Liquor privatization… in the dark of the night

The BC Liberals posted the LDB privatization business plan on its open government (hahahahahahahahahahahahah, sic, etc…) site late yesterday or sometime last night.

Read it here.

Two things you should know about the release:

1. The document isn’t a business plan.  It’s a cabinet submission and background paper.

2. It’s almost completely redacted.  Much white out went into preparing this for disclosure (hahahahahahahahahahah, sic, etc…) for release.

Question: Is there anything this government does with a spec of honesty?

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3 Responses to Liquor privatization… in the dark of the night

  1. kootcoot says:

    “Question: Is there anything this government does with a spec of honesty?”

    Rhetorical question I presume!

  2. Curt says:–booze-south-of-the-border-could-soon-cost-your-more

    Privatization. No, Mr. Coleman, prices won’t go up after you give you and your lieberal groupies the public liquor distribution branch? No? You must really think people are stupid. But then again, you and your corrupt bunch really don’t care. You’ve got less than a year left and you have, and continue to sell off BC and it’s resources. You and your arrogant, lying idiots should all be put out to pasture, Now. But then again, you haven’t finished ruining the province have you? You’re all shameful! What’s the old saying, what goes around comes around.

  3. Randy Dowhaniuk says:

    Once again we see Gordon Campbells friends lobbying Christy Campbell to sell the farm before they get ousted >It,s not bad enough that they privitized the Kelowna/Vernon hospitals owned by German bank leased to BC for 30 years and the privitization of Chilliwack general hospital laundry to K-Bro laundry in Calgary for 55 years .Yes 55 years ? Go figure .Keeping Liberal friends wealthy for future generations at taxpayers expense .That hospital laundry did all of Fraser valley and was making government money .Sold to liberal friends . The new privatley owned future toll bridge built by SNC Lvolin in Kelowna .just wait .How about Golden Ears bridge privitley owned in maple Ridge.wait til they up the toll on that .Thanks Gordochhio. Good Riddens to the Liberals .May you never return.

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