Better stupid, nah nah

Better Stupid

Last night I had a short twitter exchange – I could not have written that a year ago – with a diehard BC Liberal supporter.  The gist of it was he called BC voters stupid for their refusal to accept the government’s gift of the HST.

 And I egged him on.

How stupid are British Columbians, I asked (more or less).  Really stupid, he replied (more or less).  Make that really, really stupid.

And that is why the BC Liberals are 27% behind the BC NDP.

Three years later they still don’t get why British Columbians don’t trust a government that tells them one thing and does another:  That snows them in an election, hits them with a new tax day one of the third term and tells them that a $2 billion transfer from consumers to business is a good deal for them.

And when they reject all the lies and misinformation their first reaction is to call voters stupid.

Yesterday, the Finance minister introduced legislation to fulfill the referendum result.  Leading off he made a semi joke, referring to the reintroduced PST as a piece of… whatever.

We all know what he meant.

He went on to call the PST a stupid tax that they’ve made into “better stupid”   In the process he demeaned the significant majority who voted to reinstate the “stupid, piece of whatever”  tax.

Obviously, the rumours are true.  Falcon has checked out.  He doesn’t care what voters think of him or his government.  He’s not helping the Premier.  He’s not helping his party, whatever name it ends up with.  He’s telling voters exactly what he thinks of them.

The BC Liberal backer on twitter mirrored Falcon in his tweets.  “STUPID! Dumb! Ignorance is Bliss! greatest argument against democracy is a 5 min conversation with the average (you) voter” tweeted the Liberal.  And then he  told Bill Tieleman basically the same thing.

Everything the BC Liberal government does seems to have the same animus.  Krueger and Coleman’s legislative attacks.  The poorly executed smear campaign produced by both the BC Liberal Party and their surrogates.  The fake public processes.  The giveaways to their donors.

All it appears to be doing is driving up the NDP’s numbers.  So they react some more.

This is a government that refuses to look at itself to find the problem.  That more than anything tells me why they need to be defeated.  Not until then will they confront the fact that they are the author of their own misfortunes.

But that’s a year away.  What I worry about most right now is how this disdain for voters and what they think will manifest in government decisions.

You don’t want privatization that benefits our friends?  Screw you.  You don’t want a continued and protracted war with teachers?  Who cares what you think.  You don’t want a complete resource giveaway at the expense of the environment?  We’ve got a Lake you can jump in.

With a year to go there is still a lot of rape and pillage to do.  Scary.

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6 Responses to Better stupid, nah nah

  1. cherylb says:

    Perhaps a recall campaign for Kreuger, Falcon and Christy might help?

  2. Norm Farrell says:

    A shoe yet to drop will be the need to alter the May 2013 election date. Just as deficits “prohibited by law” were accommodated by changing the legislation, the Liberals will find an excuse to change the law that establishes a fixed date election. It will be the way to postpone their own annihilation for up to 12 months.

    Of course, the date change will be to enable them to “save” the province from something, probably a prolonged labour dispute with public servants or the need to remake the education system. They’re faced with their own destruction whether it be in 2013 or 2014. Postponement allows them one more year for their sponsors to gather loot and for Liberals to sell off the LDB and paper over BCRail and BCHydro events that could send people to jail.

  3. Maharg says:

    Ian, you emphasis a very serious concern. As you stated “What I worry about most right now is how this disdain for voters and what they think will manifest in government decisions.”

    After reading Norman’s Blog a couple of days ago, where he expressed a similar concern about giving away more public assets before the next election, I wrote my MLA. I told her I was afraid that the current BC Liberal Government will dispose of more public assets to their cronies, before they are defeated by the electorate next May. To date, I have not a had a response, but they keep asking for donations.

  4. e.a.f. says:

    It will be very difficult for the next government to operate because B.C. will have the highest deficiet in history. Any assets of value will have been “given away/sold” to lieberal friends.

    We had the Shell canada rep on the news this evening going on & on & on & on about how great a natural gas line will be for B.C. How many billions in royalties, right! She forgot to mention piplines built through our enviornment will ruin our enviornment. . She also didn’t seem to take notice that China has built their first drilling rigg & are asserting their claims to the China Sea. there is an enormous amount of oil & gas there. They won’t need our products in another few yrs & if they do buy, it will be at a greatly reduced price. What do we get?, bitamen tar on our shores & through our mountains. I am sure the lieberals will have their friends’ pipelines started by the time there is an election, if they dont’ decide to put off an election.

  5. PG says:

    Arrogance aptly describes the Finance Minister Kevin Falcon who insulted BC’ers who voted against the HST. I know that the media of the past would never allow a comment like that to slide but then in today’s world we have the Van Sun who uses the editorial pages to support Falcon, attack “conspiracy theorists” and to bash the NDP.

    What a shame.

  6. kootcoot says:

    Norm, the BC liaRs should definitely change the election date, TO THIS FALL, and then leave it fixed in the fall, a more proper time considering the scheduling of the budgetary process in our province. If this government (so-called) that already doesn’t really have a mandate should try to extend their coup another year and people don’t storm the legislature, constituency offices and if necessary, MLAs homes with pitchforks I will seriously consider re-locating as I wouldn’t feel safe living in a place populated by such mentally challenged sheep. I only have so many years left to live and I refuse to live ruled by criminals, I might as well join a gang, at least they would be on my side, if I was a member!

    They haven’t come to put me in a gulag yet, but I certainly feel that I am under two illegitimate dictator governments, neither of which has a legal mandate that I am willing to recognize. Harper stole last years election through fraud and Christy illegitimately has assumed the mantle that Falcon and Gordo lied to gain………effing Tunisia is looking pretty righteous compared to Canada and BeeCee!

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