. says:

    There was, from what I read, intense pressures to keep Omnitrax in the process to make eveything look legit.

  3. Chuckstraight says:

    Agree completely-anything but exonerated. But, not a peep from anyone other than Tsakumis.

  4. Burgess says:

    I would allege that the media ‘buried’ this evidence because of the huge amount of money they were receiving in advertising revenue. Report on BCR and the dollars are gone. Maybe not as simple as that but the ‘folks’ that have ‘obtained’ the railway assets and properties via the Campbell government sale really don’t want to have to ‘give’ it back. There are so many fingers in the ‘fire sale of assets’ to insiders, from forest licenses, fish farms , Ipps and you name it thank goodness Alex has focused on BCR. How could the ANY other government be worse than this one?

  5. Close Reader says:

    Arleigh, Christy had been through this process before when in the employ of Doug Young. She knew how it gets done. You have to have the appearance of a contest for the prize. With this knowledge in hand, her friends all made buckets of money from the stalking horse and, in fact, the Roberts Bank terminal was in play for Omnitrax until Bruce Clark got caught with the RFP draft faxed to him by Dave Basi. So, more money was yet to be made. It isn’t about the principle or what Gordo wanted or who the right bidder was or anything like that at all. It’s about where the money can be made from the process of liquidating public assets. It is a nasty racket and this crew is good at it. They are still at it with the Liquor Distribution RFP. Plenty in between BCRail and this latest one as well.

  6. e.a.f. says:

    AGT’s columns on the “sale/give away” of B.C. Rail are making my day. Thank heavens he is doing the work & reporting to the citizens of B.C. I am happy to see other bloggers are referring their readers to AGT’s blog also. The more this information gets out, the better.

    In my opinion the media hide the truth from the people of B.C. The RCMP assisted in the cover up, a bit of family back rubbing I’d suggest. It is about time we had a British style inquiry into the relationship between the media, politicians, & police.

    It is clear to me Basi/Verk were thrown under the bus & the RCMP steered the investigation in their direction. Who better to charge. It would appear the south asian community has been used by the lieberals with no benefits to them. As far as I’m concerned Basi/Verk earned every cent of the $6M they were paid. Their lives were ruined & the politicians got away with all of it.

    I want a judicial inquiry & if it can be proven the sale was illegal/criminal/unethical I want my railroad back. Yes I consider it my railroad because it was created by WAC Bennett for the good of the province & its citizens. it made money for B.C. Gordo had no right to sell the rail road to his friends. I really want that guy to do time for what he did, right along with Christie.

  7. Don F. says:

    I agree everyone in the blogging world should rise up and stand behind Alex “right now” in unity, concentrate on nothing other than BC Rail and put these bandits where they belong! put everything else aside for a week and scream BC Rail and they will listen.

  8. islandcynic says:

    Until we take to the streets, there will be no justice. But imagine the powerful message a crowd of ‘suits’ could have demonstrating. They have never been forced onto this road before, as their voice used to have an ear. No longer.

  9. Merv Adey says:

    @ islandcynic….I’m in. I’ll even wear a suit.

  10. Scotty on Denman says:

    “Rise up!” and “Take to the Streets!”…

    Indeed. Rise up…off the couch! Take to the streets!…on the way to the polling booth.

    And when in that polling booth, just remember two things: how bad this BC Liberal government has been (in the criminal sense) and that the NDP has promised to hold a public inquiry into the BC Rail fiasco (the corrupt sale that Gordon Campbell promised wouldn’t happen and the corruption of the subsequent corruption trial.)

  11. Leah says:

    I’ve always wondered…how much of BC Rail’s criminal issues were deliberately ignored by the RCMP whilst waiting to have their new Billion dollar+ contract signed? Now that it’s signed…will they magically do the job they should have been doing in the first place? Just WHO is it they really serve?

  12. Boomer says:

    Forget a public inquiry. We need a full judicial inquiry. The NDP has to commit to nothing less. Otherwise they send the message they think government officals are above the law. I’m looking through my closet to see if I have a suit that still fits me.

  13. Kranky says:

    The MSM in this province is similar to the 60% of Americans that still believe Saadam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. No amount of evidence to the contrary will lead them to believe the Liberal oligarchy is anything but paternal to we, poor plebes.
    Yawn Palmer starts his LDB work with nary a passing acknowledgement to Bob Mackin, whose done the heavy lifting on this scandal for months. Your reference to the timely retirements of Crusty, Collins, and Reid in ’05 is a good reminder…… ” want to be with my child in his formative years”……” time to reconnect with the wife and kiddos……blah,blah,blah.
    Time for a Canadian equivalent of Britain’s Leveson inquiry. Most of the corruption occurring in this country is a direct result of the incestuous relationship betwixt the press,police,and the political class.
    Pay attention to the Barclays/Libor scandal in Britain. It will spill over to us.
    P.S. my thoughts are with you in your struggle. Knowing you, you’ll prevail.

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