Vancouver Sun opens its door to the racist far right

How low can you go?

The anti-climate change crew over at the Vancouver Sun has offered up its op-ed page to the current president of the Individual Rights Party of BC, an (unidentified) offshoot of Canada’s far right Christian Heritage Party.

How far right?  President Frank Hilliard isn’t just an anti-climate change conspiracy theorist.  He’s a believer in a white Canada.  Added bonus: he’s a big admirer of racist parties like the National Front and the True Finns.

But lets let Frank speak for himself.  Here is the most succinct statement of his personal political views I could find.  “If you support your traditional Judeo-Christian culture, which I do,” Hilliard writes in an article in which he interviews himself, “you don’t want to see it overwhelmed by some other culture, be it Latino, African or Middle Eastern.”

Some would call him racist, he admits.  He prefers “cultural absolutist.”

All this can be found on Hilliard’s blog Mesopotamia West: Defending liberal democracy by understanding, and defeating, the threat posed by Progressivism, Relativism and Multiculturalism. (Wow, was that hard to type.)

Frank’s a collector and a Trudeau hater so on his blog Hilliard has gathered together “the Trudeau Files” with articles attacking the dead former Prime Minister for praying like a Muslim and acting like a fascist who’s greatest crime was introducing multiculturalism.

The new Sun op-ed contributor really, really hates multiculturalism and believes Trudeau introduced it “to dilute Canadian cultural nationalism at the expense of the English and to the benefit of the French.”

Clearly, Hilliard hasn’t talked with Jacques Parizeau lately.

Hilliard also has a thing about the blacks – black Jamaicans seem to be one target – and even calls for Africa to be recolonized.  But he reserves his special enmity for Muslims of every stripe. So much so that he dedicates another special section of his blog to a list of “Bloggers against Muslim Immigration”.

As befits a follower of the Christian Heritage Party one of his “favorite posts” is “Canada a Christian Nation”.  When you finish reading this post you can pop over to the racist British National Party using the link thoughtfully provided by Mr. Hilliard.

The op-ed gracing the Sun today first appeared on Mesopotamia West May 30th. The version in the Sun has been tidied up and given a – let’s call it what it is – tin foil hat edit.  The Sun even left out the writer’s original conclusion where Hilliard nails the animus for the entire climate change theory.

“Really,” Hillier writes in the original version, “if you put together all the threads in this story, any honest person has to admit the tax was based on a flimsy excuse promoted by activists for the purpose of redistributing wealth from richer to poorer countries.  It has nothing to do with man-caused activities and everything to do with Marxism.”

Damn it.  Exposed again.  Marx’s secret climate change wealth redistribution plan.  So secret he NEVER EVEN MENTIONED IT!

What’s next for the Sun?  Holocaust deniers?


Funny this.  The Vancouver Sun just updated the article, removing your ability to comment on Hilliard’s screed.

Back up now.

And deeby is correct.  I wrote Fred when I meant to write Frank.  Thanks for catching that.  I am the worst proofreader, ever.

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14 Responses to Vancouver Sun opens its door to the racist far right

  1. Rod Smelser says:

    Could the Sun be thinking ahead, laying the groundwork so that they can eventually turn Hilliard into an anchor around someone’s neck when an association can be portrayed between the intended victim and the acknowledged far right racist? Could that intended victim be John Cummins?

  2. Norm Farrell says:

    Ian, may I score this item 10 out of 10.

    Unrestrained idiots gives us much to write about in the blogosphere and Postmedia offering this sort of material as “news” simply accelerates the moment when they will cease to exist.

    Quite deservedly.

  3. Ian says:

    Norm, with pleasure.

  4. Meme Mine says:

    Canadians freely voted in a climate change denying prime minister (we accused him), to a majority and promptly dumped Y2Kyoto.

    The people have spoken and as peace loving progressives, we should respect the consensus of the voters not the exaggerating and exploiting lab coat consultants of science who also gave us pesticides and deep sea drilling technology and germ warfare.
    Fear mongering the voter’s children will leave us out of power forever.
    When the millions in the global scientific community declare publicly that their kids are doomed to a death by CO2 as well our kids, somebody might believe they are not exaggerating after all. Climate change was unsustainable.

  5. deeby says:

    Ian, I’ve read your blog with a great deal of interest in the past and consider you a credible source, however the byline in the article is attributed to Frank Hilliard not Fred. Is this a typo? Are they the same person?

  6. wallyj says:

    “Defending liberal democracy by understanding, and defeating, the threat posed by Progressivism, Relativism and Multiculturalism.”

    I don’t follow you on this.

    Are you implying that Progressivism, Relativism and Multiculturalism are something to be admired? Possibly I could agree with being progressive,but multiculturalism is a failed experiment,and relativism is only accepted by the hopelessly naive and foolish.

  7. Barry says:

    This is hilarious, considering the ethnicity of the Sun’s editorial page editor…

  8. Ian says:

    No. I’m reproducing the full title of Mr. Hilliard’s blog. But I did get a kick out of one of his articles, which makes an argument that you have to consider the context of the times to understand that Christ didn’t really mean “blessed are the weak… etc…”. Sounds pretty moral relativist to me.

  9. Ian says:

    Yes. My mistake. I am an awful proofreader, at times.

  10. e.a.f. says:

    Perhaps, the Sun, knowing their former regular purchasers of newspapers, have gone elsewhere, they decided to find a new customer base. Perhaps, this new “style” is meant to attract those who belong to such organizations as Hillaird does. They have to sell papers to someone you know.

    As to the editor of the Sun, as the saying goes, during difficult times you can get half the working class to kill the other half. People tend to forget you will always be considered working class & so you in the end will not be counted amongst “the choosen”.

    I would venture to say The Sun may be attempting to “tap” into the “angry white man” thing, however, as usual they made the wrong decision.

    It maybe they have some strategy to remove Mr. Cummins from his position or attempt to eliminate his political influence but I don’t think it will work. People aren’t that dumb.

    This is just another typical example of why the sun is on its way out.

  11. The problem with your attempt to label Frank Hilliard a racist – and by association the whole membership of the Individual Rights Party of BC – is that Frank and I see First Nations people as a vital part of the foundational make-up of this nation.

    So when you hear us state emphatically that we think Canadian values need to be preserved against the discordant values of, say, Muslim immigrants from nations that practice Shariah and who give every indication that they will never adopt Canada’s values of equality and individual freedom, please understand that we are most definitely NOT talking about keeping Canada white, as you imply. We are talking about keeping Canada free. Big difference.

    Please get your facts straight. Thank you,
    Mischa Popoff
    Leader, IRPBC

  12. Ian says:

    First off, you made the association with the IRPBC – whatever that is – not I. Secondly, you’re the one saying we should preserve Canada from all muslim immigrants, not me. And Mr. Hilliard is the one who says he wants to preserve us from “africans, muslims and latinos”. If that’s not racist, I don’t know what is.

  13. CodeSlinger says:


    Right-thinking Canadians have nothing against Muslims — as long as they don’t try to turn us into dhimmis by destroying our society and replacing it with a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.

    The Muslims we object to are the ones who come to Canada and cynically use our classical liberal traditions of inalienable individual rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, in sneaky underhanded ways, to undermine and destroy the very society which guarantees those rights and freedoms.

    In Canada, we believe in separation of church and state, and that evil results when this separation is not maintained.

    Muslims believe that Allah is the ultimate head of state, and that evil results when this is not acknowledged.

    There is no possibility of compromise between these two points of view. They simply cannot coexist in the same country.

    Thus a Muslim who comes to Canada finds himself caught on the horns of a dilemma.

    In order to accept the separation of church and state, the Muslim must reject Islamic teachings on the subject, which amounts to apostasy and is punishable by death under Sharia law.

    If, instead, he remains true to his Islamic faith, then he must consider Canadian society to be an abomination, the very existence of which amounts to an attack on dar al Islam, which obligates him to conduct Jihad to defend against it.

    Thus, he is either an apostate or a subversive.

    Islam leaves him no other choice.

    To point out this simple truth is neither racist nor hateful.

    But when you try to obscure it, you are guilty of both.

  14. Mischa Popoff says:

    Good point CodeSlinger:

    If we were talking about Nazi sympathizers immigrating to Canada, no one would have any problem with proposals for severe restrictions or outright denial of entry, especially if Nazi fascism was still alive and well back in ‘de Vaterland’ and acts of war we’re still being carried out against us and our allies in Europe.

    To look at it from another angle, no one ever had any trouble accepting Russian defectors from the old Soviet Union. Everyone, whether on the “left” or the “right,” accepted that these were fundamentally good people who rejected the totalitarian Communist-Party politburo which was an avowed enemy to freedom.

    But now, for some strange reason, we’re expected to just accept Islamo-fascists who openly adhere to Sharia and Jihad, who believe women shouldn’t be educated, who believe homosexuals should be hanged from construction cranes in village squares, and who believe conversion to Christianity warrants an immediate and unconditional death sentence.

    So, if a Canadian political party can’t even table the idea of restricting immigrants from Sharia-compliant countries who support Jihad, would those calling us racists on this blog please provide an example – just one – of ANY other group that they would consider placing restrictions on as immigrants to Canada?

    Mischa Popoff
    Leader, IRPBC

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