First, a heartfelt thanks to all of this blog’s readers for your supportive comments on my treadmill piece.  It was a tough one to write.  Cancer is an emotional rollercoaster and self pity is an easy escape when you’re going through it.  I try – and don’t always succeed – to avoid that.  Your support and comments really help me.

And my friend RossK over at the Gazetteer posted the Rakoff piece, linking it to mine.  Thank you RossK.

The Rakoff piece?  That is genius.

Second, God! The Harper government.  I’m working on a piece about Canada’s new place in the world I’m tentatively calling the Ugly Canadian.  But Jeffery Simpson beat me to it with an excellent piece in today’s Globe.

Read it and weep for what we once were and are now.

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  1. islandcynic says:

    Harper the Horribilis

  2. Heaney says:

    No self pity there and I’ve got a well-tuned detector. Everything you share strengthens us.

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