Bad politics

This morning I was racing around between hospitals and doctor’s offices with MRI results as I gear up for another operation tomorrow.  And I happened to catch Kevin Krueger phoning in on the Bill Good show.

God, he made me angry with his vicious personal attacks.  And I wrote the angry column below in response.  I’ll leave it up because it would be wrong to try and scrub it away.

But I was wrong to post something so angry without being thoughtful.

I don’t believe in just saying positive things when so many negative things are happening in our province.  I believe there is a responsibility to document political mistakes of both process and content.

This week alone has seen so many:  A class A park cannibalized, the war against teachers escalated, the HST continued because the government says it can’t get it’s act together, end of session legislation dumps that prevent real scrutiny and of course more non-answers on the corrupt BC Rail trial.  And the week is only half over.

This government is governing badly every time it acts.

Worse, they are covering with personal attacks of the most vicious kind.  It is pathetic and that story needs to be told.  But not angrily.

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  1. Lew says:

    I’ve read and reread the post, and the only comment I would have is that maybe you should write more when you’re angry.

    Good luck tomorrow and speedy recovery please.

  2. Arleigh Chase says:

    You’re a good person, Ian, if your post about Kevin Krueger caused you any self-doubts. I don’t believe it was excessive.

    What has struck me about this latest string of personal attacks by Liberal spokespeople – of which Mr. Krueger’s is only the latest – is how out of sync they are with the zeitgeist. Personal attacks are old politics and incredibly non-strategic. In this case, Mr. Krueger’s out-of-control rant just added to the contrast between his style and the reasoned and calm response given by Adrian Dix. The Liberals used to be a lot smarter than this.

    In any event, I know what it is like to post comment when I’m feeling irritable and later feel I’ve been too harsh. I don’t think you were in Mr. Krueger’s case. He was being a bully.

  3. kootcoot says:

    You have NOTHING to apologize for Ian, the time for civility is long past and I wish you the best with your health issues……..if I was a praying man, I would be praying for you!

  4. North Van's Grumps says:

    Kevin Krueger found plenty of uses for his baby Boomer voice like his over the car phone authorization of agreeing that the BC Liberals cash strapped Treasury could spend over $550 million to put a new roof on BC Place which was supposed to accommodate a Casino/Hotel of his choosing. He also actively participated in killing the $30 million Telus advertising deal. But it’s his latest two gambits, when he was former Minister of Mines, where he gave Boss Power the ability to collect $30,000,000 on the steps of the Court House, to stop uranium mining and last but not least which will haunt him if he ever dares to run again as an MLA. Kreuger, the man who gave Kamloops an open pit mine, inside City Limits!

  5. Scotty on Denman says:

    Krueger’s a goof and everybody knows it. Something new about this goof? I’ll give it a shot: Krueger is a loyalist, currently in the employ of Christy Clark, Gordon Campbell’s feminine side, both of whom Krueger joins together in demanding a “fair shake.”

    So why the demonstration of loyalty, all of a sudden? Can’t call it an intemperate outburst because he repeated it next day on radio. Well, in Krueger’s case, maybe there is no coolin’. Anyway, perhaps we can glean a hint that BC Liberal loyalty issues are coming to a head this busy week, multi-bagman Coleman overstuffing the agenda (Christy can’t read that fast,) what-me-worry?- Falcon gloating about favourable polls he claims to have no knowledge of, van “the dawg” van Dongen flashing in-house gangsta signals at his former colleagues while he smirks from across the floor. Maybe Kev was just in one of his moods yesterday (and then again this morning.) Or maybe the big shake up everybody was talking about two weeks ago is about to come down.

    Bet Christy hopes she can make it through this Friday without Krueger’s ham mitts and sausage breath getting all over every thing. (Shudder.)

    By Monday we’ll be counting, finally, in months. How many? Unknown.

    Sunny days ahead.

  6. mr perfect says:

    Ian, no need for any apology. I spent my high school and early adult years living in Kamloops and while they have elected the likes of Rafe Mair, Nelson Riis, Claude Richmond, E. Davy Fulton and Len Marchand, the voters there have also voted in politicians who never evolved past barely grunting out their names nor ceased playing with their own feces. All of these types were from the right side of the political spectrum and got in because of brand name of the political party. Kevin Krueger belongs in the latter group of politicians and it’s about time he was called out for what he is. It’s too bad it was you, Norman Farrell and Alex Tsakumis were the ones doing the calling out. The MSM should have been on his case eons ago. Jack Webster would have tore this mini mind to shreds.

  7. Robbie says:

    Anger resides in the bosom of fools; and you, Ian, are not a fool. Far from it. Thanks for a site of civil discourse. Now, about that temper of Mr K’s.

  8. islandcynic says:

    Ian, I just would like to recognize your bravery in actually listening in on any Bill Good show. One with Kevin Krueger may almost merit a medal.

    Why do the idiots always rise to the top before a fall? That is what I want to know.

  9. Canadian Canary says:

    Ian, we need plain speakers. We need people to stop pussy-footing around and speak the truth.

    If lies are being told, then we should be able to say that someone lied. Lawyers — it’s hard to say that word without it coming out as liars — be damned (apologies to the few good ones out there). Enough already. A lie is a lie. We all know what a lie is. It’s not “an error”, it’s not “inaccurate”, it’s a lie.

    It’s not enough that the provincial Spin Machine department spends $26 million, while the Environmental Assessment Office is given only $9 million [from Norm Farrell’s site –

    We’re drowning in a sea of politically correct language from both politicians and media, while the province of BC hides their dirty deeds behind “privacy” legislation.

    Me, I don’t want any privacy laws anymore. They’re a mirage anyway in this age of techno-plundering of our private lives. The only place that privacy exists anymore is in government where we the people, can’t get at information about what “our” elected “representatives” are doing with our money and our lives.

    All the best to you today Ian, come back to keyboard fired up. We need your intelligence and decency. You’re a breath of fresh air, one of the few NDP mainstays that doesn’t succumb to rabid loyalty at all costs. We’ll need you to keep the NDP in line too when they get POWER.

  10. Hurtlander says:

    Krueger is a joke, I remember when he was MLA for the North Thompson before going to Kamloops south Krueger was known to refuse assistance to constituents that he knew to be NDP members. How he got away with this is anybody’s guess.

  11. Guy in Vic says:

    Do take care of yourself and I will pray for you.

    Guy in Vic

  12. CGHZD says:

    It was a great post.
    If you really want to feel bad, live in Kamloops like I do. The village idiot has been elected three times and I have yet to find anyone that admits to voting for him.
    Must be the loathing in my eyes.
    All the best.

  13. Paul Willcocks says:

    Anger is OK, I think. I bought Jody a bumper sticker a few years ago that said ‘If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.’
    I’ve never got over Krueger’s betrayal of moral principles on gambling.
    In opposition, in 1997, he said:
    “Women in British Columbia will die because of gambling expansion; that’s the prediction of our experts at UBC. Some 37 per cent of the spouses of pathological gamblers abuse their children. So children may die as a result of gambling expansion, and their blood will be on the heads of the government that expanded gambling and of the MLAs who voted for it. This is a serious, serious issue.”
    When the Liberals expanded gambling, including online betting, he was silent.
    I can’t see how you can abandon a moral position involving the death of children because your party leaders tell you to.
    Hope surgery goes well.

  14. e.a.f. says:

    good column. what needs to be said is said. why shouldn’t people be angry about what Kruger has said & what he has done? It is time he found a new career.

  15. RS says:

    If only the MSM were as “bad”.

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